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Wednesday Weigh In - I am just too excited I have to do it!!

alice&arik wrote: Have you lost?
Have you excercised?
What have you been eating?

I havn't eaten that great this week, weight is the same.....But drumroll.....

I measured myself today and I have lost 11.5 inches!!! banana.gif banana.gif

That is over my entire body. wink.gif I don't know if it is right or not, but I think it is so cool, and that is since Feb. 1st. Maybe it is water? The biggest loss was across my tummy at 2.5 inches...which is what I need to get rid of the most. rolling_smile.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Is it Wednesday already?? wacko.gif I didn't weigh myself this morning, but I'm sure I have gained. sad.gif I deserve it, I haven't been working on it! tongue.gif

Alice congrats! That is wonderful!! banana.gif I'm so proud of you! thumb.gif

booey2 replied: Alice - congrats on losing the inches remember that as you shed inches the pounds will melt away in the end. Keep up the great work.

Amiee - hugs to you and remember to take care of you. You have all been so sick that I am sure once you are all better it will be a lot easier to stay OP and work the program. You know it works, just gotta work it. Take care and get well soon.

I have to weigh in tonight so I will update what the scales say later, but I have been on my Gazelle every day this week at least for 10mins. and I even got on it twice on Saturday. I only hope it will show tonight, if not it will definitely show up next week.

Look forward to hearing from the rest of the losers.

Kaitlin'smom replied: Yep its wednessday....

my ticker is now correct, of the 3 I gained last week (okay it was 2.5 but i rounded up) I lost 2 of them

so I am down 2lbs from last week, going back to where I was a few weeks ago. Its the right direction, thats all I care about.

I have started going to the gym during my lunch hour and going slow, walking 20 minutes and working on my abs, its where the most work needs to be done. I will add more as I go, unfortunally I can only do this about 30-40 minutes at lunch time, but its a start and then I can work on other times for longer. I will be going again today.

CONGRATS to you Alice thumb.gif

booey2 replied:
Congrats Di,

I know how hard it is to start working out, I just started again and as my instructor Tony Little says, just take it slow and steady and gradually increase the time you spend working out. One day you will suddenly realise that you doing way more than you used too. Keep up the great work. thumb.gif

alice&arik replied: I forgot to say that I have been excercising. I have been working out before I go to work which I hope keeps my metabolism going at work. I got that Extreme Makeover Fitness DVD. It is AWESOME. It has so many different things you can do on it. I do the best results weekly workout, it has a different workout for every day of the week. But you can also customize your workout or if you have a tight schedule they have workouts for that. And they actually have the girls from the show that did it and lost weight. they say they did it with diet and excercise alone. But they aren't perfect which makes working more motivational for me. Instead of following some skinny already fit person, they are actually normal. rolling_smile.gif

Oh and the workout has really cool pop-ups that are like nutritional and fashion stuff. They also have a fashion segment on there about what to wear and what looks better. It is really fun.

And I drink lots of water! thumb.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied:

I actually like going to the gym, its just hard to find time, but I am working on finding that time, for me.

Boys r us replied: sad.gif I'm afrtaid to weigh today, I'm just going to forgo it this week!

I have been SOOOOOO Good and then yesterday, I had my yogurt for breakfast and my can of greenbeans for lunch and my apple for snack..doing great so far..right?? OMG..then I got home yesterday and spent 4 hours in the kitchen making Rick's stupid pita bread! That was the deal breaker! Sit down for this one girls...You're not going to believe what I managed to eat in 4 measly hours! goes:

1 whitecastle mini cheeseburger - 150 calories
then a couple of hours later....a turkey and swiss sandwich - 200 calories
3 pieces of pita bread over the course of making it...omg..probably 500 Billion calories!

I completely GORGED!!!!!!! and I felt like sucha FAT@$$ afterwards!

But it's back to business today!

booey2 replied:
I can totally relate to the time factor and making sure you get it. I don't have time to go out of the house, at work I have 30 mins and I need that to eat. I make the time at home that is why I got the Gazelle-easy to do and no real time needed other then getting on it. I also make time for me by going out Wednesday nights to my Weight Watchers meeting. I feel I am worth the hour out by myself every week.

akbutterfly83 replied: Congrads all of you.... that's great that you all are trying and supporting each other....

