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What a waste of money...

MomToMany wrote: I can't believe that they have actually made something like this:

The Child Presence Sensor

What is this world coming to? You need a device to let you know if you forgot your baby??? How incredibly STUPID!!

Boys r us replied: Well, considering this happens all of the time, I wouldn't go as far as to call it stupid...not if it saves a child's life!

I've known a family when I was in highschool that this happened to..all it takes is a mother of 4 who was on her way to work, rushed, stressed out, tired from being up with a new baby, who changes her morning routine to run an errand b/f she drops the child off at daycare...and it's a possible disaster.

I would like to think we are all in tune enough parents to make sure we never did anything like this..but I would assume that any parent who bought this was just a really concerned parent who wanted to go the extra mile for some peace of mind!

Will I buy one? No..

coasterqueen replied: It is horrible that the world has come to this but if it will save a baby I agree it's worth it. It's sad we have to have a lot of things in this life but it proves we are just moving to fast in this world. sad.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: I heard about this a couple weeks ago...kida sad that the felt a need to invent something like this, but If it saves a childs life then okay. I can barly get to Kaitlins door before she is tring to get out on her own, once the car stoppes she is ready to get out.

kimberley replied: i agree that the world is in a sad state when we need devices like this to remember our own children. as was said in another thread about this subject, we really need to slow down and appreciate what is really important in life. on the positive, maybe this device will save the life of a child whose loving parent was about to make a fatal mistake. even the best of parents make mistakes.

booey2 replied: Well I think it is a good idea, too bad they can't just put them in the carseats when they are manufactured.

jen replied:
I agree with that, why not!!!

My2Beauties replied: WOW, I'm at a loss for words, I personally could not fathom leaving my child in the car. But for those parents who are forgetful or like someone else said made one mistake just one time when they had 10,000 things on their mind then it can save a child's life!

A&A'smommy replied: I know this sounds awful but I would buy one because I would be scared that I would do something stupid bawling.gif I think it would be great to go ahead and put them in the carseats. It is sad that this stuff happen incredibly sad it breaks my heart I can't say if I would actually do something like this I probably wouldn't But I would want the peace of mind. sad.gif

MomToMany replied: Sorry, but I just can't see the point of this device. If you are too busy and forget to take your kid to daycare, then maybe that person needs to rethink their priorities. NOTHING is more important than your children, at least that's the way it should be.

ctymom replied: Well, if you think about, anyone can have a baby... so if the person is dumb enough to leave their baby in a car... then they need some help(aside from the obvious help they need). Alot of times, they cant have their child taken away from them for leaving their baby in a car because it's too late. mad.gif So if it will save an innocent baby from scatter-brains...why not?


amynicole21 replied: Genius! I think this should be in every carseat manufactured. Why not? Should a child have to die just because his parents are stupid? sad.gif

A&A'smommy replied:
I agree its heartbreaking! bawling.gif I can't stand that and it scares me I don't EVER leave her alone especially not in a car and if its hot we DON'T go out because our air conditioner doesn't cool fast enough I take some serious precausions (sorry I can't spell). I love my baby more than anything in this world and it scares me that someone can leave their child in a car to die bawling.gif bawling.gif bawling.gif

mummy2girls replied: It is scarey and sad that this needs to be invented. But i think it is a good idea because ive heard way too many stories this summer about kids being left in cars. I just cant understand why someone can forget because jenna usually cries when i get out of my car and before i even hit her door she is hysterical!

momof2girls replied:
Well said!!! and sad enough I see alot of stupid parents!!!

MommyToAshley replied: I still don't understand how someone could leave their child in the car and forget, but it does seem to happen way too often. If this device saves one child's life, then it well worth the investment. But, what a sad statement about the society we live in that we need a device to remind us of our children.

booey2 replied: I know that I replied earlie but I had to say that we already have chimes in our cars to remind us to take our keys out before we get out and to turn off the headlights, so I am all for the reminder for our childs life. I don't feel like I am a scatterbrain but some days are really hectic (for example see my post from the other day when I left the burner on the stove). Accidents do happen, so my point is that if they can put one in the stearing column why not one in the seats that carry our precious cargo - our children???

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