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We bought new cars!!!

My2Beauties wrote: I had been saying for the past 2 months how I needed something bigger than my Galant and Brian's car is of course wrecked. So I said babe let's go out here to the dealership and just look around. I ended up trading my car in for a Suzuki Grand Vitara - it's so nice! Brian got a Cadillac Deville - super luxury!!! I love it. Brian doesn't get to pick his car up until Tuesday, well I have to since he left this morning for Atlanta sad.gif bawling.gif He hasn't completely decided if he wants the Cadillac yet, they are supposed to overnight the paperwork once they get the final numbers on his car tomorrow, they have him approved but it was closing time on Saturday and they couldn't get all the paperwork from the bank before they closed, now he is having second thoughts because he heard that Cadillac's tend to have a lot of mechanical problems, and he really wants a truck but he loves this Caddy! So he is undecided right now, but I drove my new car home that night. I traded in the Galant and took this one home smile.gif It gets almost just as good gas mileage as my Galant and it's got 3 rows of seats - so plenty of room for the kids!!! bigtup.gif I'll let you guys know if he decides to go ahead and get the Caddy, he said if not he knows he is pre-approved through them now so he's gonna go look for a truck if he decides not to. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

luvbug00 replied: Whooo Hooo New cars!! Sounds great! and a luxery car!! Lucky duck!! thumb.gif

TeagansMom609 replied: Thats so exciting! I am dying to get a new car. (Well an SUV actually) That must be so nice having all of that room! I have a galant myself, and its just not cutting it.

mckayleesmom replied: awsome!!

moped replied: I am soooo jealous - good for you guys........I have heard caddys are expensive, my FIL has one.

My2Beauties replied:
He actually got a heck of a deal, his caddy values at $14,000 it's just a 1998 (so it's older) but he got it for $8900, but like I said he is really double thinking it because we have just heard so many things about the electrical problems and the mechanical problems they have. They keep their value and all which is good but you have to put money into them (so we've heard)! A friend of mine's husband owns a auto shop and when he found out that Brian is possibly going to buy this Caddy he said "welp he'll be a good customer now huh.gif " So, we're really re-thinking it, he really truly wants a truck, so we might wait, pay on some more bills (because a truck payment will be much higher) and then go get one, he likes Toyota Tundras and Dodge Rams and Ford F-150's so we'll see, I'll let you guys know! wink.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Cadillacs do have a lot of electrical stuff on them. Their panel is all electric (air, etc and it is expensive to fix) I do love Cadillacs and DH would own one in a heartbeat (if he could), but I would buy something more simple and less complicated just in case something does go wrong. I was even worried about our washer and dryer b/c if the panel went out it is $400. ohmy.gif So I bought a warranty, but with cars you never know when something could go wrong and it always seems to be at the WORST time. rolleyes.gif A basic truck would be great for him. thumb.gif

I'm rambling. biggrin.gif I'm so glad you guys are getting new vehicles!! That is awesome! redbounce.gif

CantWait replied: New car, that's awesome. Congrats thumb.gif I love that new car smell. blush.gif

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: Love new cars. Congrats to you and DH. Still stinks that he had to get a new one, though.

My2Beauties replied:
Thanks for the info - I have more good news too, the dealership just called me and they found another bank to finance me that is going to give me a lower interest rate so I have to run over there after work to sign more papers! Yippee! Still undecided on Brian's car for right now, he doesn't know what to do! wacko.gif

coasterqueen replied: Wow, sounds like an exciting weekend to get two new cars!!! Great news on the financing too. thumb.gif

mom21kid2dogs replied: That's one way to "pretty up" the driveway!!! thumb.gif laugh.gif

Boys r us replied: That's awesome!! I'm excited for you guys!!! I get the new car itch about once a year..and you're not helping blush.gif

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