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What is love for you

TANNER'S MOM wrote: I know this is going to sound silly. My brothers girl friend just left him. He is broken hearted and just be side himself. He talked about how much he loved her. But to be honest I knew all along this wasn't going to work. At least I knew she wasn't as taken with him as her was her.

This made me think of what is for me. For me Love is seeing someone and recognizes their faults, but loving them anyway.

My brother never say her faults. He never saw that she didnt' pay any bills in the house, or do any house work. He nevefr saw that he was always giving and she was taking.

So I have said.. love is when you see their faults and love them anyway..what's it for you?

Jamison'smama replied: Good question...I will need to do some thinking to put it succinctly.

Boys r us replied: simple of a question as it is, it's really a hard one to answer!

To me, love is not having to even say translates in the quick glance across the table, the momentary brush of skin as you pass by in the hallway while you're both rushing to get ready for work, it can be seen in the smile you exhange as you watch your child is something so profound that we all sit here and try to put it into words, but the truth can't be..there are no words for the love I feel for my husband, my kids or my's truly the most amazing thing and I feel a sadness for those who mistake it for something less, like your brother and so many others, b/c love is something everyone should experience the powers of!!!

Twelve Volt Man replied: To me, love is waking up next to the woman I've known for the last 14 years and smiling, even though her breath smells like a fart and her hair is a mess. Knowing that our nearly nine years of marriage is just the beginning, and we have a ton of memories yet to make. Knowing that she will soon deliver our son, who we will, together, treasure for the rest of our lives. Knowing that we will grow old together and enjoy each other's company for many years to come. For me, that's love.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: For me it's a choice. There are always times in a marriage that you aren't feeling the love or giving it 100%, but everyday when I wake up I choose to love the man I married regardless of what life throws our way. Some days that can be easier than others, kwim? We've been through a lot together. Some of those things could have torn us apart, but it's loving a little more and holding on a little tighter when those tough times roll around. It's saying I love you even when you don't want to. Love to me is good times and bad times.

luvmykids replied: Boy that is tough to put into words! I think it's knowing you are accepted as much as it is accepting the other person....Like Aimee said, the ups and downs and making the choice to hang in there....The joy in the little things.....Putting the other first....

I like the way I Cor 13 sums it up in the Bible too wink.gif

Crystalina replied:
emlaugh.gif So true!

Love, to me, means I've put up with his butt for the last 15 years and can see another 15. Love is us seperating after 10 yrs of marriage (for 6 mos.) only to realize that being together was better then being apart. wub.gif But I don't care how much I love him I will kill him without thought if he walks across my caret with his muddy boots. (we had an issue about that tonight. dry.gif )

Twelve Volt Man replied:
Perfectly understandable and completely justifiable.

Boo&BugsMom replied:
I love what Aimee wrote! ITA!

I also think that it depends on the type of love you are talking about. I love Troy, but I also love my parents and my brother, but I also love God. Each has it's own type of love, IMO.

mummy2girls replied: i agree Mel.. love is you love a guy/girl for thier faults and all. They have these quirks that amke you want to slma your hand in a door but you love them just the same!

Danalana replied: is so complicated for me. Not just in my marriage, but in all relationships. For me, it's harder to BE loved than it is to love.
Anyway, I agree with what somebody else said. Love is a choice...on days when you don't feel it and want to gauge out your eyes with a fork, you choose to love and be faithful. On days when something as simple as the sound of his chewing makes you want to pound him, it's a choice. Love has to have 100%. Ideally, it's 50-50, but we all know it's not like that sometimes. What if I am only giving 30% today? That leaves Richard to give 70%...or vice versa. To me, love is magnifying positive things about your mate, instead of focusing on the negative. If you magnify the positive, your mind doesn't have a chance to dwell on the negative. Sure, my husband drives me nuts sometimes. BUT, when I stand back and look at it, he is kind. He has a good heart. He'd do anything to help anybody. He provides for me and takes care of things I can't take care of. He never raises his voice or puts me down. I think all of those things (and there are more) outweigh swallowing noises or a bit of a stubborn streak. Love is faithful and kind. I guess to me, love is I Corinthians 13 smile.gif

lisar replied: Well for me Love is when you just think about that person and you get butterflies in your stomach,Gene has his faults and I love him anyways. I knew them before I fell in love with him. So I agree with what everyone else said also.

Hard question to answer.

Insanemomof3 replied: I agree with Mel...loving a person faults and all.

Also, love for me is HATING the smell of your man's feet...but finding yourself missing the smell if you are away from him for too long. blush.gif

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