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Went to see Santa... - PICS INSIDE!

MommyToAshley wrote: We went to see Santa this weekend. I didn't think Ashley would go to him at first because she has always been scared of men with beards. She waved to him from afar, but when we got close she turned her head away from him. Then Santa bribed her with a candy cane.... WTG Santa! LOL! He was great and let Ashley warm up to him slowly. And, she's talked and talked about him since then. She keeps telling us that Santa told her to be good and he'd see her on Christmas.

We have a picture they printed, but this is from our digi:

Here's a pic of Ashley telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas... which was a musical instrument. laugh.gif

(I wish they hadn't used a red backdrop)

MommyToAshley replied: Cheese smile for camera wub.gif

MommyToAshley replied: Cheese again. She's still a little unsure if she wants to be sitting there laugh.gif

3xsthefun replied: Aww! She is so cute sitting with Santa. wub.gif

SOUTHERN MOMMY replied: wub.gif That is so cute. I still don't have a pic of andrew with santa that he is not screaming. He said he wants to go see sants now I guess we'll see unsure.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: how cute and yoru right the red background terrible, but cute pic. glad she likes santa better.

3_call_me_mama replied: What a sweetie she is:) Santa's a smart one bribing with the candy. laugh.gif

jcc64 replied: She's such a good little girl, Dee Dee. No way would Corey smile if she wasn't "sure" about the situation, kwim? I've been approached about "modelling" her b/c of her "unique multi-cultural look" (their words, not mine), but I am certain she doesn't have the accomodating disposition necessary for the gig. rolling_smile.gif Anyway, Ashley clearly does, and I think, as usual, she's completely adorable. Even if it's not the most genuine smile- you'll treasure the pics when she's too big or cool to sit with Santa. Just curious- how much were they charging for a pic with Santa in Ohio? It's $20 here in NY.

holley79 replied: Aww she is so cute. The last pic would make a great Christmas Card photo. What a great pic.

ediep replied: great pic!!!! She is so beautiful!!

MommyToAshley replied:
Aweee, I can see why you would have been approached about putting Corey in modeling... she is absolutely beautiful! wub.gif And, I think she's so photogenic too!

As for the cost of pics with Santa... hmmm, not sure what they run at the mall. I think last year we paid $15 or $20 for two? dunno.gif But, the pics above were from a local store. I went shopping the day before and saw that Santa was going to be there and thought it would be less crowded than the mall... and it was. The photo only cost $1 but we could take our own pictures with our camera as well (at no cost). I didn't care for the red background, but what do you expect for a buck. Santa seemed to be less rushed and spent a lot of time talking to Ashley too, as opposed to the mall where they try to rush the kids through.

DansMom replied: Those are good photos, Dee Dee! I wonder what Daniel will think of Santa this year. I have a feeling he'll be a bit tentative too laugh.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied:
Its $15 for one at the Mall here in Ohio wacko.gif and we are NOT allowed to take our own blink.gif I got one cause I wanted to see her reaction to santa, the first year she was fine with him but did not like mrs clause, last year the exact opposite, she was ok with mrs but not santa. she is fine with him this year and I am sure she will be seeing him again.

punkeemunkee'smom replied: Those are great pics!!! She looks so pretty! Tay went and saw Santa at my parents mall and she and my little brother(he is her age) both came down and told us what they had "ordered" rolling_smile.gif Santa even thought it was funny he told us they said "we need to order..... " and that Tay had done most the talking for both of them! rolling_smile.gif wub.gif Silly kids! wub.gif I love this season!

gr33n3y3z replied: Ashley is such a big girl for sitting on Santas lap.
Your right you can see the unsure look on Ashleys face but she did it any how lol

jem0622 replied: So cute! Why don't you cut the red out of the backround and fill it in with something else? C'mon crafty Mommy!

TFS! She is such a doll!


A&A'smommy replied: awwwww she is such a cutie pie!!!! wub.gif

kimberley replied: wub.gif she's so cute!!

CantWait replied: Great pics.

Santa had to do the same thing with Anthony this year. Bribe him with a candy cane. LOL rolling_smile.gif

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