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Update on Nora's "diaper rash" pimples - I think it's a boil

amynicole21 wrote: The big pimples on Nora's bottom are so hard and large that I think they must be boils. Ick! My poor baby. They are so sore that she won't let me touch them. Why is she getting these? I bathe her every other day and we don't let her sit in dirty diapers or anything. unsure.gif

Strangely enough - dh is dealing with two skin boils right now for the first time ever. WTHeck is going on??? blink.gif None of us has ever had these before.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Oh gosh! I don't know a thing about boils, other than that they can be very painful! sad.gif I hope they go away quickly. Poor Nora! hug.gif

luvmykids replied: ohmy.gif I'm so sorry, poor baby! hug.gif

I have had one and know how painful they are, they gave me antibiotics which helped it go down but it still didn't go away completely. They also recommended warm compresses but I imagine that's difficult in the diaper area. Maybe she'd let you use them if she was on her tummy watching TV? hug.gif

Calimama replied: My mom had one that got so bad she went into the hospital to have them drained. I would take her to the doctor. Good luck. hug.gif

lovemy2 replied: OUCH - I would definately take a trip to the Ped.....

Poor little thing hug.gif

punkeemunkee'smom replied: I am going to go out on a limb here and offer some advice-please don't take offense to it...

Boils can be a staph infection. If DH came in contact with it somewhere (unfortunately it is everywhere) Nora may have caught it too. It can spread like wild fire in daycares and hospitals. I would probably take her to the doctor so they can give you a script for them. They can go away on their own but you run the risk of a flare up if the staph is still present in your body. (kinda like cold sores) I hope it clears quickly! They are so painful! I got one after surgery once and it was HORRIBLE!!!!! sad.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Oh yeah...Abbie is right. I totally forgot about staph!!!!

luvmykids replied: I forgot about staph too, do they look red around the actual site? And are the sites warm to the touch? If so, those are good indications of infection type boils vs the cystic type.

Jamison'smama replied: I carried (and probably still do to some extent) a low grade staph infection in my body and as a young child I would get the occasional boil---they would have to inject them with cortisone but I imagine things have changed in the 30+ years. Poor baby!

Cece00 replied: I was going to say the same thing about staph. I'd make a trip to the ped tommorrow. GL!

A&A'smommy replied: Goodness poor baby!!! I would take her to ped. just to be on the safe side!!

kit_kats_mom replied: Yikes! That's crazy. Are you going to take her to the ped?

Kaitlin'smom replied: awwweee poor thing, did you take her to the ped? how is she doing?

amynicole21 replied: Well, this morning it wasn't as red, raised and hard as it was last night, and there was a nice head to it like a pimple. I really don't know if it was a boil or not, but since it's much better I'm not going to take her in. Poor thing. I hope she doesn't get any more, but she has had a few in the last several weeks. Maybe it has something to do with the heat? dunno.gif

aspenblue1 replied: Kyrsten had what sounds to be the same thing and it was a staph infection. I would recommend taking her to the ped.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Staph can also look like a pimple. I hate to be a pessimist, but I would also hate for it to spread. It's pretty serious stuff. And if your DH has it...even more reason to be concerned.

I would just err on the safe side. hug.gif

MoonMama replied: Poor baby. sad.gif I would get her into the ped also. I hope she feels better. hug.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: Awwww I bet she feels more comfy now

redchief replied: I hope everything is better. If not, or if healing doesn't complete, I would consider staph. Staph infection has been getting a lot of attention lately for good reason. Many staph bacterium have become methicillin resistant (MRSA), which makes infections extremely difficult to treat. The sooner you get on top of such an infection, the better the chances for control.

Please don't think me an alarmist. I'm far from it and agree with what you're doing so far. I'm simply suggesting you keep a close eye on it (which advice I'm sure you don't need from me). MRSAs are our society's payment for over prescription of antibiotics over the last forty years.

lovemykiddies replied: Hopefully by now everything is okay...but here is a website on diaper rashes if it helps at all blush.gif I would hate for it to be staph, because I've had that sort of infection and had a horrible experience.

holley79 replied: My entire family (my mom's side of the family) has a form of staph that stays in the system. Everyone in my family has had them from the age of one till present. They are very painful. Since everyone in my fmaily has been on Juice Plus supplement we haven't had any fresh boils/ staph or even acne. Annika is on a gummie form of it and has yet to have an outbreak. (knock on wood here) The poor thing was getting them twice a month. The first time around we treated it with antibiotics the rest of the time we went homopathic then since she has been on the supp we haven't had to do anything.

She did get MRSA from me after my surgery. Her's was caught quick enough that she didn't get the hospitalization degree of it as I did. We live in a very infectious world and we have over antibioticed to the point things are progressively getting worse and harder to get rid of.

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