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Trick or Treating - and age limits

mckayleesmom wrote: Holy smokes...What is with all the teenagers and people in their 20's trick or treating?

There was even a lady that was like 50 with no kids, dressed up and trick or treating. dry.gif

CantWait replied: 50?? rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif You can't be serious.

I think the age limit should be around 17. Any older then that, and it's just pathetic.

mom2my2cuties replied: Tonight i would take the 50 year old smile.gif

I got 6 trick or treaters total! I am so bummed!

CantWait replied:
Sorry Tish. That really sucks.

mom2my2cuties replied: You are telling me - I bought a ton of the GOOD candy - no filler type of candies...Just the good chocolate and old fashioned candy stuff. smile.gif Oh well - guess the kids at church are gonna be super happy tomorrow night!

PrairieMom replied: Anyone who can get a job needs to buy their own candy IMO. Anyone over 12ish will not get candy at my house.

Our Lil' Family replied:

Calimama replied: 13 is old enough. There are plenty of parties at the teen center here on base that would give them candy.

redchief replied: I remember when I was a kid there were these two sisters that dressed up as babies one year... They were in their early 40's at the time. They weren't looking for candy or anything, just stopping at friends' houses. They were total HOOT.

Regarding the ages of kids trick-or-treating... Yeah, I think the high schoolers are getting a little out of hand. They shouldn't be knocking on doors begging candy; that's for the little kids! We don't give candy to high school aged kids.

paradisemommy replied: we've got some really ballsy ones here too that don't even bother attempting to dress up..they wear their normal clothes and carry around an open backpack - if dh can't figure out what he is then he'll ask them.."what are you" if they answer "i don't know" or shrug their shoulders he tells them to take a i would never have enough guts to ever do that and imo that's just plain rude..

and i'm with you brianne..we had like a lady that looked like she was about 40ish too and dressed up...and to top it all off, it looked like she was alone.. wacko.gif

amymom replied: I think kids can trick or treat. To me that means until they are 16 to 20. As long as they dress up and don't go overboard. I put up a seperate thread about my son and his friends... They all dressed up. A number of them were 'superheros' and they were a group. They also were polite and did not 'hog' candy. I am proud of the way they were. We had a FEW kids who did NOT dress up that came to the door and I 'berated' them. But other than those few, all our trick-or-treaters were friends or kids.

gr33n3y3z replied: once again

the rule here is no costumes no candy
As for age goes doesnt matter if you took the time out to dress up you got the candy .... most of the time it was the older brother or sister taking the younger ones out.

So what is wrong with that?
Katie is 13 and she went out with her friend and little brother so am I a bad parent for letting her go out?
And is she a bad kid for going out?
I just think ppl. need to get over themselves and for me to stick up for older kids is saying something bc I HATE Halloween wink.gif

hawkshoe replied: My neighbor went out with her son. She was wearing a halloween shirt and hat and had her own bucket and was collecting candy. Several other neighbors were talking about it. She actually would take a piece of candy from the bowl after he son had taken his. Her son is 4 and rarely eats candy so I found it really odd that she would feel she needs even more.

PrairieMom replied:
It's the NAUGHTY kids that We don't give out to. The groups of 12 year olds and run through your yard and look in our windows, don't wear costumes, Yell down the block that "HEY! THEY HAVE GOOD CANDY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" you know the type.
I don't recall a older sibling ever coming to my door with a younger sibling, but if they did, they would get candy too, if they were behaving themselves.
Our neighbor hood is Really young, mainly toddlers, with just a few naughty older boys. Really, I have yet to come across a "older" kid that was behaving themselves. rolleyes.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: Personally, as long as they are around 18 or younger, dressed up and well behaved, I say give them candy. When I was in high school we took my friend's niece out one year - 6 high school girls with one 3 year old. But we were all dressed up and well behaved.

gr33n3y3z replied: Oh yeah I know what your talking about we have a few of those in town but they know better to show up here they see me everyday at school and they know wink.gif

Simplebeliever replied: I saw a ton of older kids trick or treating around here. Honestly, I was shocked because usually kids 13 and over don't normally trick or treat. I had to help my friend's son (3 yo) walk up walkways, front stairs, ect. and I was pleasantly surprised whenever we ran into a pack of teenagers, they were polite and well mannered. They actually gave the kids I was with some of their candy! I admit when I first realized there were a lot of older kids trick or treating my first reaction was "If you're old enough to wear a hot nurse costume, you're too old to trick or treat". Than I realized that I like the idea that the teenagers were out trick or treating. If you think about it, they're enjoying Halloween and they weren't at some party getting wasted. I'll hand out candy to teenagers every Halloween from now on if it keeps them from drinking or doing drugs.

My2Beauties replied: I trick or treated until I was like 13 or 14 years old, so I see nothing wrong with teenagers. If they were dressed up and came to our door we gave candy, but we didn't see any really older kids anyways, probably the oldest was maybe 13. As far as dressing up, what do you guys constitute dressing up, I am wondering. I was sort of upset that MIL came over with Brian's little brother, Kenny, and he had on his Michael Jordan basketball jersey and his warm up pants with his tennis shoes, he practically wears that stuff everyday, then he put his sweatshirt over it so you couldn't even see his jersey at all and he said he was a basketball player! He does this every SINGLE year and to me I honestly think they should put forth more of an effort to make him dress up if he's gonna go trick or treating, but he says he doesn't really want to dress up. I was sort of embarrassed to walk around with him because everyone who answered the door kind of looked at him like hey buddy where's your costume.

booey2 replied: Well most of the kids were younger last night. I had a few older ones and made a comment to them about their ages. I actually had one dad ask me why I wasn't collecting candy right along with Thomas when I was taking him door to door. Now and adult with a child and collecting thier own candy is just wrong. mad.gif

Boo&BugsMom replied: I think I stopped when I was 13. I think once you get into the teenage years then it looks just silly.

aspenblue1 replied: I have no problem with older kids as long as they are dressed up and are polite.

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