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holley79 wrote: Is it that no matter what a woman does there will be at least one man in her work place that can make a sexual innuendo about it? dry.gif rolleyes.gif emlaugh.gif

moped replied: cool.gif cool.gif

TheOaf66 replied: wavey.gif I am that man laugh.gif tongue.gif rolling_smile.gif emlaugh.gif

stella6979 replied:
It's annoying that's for sure. And if you ask me, completely inappropriate.

holley79 replied:
Why does that not suprise me. emlaugh.gif

holley79 replied:
Honestly it doesn't bother me that much. I just think it's funny. We are together every day all week long more then we are actually at home with our own families. If we weren't picking on one another then we would think the other was mad at us. They are just typical me, like Troy. emlaugh.gif

Now I think harrassment is a whole nother level. The guys know where the lines are.

stella6979 replied:
Oh, I thought you were referring to harrassment. My mistake. blush.gif

TheOaf66 replied:
thumb.gif the guys that don't get brought up on charges rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

holley79 replied:
Well we all take the harrasment training so I guess we are all certified. emlaugh.gif

Our Lil' Family replied: Because that is the only thing men think about Holley!! rolleyes.gif

holley79 replied:
Yes but as we know men aren't alone with those thoughts. emlaugh.gif

redchief replied:
Or is that certifiable?

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: I've always worked in female dominated offices. I'm not sure which is worse! emlaugh.gif

holley79 replied:
idk, depends what instructor you ask happy.gif

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