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Where is everyone from?

StephanieM wrote: I'm new here and just wondering where everyone is from. I was a part of another parenting message board and there were a lot of east coasters that were only on during the daytime. I'm usually on in the late afternoon and evening. What are the busy times on this board? Everyone seems really friendly here and I'm just anxious to get to know everyone. I'm at home a lot so... rolling_smile.gif Look forward to getting to know you all better!

BTW, I'm in Arizona. smile.gif

Danalana replied: Alabama smile.gif

Sugar & Spice replied: I'm new here too smile.gif I'm from Connecticut.

amymom replied: I am from NY, but don't let the beginning answers fool you. There are alot of people from the West Coast and Mid west USA. Many Canadians, and a few other countries are represented as well.

wavey.gif Welcome to everyone. This is a fun and friendly board to visit. Have fun!

DillsMommy replied: I'm in kentucky. Welcome to the board! wavey.gif

Calimama replied: California!! wavey.gif

luvmykids replied: We're in NM.

3xsthefun replied: West Virginia smile.gif

CantWait replied: I'm from New Brunswick, Canada. wavey.gif

HuskerMom replied: Nebraska smile.gif

A&A'smommy replied: I'm from SWEET HOME ALABAMA hehe btw Welcome this is a great board and I hope to see you around a lot... the times vary but we are usualy really slow on the weekends and holidays!!! tongue.gif

Miranda1127 replied:
b/c east coasters rule rolling_smile.gif and hey i hung out pretty late with you Steph. not all east coasters hit the hay early biggrin.gif

StephanieM replied:
Haha Miranda! Ok, you have a point! How's this for ya... iamwithstupid.gif rofl! Yes you are too cool! groupwave.gif That's for you.

Miranda1127 replied: please hold your Applause i'm not done yet the best is yet to come partydance.gif djdance.gif

Miranda1127 replied: P.s. i'm from Pa. and i am addicted to smilies tongue.gif

MoonMama replied: Colorado wavey.gif

BabyOwen427 replied: Oklahoma cowboy.gif Ok, so the cowboy is a bit misleading... Not everyone here is a cowboy... but the lifestyle is great. Not to into those city folks. tongue.gif


Miranda1127 replied:
hey city folk arent so bad mad.gif can't we just all get along hug.gif

BabyOwen427 replied:
Wasn't trying to offend you. dry.gif
Just trying to welcome all the new people I've seen pop up lately.

Miranda1127 replied:
lol, i know. i was j/k no hard feelings. and thanks for the welcome

redplaydoh replied: Originally from Oklahoma

Lived in Connecticut for 8+ years before we moved to Switzerland. We've been here 1.5 years now.

StephanieM replied: Wow, Switzerland? That sounds nice. Do you like it there?

Twelve Volt Man replied: North Carolina.

stella6979 replied: Good ole Detroit, Michigan here.
Welcome to the board!

C&K*s Mommie replied: wavey.gif welcome.gif to the Parenting Club boards

As a woman I say I am from Venus... but my homestate is Florida. wink.gif

PrairieMom replied: South Dakota. I'm all alone out here. unsure.gif dry.gif laugh.gif (also addicted to smilies...) rolling_smile.gif

lisar replied: I'm in Florida. Welcome... wavey.gif

TheOaf66 replied: wavey.gif from Wisconsin

msoulz replied: Greetings from Michigan! wavey.gif

flirtycuddle replied: I'm from NV but orginally from Az lol

jcc64 replied: Hudson Valley region of NY. Hi and welcome!

TheOaf66 replied:
where in SD Tara, I have been to Aberdeen a few times

sparkys2boys replied: Prince Edward Island, Canada here. Welcome to the boards BTW!!!

redplaydoh replied:
Yes and no... now that really answers the question. rolling_smile.gif I love many things here, but miss many things from the US. Each place has its good and bad points. For my boys, this is the best place for them I feel. They're near all their cousins and grandparents (from DH's side) which we wouldn't have living in the US. And 100 other boring reasons....

But I really miss being in a familiar place, with a familiar language. I miss Target and so many other things.

But I can say Switzerland is a gorgeous place to live! thumb.gif

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: Currently Colorado. But dh is looking at going back west (from CA)

PrairieMom replied:
Aberdeen?!??! What the heck were you doing THERE? laugh.gif I'm in the thriving metropolis of Sioux Falls. Largest city in the state. thumb.gif

Jackie012007 replied: Hello from Upstate NY and Welcome!

My3LilMonkeys replied: I'm from Northeast PA - welcome! wavey.gif

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: Idaho

Swood75 replied: South Carolina...Welcome!! wavey.gif

maestra replied: Phoenix here! I drop in pretty intermittently though. rolling_smile.gif

Mommy2BAK replied: wavey.gif ARKANSAS cowboyboots.gif cowboy.gif

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