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Well im officially psycho

TeagansMom609 wrote: The past couple weeks I have turned into a horomonal psycho path. Im nuts, im really nuts. Im pissed off all the time. I hate my husband and everyone else. I didnt realize how crazy I have been acting until this morning when my Mom told me how bit**y I was being. I was like this with my last pregnancy too. I think its just the peak of horomones in the 1st trimester. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will calm down. unsure.gif

amymom replied: Well, at least you notice it and can tell your DH so that he doesn't run tongue.gif away! biggrin.gif
I hope you feel better soon.

lisar replied: Mine didnt hit me till the last month (i think) if not no one said anything. but i noticed i am more prone to going off on people if they make me mad. Subway messed up my sandwich the other day so I reported them to corporate. Wendys messed up my order so i reported them. And the Burger King the girl in the drive thru was a total Bi***. so I told her boss about it. I am normally not like that all. So I know how you feel. LOL


aspenblue1 replied: I know that feeling I have been a hormonal mess.

amynicole21 replied: With Nora I stayed on zoloft the entire pregnancy so it was a lot better than with Sophia. I swear I almost left DH 100x with my 1st pg - over the stupidest stuff, too rolleyes.gif

A&A'smommy replied: OMG I remember that I HATED being that way... ((((HUGS)))) I hope it gets better soon!!

Josie83 replied: I hope you feel better soon! if it makes you feel any better, you have still been your usual sunny self on here wink.gif smile.gif xx

ediep replied: my sister was that way with her last pregnancy. She was back to her usual happy self after the baby was born.

Maddie&EthansMom replied:
tongue.gif I called my best friend today and she was freaking out over the bank messing up her checks and McDonald's putting cheese on her burger. laugh.gif She normally isn't that way, either. I said "It's okay, are pregnant and tired and overwhelmed" Then she started bawling. tongue.gif She has 2 weeks to go. What you said totally reminded me of our conversation today. Her husband is about to run for the hills. rolling_smile.gif Oh, I forgot to mention he messed up their free plane ticket so she had to call and gripe him out. laugh.gif They just moved, too. She really is overwhelmed. And she has a (almost) 2 yr old. ohmy.gif

JessC replied: Oh man! Im sorry! I hope things get better for you thumb.gif

And its ok to be mad, you have a reason to be! laugh.gif wink.gif

5littleladies replied: You just described me in the first trimester. Poor hubby was hiding behind corners half the time waiting for me to blow. Don't feel bad-you can't help yourself, and it will pass soon. happy.gif

kimberley replied: haha i have yet to deal with that this pg but i have definitely been there. grouphug.gif hope you feel better soon.

MissyKay2005 replied: I was that way in my first trimester as well. It does get better. It is good to perpare your self for the day knowing that you may be like that. It will get better for you though. Take lots of naps if can biggrin.gif God bless!

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: You're not psycho... it's just hormones! I was definitely there at one point...hang in there!

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