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What kind of gift for a third marriage?

MommyToAshley wrote: What kind of gift would you give to someone for a third marriage? It is someone very close to us, and we gave very nice gifts at the other marriage. I don't know what the ettiquette is here?

I hope the third time really is the charm here!

mckayleesmom replied: I personally would just get them a gift card or something. After 3 marriages I would be sick of trying to figure out presents. Plus they probably allready have alot of what they need. And personally if I was on my third marriage, i would request that people not buy gifts. My sister has been married 3 times..The first time was a huge wedding. A year later she was getting married again and everybody that came was talking about her while waiting for the ceremony to start. One lady even said..."didn't we do this same thing last year around this time, she must have enough appliances by now?" ROTFL....I was sitting right in front of her when she said that...I was cracking up. I didn't like my sisters new husband anyways. And the sad thing is,,they were right. They were divorced a year later. With her new husband they just eloped and sent people wedding pictures instead. Im not trying to be mean or anything, but if it was me, I wouldn't want people to bring me presents for my third marriage. But I would just get a gift card or something. Or maybe depending on where they are going. Some stuff for the honeymoon...Beach towels...sun tan lotion...stuff like that. Maybe put it in a cute basket or something.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: I just went to a wedding where it was the second marriage for her. I just bought something off the registry. (a place setting) When she divorced her first husband she got rid of everything that reminded her of him and that was pretty much everything. Did they register somewhere? That always makes it easier. If not, a gift card would be nice.

DansMom replied: For a third wedding I might get something consumable but very nice, like a $30-$40 bottle of wine/champagne (unless of course one or both is a recovering alcoholic, in which case I might get a nice fruit/chocolate/etc. basket). Another idea is a very nice photo frame---maybe one of those in which you can place three different pictures that tell a story: they may want at least a few frames to display their wedding photos and pictures of them as a couple. They probably do have all the basic stuff they need and I assume they're not registered anywhere. When I got married, although it was the first time for both of us, we really liked the garden art that we got---we were setting up our new house together after living in apartments and just didn't have that kind of stuff.

Heather replied: unsure.gif That is a good question! I wouldn't know what to give. I would probably give somehting off a registry too.

MomToJade&Jordan replied: What a dilema. I would either give a gift card or like some of the others suggested just go by the registry. I am going to hope along with you that third times a charm.

supermom replied: Well, speaking as someone who has been married 3X (teehee) we asked "No Gifts" at our reception, however, a couple of our closest friends did bring some things, and the thing we treasured most was a very nice photo album (it had a pewter metal engraved cover and plush velvet back). We have used it a lot - we put our wedding photos in it and still show it off.....

Guest replied: Okay my DH said that afer 3 marriages you just get them a card! But I don't think that's proper ettiquette! I would get them a card and put money in the card. I think if after 3 marriages she probably has everything!

Kirstenmumof3 replied: Sorry that last post was from me! Don't know why I wasn't logged on!

Kaitlin'smom replied: honestly I would have to agree with some here after 3 marriage they should not be asking or expecing gifts. My only question is 3rd time ofr both or how many for each, then rules might be different.

however since they are close to you a small nice gift that they can use, like a nice photo album or frame is good.

Lots of luck let us know if and what you decide

coasterqueen replied: I think a nice photo album engraved would be a very nice gift. If not that I would get something off a registry if they have one. Tough question wink.gif

Hillbilly Housewife replied: Why don't you just ask them? I mean, if they're close to you, they won't get mad or anything...

I'm sure they're not just starting out, like soem people do when they get married...or if they went through a messy divorce and lost everything. But if that was the case, you wouldn't be having this issue, right?

I'd suggest maybe a certificate to a store, or to a restaurant or movies or's something they can use, not return, and it won't be lost on them should they ever not stay married, kwim?

MommyToAshley replied: Thanks everyone! I don't think they have registered, but they didn't say anything about not giving a gift. So, I would feel weird showing up without one... I think a gift cert or something nice for their photos is a great idea. Thanks! I'll let you know what we decide.

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