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Vegas Pics - The wedding

PrairieMom wrote: I thought it would be funny to get a shot of my sister puking from nerves before the ceremony. It was hilarious.

user posted image

Al slamming her milk after working on her sweet dance moves

user posted image

Here comes the bride

user posted image

Me giving my speech. Its pretty much the only pic I have of myself. ( I hate being the one with the camera)

user posted image

Ben dancing with Kol
user posted image

Kol's friend holding Al. She was super mad

user posted image

luvmykids replied: OMG Tara, you look absolutely STUNNING ohmy.gif wub.gif thumb.gif

I love Al on the dance floor laugh.gif and Ben looks darling in his tux wub.gif

How was your speech, btw?

lisar replied: Your and your family are so pretty. Congrats to your sister.

PrairieMom replied:
I got this e-mail from a friend that was a photo copy of a article in a good house keeping mag. from 1955 about how to be a good wife, so I went on that theme. I said that she idolizes me, so I wanted to give her advice and that this is what I do to keep my marriage strong...

Have dinner on the table when he gets home,
don't speak until he speaks to you
Won't get mad if he doesn't come home at night. Always be happy to see him

that kind of stuff.
I never said I was joking or anything, so all her guests thought I was totally serious. rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

moped replied: YOu take such great pics - love the bride puking pic!!!!!

momofone replied: Your sooo thin! I'm jealous! How do you stay so thin????

lovemy2 replied: Your poor sister - does she know you posted that puking picture of her? Those are great pics you all look wonderful wub.gif Love the pic of Al slamming her milk - laugh.gif

My2Beauties replied: laugh.gif Those pics are so cute, I love the one of her puking, so funny! laugh.gif Oh and I love your speech idea, I've seen that article via e-mail too! There is no way in heck honey! laugh.gif

A&A'smommy replied: OMG those are GREAT pictures!!! lol are you and your sister mean to each other laugh.gif

rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif At your speach!!!!

PrairieMom replied:
huh.gif Um... wear a dress that doesn't hug my butt and flares out on the bottom? blush.gif laugh.gif Actually I am wearing 2 bras so I have BBs, and figure forming shorts underneath. My sister actually picked that dress because it would "hide my belly"

PrairieMom replied:
We are totally mean to each other. laugh.gif

moped replied: Oh Tara, was she really puking? Or was it staged?

PrairieMom replied:
totally staged. laugh.gif I was trying to relieve some stress. It was about 2 minutes before we walked out to the ceremony.

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