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Yet another reason to move to Canada

CantWait wrote: We have what's called Child Tax benefit here for those that don't know, it's based on your income, number of children, ages, and marital status...

When Ron and I seperated, it went way up, when we moved to New Brunswick, I wrote in and told them that I was living with my husband again (it's suppose to go down), well they never stopped giving me the "seperated" amount, and after another larger then should be payment today, I called in because thinking eventually it's going to catch up with me and I'm going to be owing a lot of money, and with me not working, that wouldn't be good.

I was told because we changed are status in the middle of the year, that I'm still entitled to that "seperated" amount until the end of the year..............

YEAH FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

redbounce.gif redbounce.gif redbounce.gif redbounce.gif

I was so worried that Christmas was going to be tight this year (again with me not working) and with these 2 extra payments I'll be able to get Ron a gift also, and donate to the usual charities this year.

I can't even begin to explain how relieved I am. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

msoulz replied: It does pay to do the right thing! Congrats!!

gr33n3y3z replied: very good for you smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

We get something simular here
except its to the age of 18 I think and its only 1 payment per kid under that age bracket once a year with our income taxes

Ed told me we have to hurry and have another child bc soon we wont get the money LOL I told him I dont think so scooter

Calimama replied: Yay! tongue.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: I wish I could have that, and a friend of mine who is in need of it with all the medical bills pilling up on them.

woo hoo for you

CantWait replied:
Awwww but why not Lisa emlaugh.gif emlaugh.gif emlaugh.gif

gr33n3y3z replied:
I'm 43 and beat LOL
Plus Ed ummm how do I say this nice no nice way of saying but you get the idea LOL

sparkys2boys replied: ahh the child tax benifit.. i'm sure glad that I get it here in PEI also, it really does help in the run of a month and with xmas right around the corner.. I can make good use of it.

CantWait replied:
You're in PEI, what part? I'm in New Brunswick now. I love PEI, I can't wait to go back there, hopefully this summer.

sparkys2boys replied: I'm in Summerside!!!! Wow, we live super close to one another... especially with the bridge now!!! When where you here on the island last???

CantWait replied:
It was about 6 years ago, the last time we lived in NB. We went to Charlottetown and surrounding area.

sparkys2boys replied:

Nice area also.. PM me sometime and we could chat!! Do you have family here??

CantWait replied:
Gosh no. We're military so all my family is back in Ontario.

sparkys2boys replied:
Ahhh, sorry. I didn't know that. I'm still new and getting to know people. How long have you been in N.B. for now?

CantWait replied:
don't be sorry.

Last time was 8 months, only because of course. This time we're expected to be here longer, and we just got here in July.

sparkys2boys replied:
wow, how old are your kids?? Do they find it hard, do you, moving alot? I'm not sure I would be able to do it, but I guess you do what you have to. By the way I'm Sherri, mom to Logan 8 and Cameron 4.. nice to meet you!! smile.gif

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