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Whats for dinner tonight - Ash Wed.

gr33n3y3z wrote: Well since it's ash wed.
I'm making striper fish or spegg. and clams not sure yet

Boys r us replied: I'm making Fetticcini Alfredo tossed with grilled blackened chicken, mushrooms and broccoli and we'll have garlic bread and a salad.

ammommy replied: I'm making a quiche with meatless sausage. Tilapia for Friday!

Kirstenmumof3 replied: I'm making macaroni casserole! Everyone just loves it!

mom21kid2dogs replied: OMGosh!! Thank You for reminding me!! I just took out chicken for the crockpot! Nothing like blowing fast and absitinence on the first day out! blush.gif

If you all see my brain, could you just call me!! huh.gif

jolene555 replied: I am the only one in the household that is both Catholic and old enough to go by the rules, so I tend to go pretty hardcore with my fasting. All I will be eating today is saltines, water, and my vitamins.

coasterqueen replied: I have no clue. tongue.gif

5littleladies replied: I'm not Catholic but we're having spaghetti, our traditional Wednesday night meal. happy.gif

MomofJandB replied:
Wow! I am impressed! Good for you!

We will be having spaghetti with meatless sauce. I have no idea what we will eat for Friday...I hate fish!

Alice replied: I just hit the supermarket and picked up some salmon fillets for tonight. Friday is linguini and clam sauce.

mom89 replied: We had pork chops,minute rice w/cream of chicken soup,and some mixed veggies. I had read a recipe on another board and it involved the crock pot,but I didn't feel look waiting 3-4hrs.
it was good! smile.gif

redchief replied: Yay... She made the fish... It was delicious even if I was a PITA. Love ya hon smile.gif

loveydad replied: Why doesnt' any of you ever invite US for dinner? Just because my kids are known to turn the table over , throw food, and burp on command!?

We ate at a restraunt and I had chicken strips and DEMANDED a baked potato. LOL

mom89 replied: LOL Loveydad! laugh.gif Well I didn't invite you because well,you guys always end up eating all the food and leaving nothing for the host! rolling_smile.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: Awww thanx hon love ya too

But Friday is your turn ** grins **

loveydad replied:
you'd be suprised at how LITTLE I do eat. Sometimes I don't eat at all, when I have to I usually throw one teeny tiny piece a something down.

Not to mention It's not quality or quanity, I just want someone else to make it!!

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