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What??? Height a factor in sentencing??

mammag wrote: Apparently now your height can keep you from going to jail for assaulting a child! Unbelievable!!!!!

Judge Rules Sex Offender Too Short Prison; Gives Probation Instead
Thursday, May 25, 2006

SIDNEY, Neb. A judge said a 5-foot-1 man convicted of sexually assaulting a child was too small to survive in prison, and gave him 10 years of probation instead.

His crimes deserved a long sentence, District Judge Kristine Cecava said, but she worried that Richard W. Thompson, 50, would be especially imperiled by prison dangers.

"You are a sex offender, and you did it to a child," she said.

But, she said, "That doesn't make you a hunter. You do not fit in that category."

Thompson will be electronically monitored the first four months of his probation, and he was told to never be alone with someone under age 18 or date or live with a woman whose children were under 18. Cecava also ordered Thompson to get rid of his pornography.

He faces 30 days of jail each year of his probation unless he follows its conditions closely.

"I want control of you until I know you have integrated change into your life," the judge told Thompson. "I truly hope that my bet on you being OK out in society is not misplaced."

TheOaf66 replied: now that is just is judges like that which make the justice system relatively screwed up. I find that pretty appaling. I bet the judges spouse wears a shirt that says


My2Beauties replied: ohmy.gif WTH ohmy.gif

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied:

A&A'smommy replied: growl.gif that is incredibly stupid!!!!

gr33n3y3z replied: bc he cant defend himself against Big Bob thats why and when men do that to children the other MEN in jail are waiting for their turn
It is so sad and it just makes me sick

holley79 replied: I think it is a load of you know what. Anyway judges sentence things to easy for some. The guy nextdoor to me only got 5 years probation for lewd and lasivious. They have electronic monitoring here also but it's very easy to break away from.

Cece00 replied: If she didnt think he could survive with the general population (not that I am feeling bad for him b/c of that) she couldve had him put in solitary. Idiot. growl.gif

PrairieMom replied:
I say, to bad!

How sick that he is essentially getting away with it! growl.gif

gr33n3y3z replied:
I couldnt agree more with that
I say turn them loose on him and make him suffer like the kids did those poor kids didnt have a chance so why should they care if he can handle himself or not
I think the laws are a slap on the hand for these types of crimes and many others they should go back to the OLD DAY way lets see what happends then

Sorry this type of crime just burns me to No End!!

My3LilMonkeys replied: growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif

luvmykids replied:
Sorry, but I can't think of anything more fitting. growl.gif

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