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Which type of formula?

Twelve Volt Man wrote: When my son arrives in a few weeks, my wife plans to breast feed him, but I'm sure there'll be times when he'll need to use formula. How do we decide which to use? I've read that baby formula is so highly regulated by the FDA, that there really isn't much difference between them. If so, should we just choose the least expensive? After all, my "boys" can't tell a difference between designer underwear and Walmart underwear, so will my precious little son tell a difference between Enfamil and a generic brand? I certainly don't mind paying for the name brand formula, if it's worth it. What's a dad to do?

flirtycuddle replied: I know alot of mom's that have great success for the generic brand and you're right it is regulated that there really is no difference. My daughters pedi even told me to use parents choice cuz it would be eaiser on her tummy when she was refluxing and alot of parents had success with it. Cuz of WIC I had to use good start though. Also don't go buy a ton of anything untill after he is born and eating formula. My son ended up special formula cuz of allergies and some babies tolerate one brand better then others. Also may need something like the gentle ease or lacto free or ar or soy. You just never know what formula a baby will tolerate and what one will make them unhappy.

~*Just Me*~ replied: I say be supportive of breastfeeding & avoid formula altogether. Read up on what it's all about so you can be supportive. Have your DW read too.

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MyBlueEyedBabies replied: It would all be a guessing game before he's born. Johnny can handle whatever I put in his bottle. His GI said they couldn't care less much before 5 months and would drink dish water if that was what you put in there (though I'm guessing that's not a reccomended rolling_smile.gif ) Matt could only do Soy Ready to feed and Katy had to use the powders...everytime I gave her the ready to feed she would be spitty. The hospital diaper bags normally have sampes so I would just save that for the possible day she needs it.

eta. J is currently using the Costco brand formula. It is very similar to Similac from last year (the changed formulas in the middle of 2006) it is also what Katy used once she stopped needing soy.

CantWait replied: Of course there's going to be times when you may need to use formula, it all depends on your situation, and unfortunetly pumping isn't always the best option or just doesn't provide enough for a full feeding at once. A supply really has to be built up.

Like already said, it doesn't really matter what you go with, just don't buy a bunch at once. My first son would projectile vommit when given one type of formula (enfamil), but be fine when given the other (similac).

Good Luck.

Calimama replied: My doctor says the generic brands are the same. We use Enfamil.. luckily Bella doesn't have any problems with reflux or anything. wink.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: More than likely you will receive a sample of something at the hospital - that should be good enough to start out with until you know if you'll need/want to supplement. If you do, generics are just as good as name brands IMO.

luvmykids replied: On the advice of the pediatrician we used WalMarts brand, can't remember the name, sorry.

Boo&BugsMom replied: We used Similac with our son, but I agree with the others about the off brand's. Just read the labels. They are pretty much the same.

ediep replied: we use good start because that is what the ped reccommended for our son, so we also used it for our daughter too.

i'd wait until the baby is born to see what the doc or the hospital'll get plenty of samples too

lisar replied: Similac w/iron with Lexi
And with Raygen we used Neosure.

Twelve Volt Man replied: Thanks, ladies. Your wisdom is why I love this place!

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