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We saw Santa.

PrairieMom wrote: We made a trip to see Santa tonight. Ben did so good! He went right over to Santa and told him that he wanted a Dinosaur for Christmas, and that Baby "Wexas" needed a fish toy for her bath tub. wub.gif Santa never asked If Ben had been good or not, and it was a good thing cause, unsure.gif laugh.gif I coached him to say "I got time outs this year, but I learned my lessons" laugh.gif
I didn't want to teach him to lie to Santa. He knows he has been naughty. rolleyes.gif rolling_smile.gif

user posted image

Our Lil' Family replied: That's SO cute and that Santa is just adorable!!!!!

quinnandjacob'smom replied: What a cute story and a GORGEOUS picture love2.gif

Calimama replied: Wow, he looks like a REAL santa.. well you know what I mean. wink.gif Your kids are adorable. wub.gif

PrairieMom replied:
Yeah, he's a saint. He works daily from 10 am until 9 PM, and even talks to the kids in the mall hallways on his breaks. He never breaks character.

mom2my2cuties replied: Tara that picture is priceless!!! And the story is even better! smile.gif

That DOES look like the real Santa.

luvmykids replied: Aw, what a great pic! And that Santa is exactly how I used to imagine him as a kid wub.gif

MyBabeMaddie replied: What a great pic! Santa looks so real it almost looks fake, if that makes any sense to you

CantWait replied: The kids look gorgeous. "Wexis" is adorable in that outfit, and Santa is SO real. wub.gif wub.gif

J-rod replied: awesome!! they look good and that santa looks nice, clean, and fun... not like the "BAD SANTA" lol

we are taking kyan today

gr33n3y3z replied: That is a Great Santa
The pic of the kids I dont think you could have gotten a better shot

Nina J replied: What a beautiful picture wub.gif

siblingtooolivia replied: What a wonderful picture...I have a picture of my brother and I from about that age with Santa and it is one of my most prized possessions....

Olivia wanted nothing to do with Santa this year - very odd, she has always loved to sit on his lap, etc.......maybe she knows she has been kinda naughty this year too and is afraid to tell him!!!!! rolling_smile.gif

ediep replied: so so so cute!!!
great pic!!!

lisar replied: They are so cute... I love the picture. TFS

3xsthefun replied: That is such a cute picture!

That Santa does look like a real Santa.

AlexsPajamaMama replied: AWwwwwww that is such a sweet picture!! Your babes are oh so cute Tara! Lil Wexis is growing up isnt she!? What a sweet boy that Ben is, and I think you did good with what he should tell Santa about time outs.

PrairieMom replied: he totally knows if you are lying... unsure.gif laugh.gif

sparkys2boys replied: awww that adorable!!!! And very honest!!!

kristy-n-chad replied: We don't do Santa, but if we did, that is exactly like I would want him to look! biggrin.gif

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