I would be in this with you all, but I can't diet until I get better, and have no scale either... LOL.... but will be working on eatting healty adn excersising(sp?) when I get back to Alaska.... and I'll have a scale there too.... so I'll particapate then......

Good luck all..... thumb.gif

booey2 replied:
I wouldn't worry too much about last night and would step on the scale just to see what it says. Remember one night of splurging does not ruin all the hard work you did the rest of the week. Just pick yourself back up and get going again.

Maddie&EthansMom replied:
I agree. wink.gif You wouldn't believe how horribly I've been eating the past couple of weeks and I still have managed to stay the same. I will get back on track as of RIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHT NOW! biggrin.gif I need to get back into exercising too. I've got my darn 10 year reunion coming up! dry.gif I've got to look good for THAT! rolling_smile.gif

Don't beat yourself up, Nichole! You are entitled to gorge every now and then. thumb.gif

jcc64 replied: Lost 3.5 lbs since the last time I weighed myself, when that was, exactly, I can't remember, but at least I'm heading in the right direction!

kit_kats_mom replied: I'm not weighing myself because I'm scared too. LOL
I'm trying to make better food choices and I got on our recumbant bike when Lauren napped yesterday for a half hour.
My clothes are fitting better and I"m feeling better.

Now, if I can just find something besides oatmeal bars that I don't require cooking and I can just rip em open and chow down, I'll be happy. I seriously have been living on them since Lauren decided that she can't be put down this week. UGH!

ammommy replied: Congrats to all the losers thumb.gif I lost the weight that I put on last week, so my ticker is accurate again biggrin.gif
I've got to get some more cardio in or this weight is just going to hold steady. Why do all of the cardio machines have to be so darn mind numbing? After about 10 minutes, I am bored out of my mind and stop. Watching TV or listening to music don't help, either. Maybe it's time to try step-classes again.

3_call_me_mama replied: I've lost 2.4 lbs this week! (You guys are great motivation cause i think i've lost 15 or so total since we started this..... can't remember exactally... but I could never lose before without a support system) I've been really careful about eating but not much for excersize casue i cannot get to the gym and Cameorn having the POX leaves him sluggish and therefore i have no one to chase after, but i bet it'll be double time next week!

I decided i have anew goal, i just want to be comfortable wearing a swimsuit this summer, I don;t want to look good in it or even wear anything skimpy I just don;t want ot be embarrassed to go tothe beach in a swimsuit.... (and i have also decided that this may not happen from weight loss but fromgaining self esteem... which i think a lot of times would be awhole lot better for me than losing any amount of weight! )

Edited to correct total loss.... 15.7lbs!!! (i need to make a ticker i guess..)

coasterqueen replied: horray.gif CONGRATULATIONS YOU LOSERS!!!! horray.gif

Keep up the good work! thumb.gif

texasp3 replied: A big thumb.gif WOOHOOO!!! thumb.gif to all the losers out there!

I made no progress. But didn't gain any more either. So, a lost week more or less... dry.gif Pretty much a gift, given the junk I've been eating. I'm not sure what's happened.... I think I might have to join WW just to have the formality of a program... I've never had such a hard time just sticking to what usually works for me. Urgh... help.gif

booey2 replied: Well I am back from WI and am down .4 of a pound. I was surprised because of all the exercise I did I wasn't expecting the scale to move at all. I am also PMS so that may have something to do with it. I am hoping next week will bring better results once my body adjusts to this thing they call activity(riding my gazelle). Keep up the great work everyone.

coasterqueen replied:
Good job! Remember that when exercising you will gain muscle and muscle weighs more than fat so the scale might not be telling the true tale wink.gif. I know when I was doing WW I wasn't working out at all. I lost a lot of weight, but had no body tone. As soon as I started working out the scale went UP sad.gif but I was gaining muscle and toning.

booey2 replied:
I have heard that before and your muscles always retain water when you first start working out as a defence mechanism so you don't hurt them. Onc rolling_smile.gif e your body realizes that you are not going to hurt it it releases the water and the scales will be in my favour. Thanks again I was expecting this to happen tonight so I am okay with it. When I first did WW a long time ago I swore I would never exercise but have come to the realization that I need to move my butt in order to lose this weight once and for all.

Heather replied: Congrats on the loss!! YAY!

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