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Ugn! What do I do now????? - Ebay dilemma

coasterqueen wrote: I sold two items on ebay that I am now learning broke during shipment :-( I had them insured. They were bought by two different people.

One person so far has filed the claim and taken the item to the post office and she got a letter back stating that they denied the claim because it wasn't packaged properly sad.gif

I wrapped it really good in bubble wrap and stuffed packing around the sides to ensure it would not break. Matter a fact the guy here at our local post office told me to do that.

What am I supposed to do? I'm going to be out of money BIG time if I have to refund these people their money sad.gif And I don't have the items anymore bawling.gif

DH said I should go talk to the postal worker here but I KNOW they are going to tell me "sorry, we aren't liable for how we tell you to pack it". I can bet money on it.

If I don't do anything then I get negative feedback sad.gif

This just really STINKS!!!!!

kimberley replied: ugh, sorry that happened to you. i agree with your DH. go to your local post office and DEMAND your insurance be honored. if you are uncomfortable being forceful about it, bring someone with you who isn't. you pay for insurance specifically for things like this so don't let them push you around and lay the blame on you. you would be surprised at how fast they will give you what you want when they see you are not going to back down. fingers crossed you get your $$ back.

My2Beauties replied: There is only one thing you can do...DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK, those items are insured for a reason! I would raise h-e- double hockey sticks!

DansMom replied: Uggh!! I'm so sorry---I hate bureaucratic headaches like that. I agree, I think you should demand that insurance be honored.

Jamison'smama replied: However it was them who paid the insurance right? Wouldn't they have to be the one demanding? If you paid the insurance then you absoultely can demand to be paid.

MommyToAshley replied: I had the same question -- did you pay the insurance or did they? Whoever paid the insurance should demand their money back. If the postal worker won't help you ask to speak with the person in charge. Be firm! Good Luck!

Heather replied: The way I see it...they paid insurance for is no longer your problem it is the post office's. However, I would take a trip to the post office and demand something...since you paid insurance. That is why you pay for insurance. I am sorry you are having this dilema. You can't help what the post office is doing...if they leave negative feedback, I would reply to that and brief what happened. It sounds like you wrapped it well, though I don't know what you wrapped.

Good luck.

momof2girls replied: Its not your fault it got broken so why would you have to pay it???
Maybe I dont understand ebay enough to help!

aspenblue1 replied: I would definately go to the post office. I am curious how did they know how it was wrapped.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: I agree--It is the post office who needs to refund their money...they are the ones who shipped it improperly. Did they stamp it FRAGILE? Explain to the people that it is out of your hands and to take it up with their local post office. I'm so sorry this happened to you. grouphug.gif

momof2girls replied: So what did you do?
Update us please!

jen replied: sorry that happened to you, I agree about going to the post office and demanding the money, it isn't your fault. Plus you had it packed well. I would email the buyers and tell them that you will get it resolved and as long as you keep communicating with them they won't feel like you aren't doing anything, kwim?? We bought maddy a dvd player off ebay, when we got it, it didn't work. I emailed the man REALLY MAD and he said to send it back and he would fix it. It was supposed to be new with a warranty. He kept talking to me and got me calmed down, I sent it back, he reimbursed my shipping and sent me a new one that was probably stolen but HEY it works! just kidding!!!. But the bottom line is It took 2 weeks and I didn't mind waiting because he wasn't blowing me off, he was making me feel like he was doing something, by talking to me via email. So my point is to just tell these people that you are working on it because you are. With as many bad people there are out there sometimes and unfortunately you have to convince people that you are one of the "good guys" and you are, don't let them bully you!! (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

coasterqueen replied: Thanks everyone. I'm trying to appeal the whole thing and it's a mess. As soon as I get it resolved I'll explain what all happened. rolleyes.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: I'm sorry this happened! I personally have not had much luck with Ebay lately. I bid on 2 items and won them about 3 weeks ago and still have not recieved them. I emailed the seller and she has not returned my email. I am going to contact her again today and then go for help with Ebayl. I agree though that you had these items insured and they should honour it. I really hope you don't have to pay the money back! grouphug.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied: not trying to defend the post office, I know they are not perfect and things happen but how the heck do they know how it was packaged? did they open it....theses are the kind of things that makes me want to smack my postman and ask him what wrong with this if you pay for insurance and they deniy it are you not just ripping us off?

