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Wednesday Check in - weight update

Kaitlin'smom wrote: Its that time did you all do?

I have losed 5lbs so far so my ticker will stay the same today, but I am hopefull it will change again next week. I am going to do better and might slip off th the gym.

Boys r us replied: Well, today is my first day back on the wagon!

So, I need to make a ticker and get with this! So far..not doing too had a 3 musketeer candy bar for breakfast blink.gif I couldn't help it..someone bought it for me and left it on my desk while I was away on was just STARING at me this morning!
But hey..the wrapper said, 45% less fat than most candy bars! haaa

ammommy replied: Another one bites the dust redbounce.gif ! One more pound down. I've decided to do it slow and steady this time so that hopefully it will stay off this time. i just got back from working out and this trainer is kicking my butt!

Here is a great ab workout for you all : Lie on the floor and do 25 crunches, turn over and do 10 situps (girlie ones are fine wink.gif ), do 25 oblique crunches followed by 10 push ups, do 25 oblique crunches on the other side and (can you guess?) 10 push ups, finishing with 25 normal crunches. Fantastic ab workout! Just be sure to suck the gut in all of the time.

Good luck everyone!

booey2 replied: Well since I weigh in later tonight, I will just congratulate all those losers and maintainers now and will come back on later after my meeting to post my results of my first week back at weight watchers. thumb.gif

Mommy2BAK replied: horray.gif Yippy! I lost 2.5lbs. but on the downside I am kind of thinking it was due to getting my teeth pulled. Oh well!! horray.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied: I weigh in tonight so I will let you guys know after that. Good job everyone! thumb.gif

youngmomofone replied: I want to join!

Maddie&EthansMom replied: I have lost over 5 pounds!! I was so shocked when I got on the scale. I'm sure a lot of it had to do with being sick, but I started eating much better after being sick and I hope to keep it off and add more to it! biggrin.gif

I haven't joined WW, but met a friend for lunch today and she brought me all her WW books and tools. I probably dont' need to go to meetings as well as I'm doing on my own. wink.gif

kimberley replied: i am still stagnated at 124lbs. dry.gif congrats to all the losers thumb.gif

booey2 replied: Hi all, back from weigh in, I am down 1.8 pounds, they weigh us by .2 increments so my ticker shows 2 down but I am close enough to 2. Slow but steady wins the race.

mom21kid2dogs replied: I'm down a pound and a half but I doubt it was any great change of habits, sad to say!! I get to than aunt flo for that one! cool.gif
Sexymomma has an ab workout and I have a lab workout tongue.gif I do walk my dog an hour a day. Maybe we need to do a PM walk, too!!!
Congrats to all the big losers!! Awesome! thumb.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied: I'm down 5.2 lbs! I gained like 10 over the holidays so I'm a happy camper today.

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