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Who has - Allergies

gr33n3y3z wrote: Are they bad now?
Mine are bad all the time sad.gif

A&A'smommy replied: my whole family has them Jeremiah and Alyssa have them real bad but mine are just mild wink.gif

kimberley replied: mine are horrible right now! sad.gif and i think i have a new allergy to dogs ohmy.gif . we were at the IL's last sunday and i was playing with the dog and my eyes were swollen are itchy by the time i got home. wacko.gif

MommyToAshley replied: MMEEEEEE!!! wavey.gif

And if I sneeze one more time....!!!!

I love the weather during the spring, but I just dread the allergies. OTC meds really don't help much either. wacko.gif

MommyToAshley replied:
Oh no! I am that way with cats.... my nose starts running and then I get the watery, itchy eyes. Meds don't help me at all when it comes to cats.

DVFlyer replied: Add me to the (sneeze) list. Hating right now.

coasterqueen replied: OMG mine are soooooo bad right now. I can't hardly move I am so miserable. sad.gif The weird thing is my allergies were horrible before getting pg with Kylie. Then during my pg and after my pg with Kylie my allergies didn't bother me anymore. Then I got pg with Megan and my allergies came back full force and they've been horrible ever since. bawling.gif

I have been on allergy shots for years and took allergy meds before getting pg with Kylie. I guess maybe it's time to look into allergy meds again. sad.gif

coasterqueen replied:
I have the same thing with cats. If you see an allergist (like I do) they can give you drops that will clear your eyes right up. They really are a god send because mine would get so itchy and swollen that they'd literally close shut. dry.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: My Allergies are so bad its triggering my Asthma to start up sad.gif
Now I have a double whammy

mammag replied: Okay, here's a question..... how do you know whether you have a cold or allergies? Do you just have to pay attention over a couple of years to see if it repeats with the season or is there a way to distinquish (w/out getting tested of course).

kimberley replied:
any idea what the drops are called? i could really use this thumb.gif i have always been allergic to cats but have always had a cat, so my body built up immunities to it. now that my cat died, my allergy is back in full force dry.gif . i just never had this problem with dogs before.

i can tell my allergies apart from a cold by the syptoms. i almost always get classic hayfever symptoms... itchy/watery eyes, congestion, sinus pressure, and an endless faucet for a nose rolleyes.gif . with most colds i feel weak or fatigued and usually get a sore throat.

~Roo'sMama~ replied: I do.. I haven't noticed them getting any worse yet this spring. But I get sneezy and get itchy watery eyes when I pet my cats, and my dogs give me a runny nose and make me sneeze too. sad.gif I never used to be alergic to animals... I practically grew up in the barn for heaven's sake! rolleyes.gif

gr33n3y3z replied:
Here are mine:
Well some of the signs are
Always tired
Dark circles under eyes
Back drip non stop
Runny nose
Ears itch inside
Itchy eyes
Watering eyes
Throat itches could be food allergy or other air born allergens
Constant chest congestion
Skin Itches

lisar replied: My dd has them bad. And right now they are acting up. Here is florida where I am at the pollen is horrible this time of year. My blue SUV looks yellow at times cause its so bad..


mom2lilnick replied: Hi, I am late posting to this.

I have severe dust mite allergies and take weekly allergy shots for them.

My dh has severe grass, pollen, trees allergies and he is taking part of a clinical trial right now testing a new allergy shot for grass for FDA approval.

I get a constant sore throat from mine and recurring sinus infections.. I had NO idea that it was from dust mites until I saw an allergist.

My2Beauties replied: My DD has them something terrible and Brian does too! I don't really have them,e very now and then something triggers a sneeze from me or a runny nose but not very often! I livein the ohio Valley too where allergies are prominent so I got lucky but I've noticed as Ive gotten older I do have more allergy attacks.

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: Mine are awful, as I type this my eyes are watering, I am about to go grab yet another kleenex and If i stick anything else in my ear to scratch it they will probably start bleeding.

oh yeah the Claratin D that is supposed to be helping is worthless, I did find a nasal decongestant spray that kinda helps numb your sinuses for a few minutes, it help when you are ready to go to bed (if you fall asleep quickly)

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