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Up hill or down hill?

holley79 wrote: Ok this is a tidbit that was emailed out about the little girl we did the benefit car wash for. When I was reading this I was scratching my head. To me uphill is positive and downhill is negative.

What are your thoughts?

moped replied: Ummmm well I think they are saying it is easier to go down hill than uphill right - but it reads that everything is going to go bad!

stella6979 replied: I always thought of "down hill" as a negative thing as well. I hope it's just a mistake on their part.

holley79 replied:
That's what I thought also. blink.gif emlaugh.gif

Calimama replied: I thought "it's all downhill" was a negative saying. huh.gif

A&A'smommy replied: I agree I thought it was bad too wink.gif

Calimama replied:

1. Down the slope of a hill.
2. Toward a lower or worse condition:

Yes yes, I have way too much time on my hands today. happy.gif

MoonMama replied:
Same here.

But I can see where they were coming from in the email. I think its like its been a hard up hill battle so now it will be an easier down hill ride. KWIM? I hope they meant it in a positive way. unsure.gif

luvmykids replied: I have the same initial reaction but I can also hear my dad, after the hard part of something is done, saying "Good job, it's all downhill from here" meaning easy. I think I would have gotten the same idea from the email either way...saying it's all uphill from here sounds hard to me, I've also heard "It will be an uphill battle", meaning hard.

holley79 replied: I have to remember who wrote it, trust me. I have always used downhill as a negative also. I'm so glad he's not my Sgt because I just totally emailed the definition to him. emlaugh.gif

luvmykids replied:

holley79 replied:
thumb.gif I"ll let ya'll know how that goes. emlaugh.gif

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