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What is wrong with kids today?

A&A'smommy wrote: OMG I'm at my husbands office right now which is connected to a classroom the tardy bell has rung I just heard the teacher scream at the class because they just wont sit down one student has the radio on REALLY loud and about half of the class just went to the office. The last class was loud but they were almost halfway quiet but that was only because several of them were a sleep!!!! ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif I knew classrooms were bad but I did not have clue how bad it was! bawling.gif I'm saddened by this

ediep replied: well, that soulds familiar.... I used to teach middle school, although my classes were usually pretty good with the exception of a few

A&A'smommy replied:
I have a HUGE HUGE respect for teachers especially ones that have to put up with that! I would love to be a teacher but I don't think I could handle it

My2Beauties replied: It's really sad for those who actually want to learn that the teacher has to spend half the class yelling at those that don't want to learn sad.gif

moped replied: Teachers need a 100% raise in my opinion!

JAYMESMOM replied: The problem with kids is that the government has taken control away from the parents and the teachers by not allowing punishment and stating that kids have rights etc.

Most parents are either too afraid to discipline or don't care. If they kids don't learn to respect their parents they are not going to respect anyone else. IMO-a spanking never hurt anyone.

Schools were never this bad before because we were all worried if our parents found out about our behaviour at school. Now it doesn't matter since most parents wont or cant do anything anyways.

It is only going to get worse over time. Unfortunately, unless parents start parenting and stop trying to be a child's friends. There is time for that when they are an adult.

gr33n3y3z replied: well they get away with it and thats sad

Our lunch room is so bad with noise I cant stand it and since myself and my boss are not educators we can not say anything BUT at the time Educators are in there and the kids get away with it .

JessC replied:

I agree! They have to put up with so much stuff! I felt bad when I was in school... there was this teacher that was bald and everyone always made fun of her! sad.gif

DVFlyer replied:

Amen! I couldn't have said it better myself. Since the reprocussions for bad behavior are taken away, there is no reason NOT to act bad.

uwishucudfly replied:

I agree as well!! A 100% percent raise would be wonderful! I am a teacher, and so are both of my parents. When I was growing up they made it look like a wonderful career. It deffinitely is, but there are some days when I come home completely wiped! My husband looks at me and asks what could possibly be so hard about teaching! He has no idea....

I am new teacher, and so hopefully with a few more years of experience under my belt, I can get the flow of things, and be a little more efficient. I am very lucky though. I teach high school, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of kids. For the most part, they are all polite, smart, funny, and make my days at school wonderful! There are a few kids I would like to smack around if I ever got the chance. Ohhh, if that day would only come!

gr33n3y3z replied:
Yes some do ...... the ones that do the job right with controling the kids and not letting the kids run the teachers and class rooms and actually teach the children deserve so much more then what they get.

But when the base salary to start is already at 50 thousand a year here that is plenty if they deserve it. ( the teachers here make at least 60 thousand plus a year) I would have to say at least 75% deserve it and the other 25% dont.

gr33n3y3z replied: And I forgot to add alot of it is the way those kids are raised at home
This day and age parents are so caught up in themselves and their jobs and they are not home for the children bc they are having happy hour or working longer hours and the kids fend for themselves and roam the streets to do as they please which is then taken into the class rooms and the teachers have to deal with it sad.gif

lisar replied: This is exactly why I do not want my kid in public school. She is going to private school. That way I know she is getting the teaching she deserves. I do not want to step on anyone's toes i am talking bad about the teachers cause I know its mostly the students now a days.


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