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What brand of makeup does everyone wear?

MoonMama wrote: I need some change...lately my normal makeup seems to be breaking me out. dry.gif What do you use and do you have many breakouts with it? I also have really sensitive skin so its really hard for me to find stuff I can actually use. dry.gif

aspenblue1 replied: I switched to clinque recently and it has helped my breakouts.

MoonMama replied:
I used to use clinque and now thinking about it I never had a problem with their product. huh.gif But I have been using Chanel for over a year at my "other moms" advice. I really liked it at first but you know that makes sense now that I really think about it and when it started. cool.gif

luvmykids replied: I'm not super loyal although my favorite is MAC's stick foundation, it's really sheer and I love throwing it in my purse.

I usually use Prescriptives Custom Blend though, I have a weird skin tone and can't get a true match any other way.

Jackie012007 replied: I have super sensitive skin too, I use bare minerals and I love it!

Brias3 replied:
I know a friend of mine who has ultra-sensitive skin has alot of luck with just using simple drugstore Almay brand.

Personally, I use a bit of everything. My favorites are Clinique and NARS. I also love Cover Girl once in awhile too- especially their shadows and lipstick!

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: I use Origins and actually just bought a new tube today! Gosh, what is the name of it. Anyhow, its their most natural/sheer foundation. I have very sensitive skin and everything seems to clog it up, but this one works for me. It feels really light on as well, but yet covers just the right amount. I also have their under-eye concealer, which is of course thicker than the foundation. I don't use it every day, but it's great to cover up scars or dark circles. BTW, Origins is a bit pricey, but my foundation lasted for maybe a year (but I also don't wear it all the time).

boyohboyohboy replied: I also just ordered bare minerals, and I do like it. I have to play around with it better, but its great, and I have sensative skin too.

Nina J replied: I use Dior & Clinique

BabyOwen427 replied: None laugh.gif

cameragirl21 replied: i rarely wear foundation but when i do i wear bare minerals or armani, which is really silky smooth.

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: I am a cosmetics salesman's worst nightmare. I have absolutely NO product loyalty. With the exception of moisturizers and lotions. I don't ever wear foundation. But I like the physician's brand powder. I have sensitive skin too. Otherwise, if I like the color, I'll buy it. Doesn't matter the brand. Right now, I've got 3 different mascaras. And I like them all.

moped replied: I use the Urban Decay Surreal Skin - Love it but can't buy it in canada, so I have to stock up when I am in the US. I have nasty skin and it works! FOr the rest of my makeup I am a MAC girl for sure. I also like NARS. I wear makeup 99% of the time

Kaitlin'smom replied: mostly Avon, altho my foundation right now is Loreal Bare Naturale, I love that stuff.

kit_kats_mom replied: lauren hutton face disc.

MyBlueEyedBabies replied: I mostly use MAC.

For stuff like mascara the girl at MAC told me not to buy theirs and to just get whatever I see first when I walke into target because it didn't matter. I believe I have a Maybelline and Rimmel in my bathroom right now.

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