My DH shipped an item in one of there small boxes (its the small tape like box self sealing) well it cam open during shipping and the item was gone by the time it arrived to the person, he did not buy insurance for a small item like that, and thankfully he had another one to replace it it does make you wonder what they do with packages...... wink.gif

coasterqueen replied: Yeah, I asked them that, lol. What's going on with this now is that the lady took it to the post office, they denied the claim because they said it wasn't packaged properly. I called our p.o. and asked about it and the lady there was shocked they didn't accept the claim. She said they only deny claims when someone puts a breakable item in a box with NO packaging around it. She said to call the guy at the p.o. who denied it and appeal the claim. She also said he needs to provide to me and to all the p.o.'s for that matter what ARE the packaging standards because she only knew of a few which I followed.

So I called him and we ended up in a very heated discussion because first he said the item was wrapped in newspaper which it wasn't. Then he said that the item had no packaging around it between the item and the box and that is why it was denied. I told him it was wrapped in bubble wrap and that IS the packaging between the box and the item. Then he said if a worker would have put a larger box on my box it would have broke so I should have put it in a bigger box. HUH?? A larger box shouldn't be put on top of the smaller box in the first place. It was labeled FRAGILE all over the box. DUH! So then I said to him "how do you know how I packaged it anyways if you weren't the first person to open the box? I mean, the woman who opened it might not have put the item back in there like I had it because I'm sure she wasn't taking notes on how I packaged it.". He said it was obvious how I packed it but then mentioned he didn't even take the plate out of the box. So I said "well, it sounds like you obviously didn't inspect it properly to even know whether I packaged it properly". tongue.gif So then he started yelling tellling me I was calling him a liar, blah blah blah. Whatever! Grrrr. So I said I was tired of talking about it and I just wanted to know how I appeal this. He wouldn't answer me so I asked again and then he said the only way to appeal it was to have the lady bring it back in. Grrrrr.

So I had to ask her to bring it back in. She's very angry with me about it too becuz she said she was already in there for 1.5 hours and she doesn't have the time to deal with it. I told her she could have the postage refund also for her trouble. But IMO I shouldn't have to refund her the money for the auction if she doesn't TRY to help me appeal this claim. I can't do it, it has to be done in that office and I am not flying to Florida to do it. She emailed me again very mad, so let's see if I get negative feedback from her. If I do she will have HECK to pay because I've been very nice about this and I packaged it properly and I was the one who bought insurance on it, not her so she should be HAPPY she may even get her money back IMO.

See the item was auctioned so if she chose the BUY IT NOW feature on ebay that shipping was free. In my auction I state that I am not responsible for item once it leaves my hands and that I recommend insurance. Since she did the buy it now I paid shipping but I went ahead and did the insurance too since I guess they could think I was going to include that. I'm going to have to make myself more clear on that in my auctions in the future for sure.

I haven't even heard from the other lady yet, so who knows if I will have the same fiasco with her. rolleyes.gif

Grrrr. Makes me never want to sell anything breakable again! It makes me happy to know that our post office here says I'm being ripped off because she thinks I should get a refund too, but it's on a individual post office basis so she can't do anything about it. sad.gif

Jamison'smama replied: You know, it's funny, I have ordered plates twice off of ebay--trying to complete a set my mother gave to me and both times the plates were broken when I received them. THey were packaged well with bubble wrap etc. but I just think plates are too hard to mail. I never followed through with the insurance--just too much trouble and I just chalked it up to a lesson learned--I only paid about 25 dollars each time --not sure how much your people are out but it is obvious you are a person of honor--trying to make this right--what more can they expect? Negative feedback is so insane that people can get others to do almost anything to avoid it. Take it easy and don't let this stress you out too much--you can only do so much and you can't control what others do in situations like this.

jen replied: Just take the negative feedback then dispute it with is just too easy to leave in my opinion.

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