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What you think?

mummy2girls wrote: At micheals you can get these boxes made for wedding favors and fill them with chocolate hugs and kisses and have a tag that says hugs and kisses from the bride and groom... for the favors???

any ideas of other things?

lisar replied: That sounds cute. I like that idea.

Calimama replied:
What the heck is a chocolate hug? I'm assuming the kisses are like hershey kisses? Or am I just slow? emlaugh.gif

mummy2girls replied:
same thing but the hugs has white choclolate swirled with the milk... get it hugs? LOLOLOL

mommymommy replied: That is darling!!..Memorable, and not super expensive!!
I once got a wedding favor that was a CD with the Bride and grooms wedding songs and their photo on the cover..I thought that was pretty coold too..Not sure if that is super costly though

mckayleesmom replied: I went to a wedding once where they put little glass containers...Usually a buck or less at the store with little beta fish and a floating flower candle in the top....They were actually a huge hit and at the end of the night a bunch of kids got to take the fish home.

grapfruit replied: I JUST saw at Wal Mart yesterday those little boxes you can fill and they were like 7 bucks for 50 I think.

Also, this is what I was thinking of doing....

Buying a length of that taffea fabric (not sure if that's the right name, but it's the netting sort of stuff that goes under dresses) and cutting into squares and filling it w/candy. Making pouches basically. Then I can color cordinate and it's CHEAPER! smile.gif

Was thinking about doing bird seed pouches like this too.....(along w/bubbles)

mckayleesmom replied:
That is what my sister did at her 1st wedding.....Just put some Hersheys kisses in the netting then bunched them up with a ribbon .....I know because I did alot of those suckers.. laugh.gif

grapfruit replied:
Netting!! Why didn't I just use that word!!! wacko.gif I'm all trying to think of the name of the stupid fabric. rolleyes.gif

My retardness amazes even me sometimes laugh.gif

Oh and Brianne; you want to come help me tie some of those??? *innocent look* yessmiley.gif

I'll invite you and you can come party!!!

A&A'smommy replied:
rolling_smile.gif are you talking about tulle?

Anyway shelly that sounds like a SUPER cute idea!! love2.gif

mckayleesmom replied: thanks...I remember not liking it when I was 12, Im pretty sure I wouldn't like it now too.

Another idea is to just find some fabric with your colors and do it with can find fabric pretty cheap at walmart....I think they even have netting in different colors sometimes....or just a sheer fabric.

grapfruit replied:
emlaugh.gif Heck I don't know WHAT I'm talking about emlaugh.gif I thought it started w/a T but I'm fabric dumb laugh.gif

Our Lil' Family replied: My cousin just used that for her wedding in May. She printed on there "hugs and kisses from the new mr. and mrs." And yes, WalMart has them, probably cheaper.

mckayleesmom replied:
You can probably get sheer fabric for cheaper and in colors.....You can get a cute pair of pinking sheers or even scrapbooking sissors with the design edges to cut it...Usually walmart has alot of sheer stuff on their 1 dollar a yard table. wink.gif

Calimama replied:
Oh yum. rolling_smile.gif

bawoodsmall replied: Jacob and I did the netting hersheys kisses thing. Very inexpensive and very cute. You could still type from the mr and mrs on your puter and print them up, cut them out, hole punch, and thread through the ribbon.

I work at a place where we have a ton of weddings. My all time fav was everyone got a little packet of flower seed. Like start a new beginning kinda thing. Their whole wedding was kinda naturey though.

PrairieMom replied: I made rose buds for my favors. they were pretty cute, but if you need lots of them they are a PITA and would take forever

moped replied: I had a wine glass charm for every person that was around the rolled up thank you or agenda sort of freind made 125 wine glass charms in black and white

AlexsPajamaMama replied:
I did this and used wedding conversation hearts that I found at a local wedding shop.

Kaitlin'smom replied:
its tulling...LOL and if you need help call me. biggrin.gif

grapfruit replied:
Sweet, you can come party for sure! smile.gif thumb.gif

Shelly have you seen hugs and kisses real cheap?

Oh and my future MIL showed me a magazine taht sold wrappers to rewrap hershey bars and stuff. It was cool. But a little pricey.

Kaitlin'smom replied:
sounds like fun.

seeingblue2 replied: That sounds cute. Mmmm hugs are good!

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