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Too much pop

jacobsmama wrote: I DRINK TOO MUCH POP! I hate drinking water and I'm so jealous of ppl that do....I don't like the flavored water and I dont' know what to do. Juice isn't the best for you anyhow.

I tried not to drink pop yesterday and had a terrible Headache and then ended up drinking it and felt much better growl.gif

To top it off I drink Mountain Dew like 3-4 cans a day!!!!

Please everyone tell me to stop and make me feel bad for drinking all that pop, I can't help it I like it and I hate the other things I try..

Sorry about my bad attitude I just want to kick this pop habit to lose more weight.

Thanks in advance for yelling at me. wub.gif

holley79 replied: Honey I'm a pop addict. I use to drink TONS of Mt Dew. Then I ended up in the hospital while I was prego and was told not to drink caffine anymore. I'm a caffine addict. I have started drinking Diet Mug Root Beer and Minute Maid light. I also hate water but force myself to drink that also. Once you get past the first couple of days the headaches to subside. One a day isn't a big deal though. I am watching the sugar intake and the calories though. Trying to lose weight myself. hug.gif hug.gif

jacobsmama replied: Thanks Holley...that is what I need Ideas to try because i'm at my wits end and i'm tired of being fat. rolling_smile.gif


Hang in there...try sipping water with lemon or maybe some unflavored ice tea (the kind with no sugar). Although I don't think carbonation is all that good for you either, DH drinks a ton of club soda during the day. No calories. Just make sure to get the kind with no sodium too.

jacobsmama replied: Thanks Rae!!!! I need more yelling! I appreciate it seriously wub.gif

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied:
Okay good...because I felt sorta bad after posting that! thumb.gif You can get through this...just takes time. hug.gif


C&K*s Mommie replied: SSSSSTTTTTOOOOOPPPPPP drinking so much soda!!!!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif <<~~ you asked for it, so I had to oblige. blush.gif

Actually I need to do the same thing, I drink way too much as well, but I enjoy juices much more & I prefer flavored water though. Much more so than sodas, but sodas tend to last longer (with me anyways & not with Chris) than water does. Water goes twice as fast as when I am here at the house, then sodas until Chris gets home-- then the soda is GONE! sleep.gif

kayla's mama replied: At first glance I thought the title said Too much Poop rolling_smile.gif emlaugh.gif I was thinking oh no, hope she's ok!!!!!!!!

eta: I'm a soda-holic. I can't put the Mt. Dew down since I had Kayla. Lets do it together. I need to lose some weight too. Have you tried Diet Mt. Dew? DH drinks it and said it tastes like the real stuff just without the sugars.


Sarah&Mackenzie replied: You will get a headache when you stop cold turkey because of the lack of caffine. I use to be a mountain dew junky too. I did stop cold turkey and I went from a size 16 to an 8 in 1 year.

CosmetologyMommy replied: I love pop too but I started drinking diet instead. I drink about the same ratio of pop and water. Have u tried diet?

Kaitlin'smom replied: I used to HATE water also, but now I love it. ZReally it takes some getting used to. If you can cut one can out a day and replace it with water and work your way up. The other thing have you tried DIET Mountian Dew its the only one DH could take when he switched, still not good for you but it will take the extra calories awasy and ina few months you will probably lose 10 or more lbs just from cutting those calories out.

I drink may one can every couple days of diet pop other wise it water or Milk.

PUT THAT CAN DOWN,.....NOW laugh.gif

really if you can get some bottle water or purified water and just start small an oz or two eventually you will get used to water and will drink tons more. baby steps.

Come on PUT THE POP DOWN and drink some water.

MM'sMama replied:
dito.gif Been there done that got the t-shirt. And the headaches are the wrose. Sorry hon I have know advice but your not alone. Only my top pop is Pepsi 2-3 cans a day. sad.gif I like water ok but just don't drink less soda with it. blush.gif

~~*Missi*~~ replied: you know what I am in that same boat. I hate water. the only time i brought myself to drink it I was pregnant. I figure its for the baby but now forget it.
Sunday I gave up Mountain Dew and switched to dt pepsi caffiene free. yes I know still pop but at least its not MT DEW... I have bought myself propel water also becuase I actually can stand that stuff. I wont drink tap water long story make it SHORT NO WAY....

the headaches are paralyzing . I mean i can't see straight my head is KILLING ME

~Roo'sMama~ replied: hug.gif It's a hard habit to kick isn't it!! I've been trying all week and it's soooo hard. I did finally get past the headaches though, and then last night I broke down and had a Coke. rolleyes.gif

I will say this though, I used to HATE water. I probably drank an average of one or two glasses a week until I was 18 years old, then I made myself start drinking as much as I could because I was trying to lose weight. I hated it and had to force it down my throat, but after awhile I started liking it, and now I can't live without water. thumb.gif I still drink too much soda, but at least I am drinking my water! tongue.gif

jacobsmama replied:
Yes but I don't like the bad aftertaste! wacko.gif

jacobsmama replied:
OMG!!! Now that is motivation to as Kaitlyns mom says

PUT THE CAN DOWN tongue.gif

Thanks everyone for the yelling (it is great support) tongue.gif

Cece00 replied: I used to really dislike water & wouldnt drink that much of it & LOVE sodas.

Then I wanted to lose weight so I stopped drinking it, found a few diets I like & had them on occasion & just drank water or crystal light/sugar free stuff.

Now, I actually LIKE water.

Try drinking a glass of water & then a glass of sugar free stuff....I bet you will get used to it in no time.

jacobsmama replied: I"m really going to try harder you all just better keep on me! tongue.gif

Hillbilly Housewife replied: I have these huge plastic cups.. they hold about 2 1/2 cups of water. Anyhoo - I put about 1/3 cup of juice - the rest water... it goes down much easier than plain water.

My addction is coffee - not pop... good thing Nemo's not affected - cuz I drink 3 a day now. I used dto maybe gave oner cup... but now - i get the headaches... so i drink em.

I should mwntion that if it afected Naomie - I wouldn't drink it, but she's like me - I can drink an espresso before bed and not be wired... rolling_smile.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: Like everyone else said - the headaches will go away. Once they do, try to drink no more than 2-3 glasses/cans a week and you won't get the addiction/withdrawl like you are now.

Now PUT THAT SODA DOWN!!!! I know you've still got it - throw it away!!!!

sad.gif Rae's right, it does make me feel bad. emlaugh.gif

jacobsmama replied:
tongue.gif Don't feel bad....But hey Rae's yelling must have worked because I have been dying to have a soda since my post but haven't! hehehe Yeah for me! thumb.gif

Jecka replied: Let's do it together!

Put the Dew down!!!

I love Mt. Dew. Between that and Coke (what I'll get out of a fountain usually), I probably drink 50oz a day easy. I drink so much, it doesn't even make me hyper. The opposite, I think. And yet I know how bad it is for me.

About 2 years ago, I started doing Weight Watchers and completely cut out my Dew and other soft drinks. I drank nothing but water, 100oz a day, and in 5 months I had lost 30lbs. I stopped counting points, and still kept it off for at least another 2-3 months, but when I picked up drinking Dew like it was going out of style again, I gained it back. sad.gif

I need to start again, because I'm thinking about putting my tiptoes back into that dating pool again, and I'd like to lose some weight, for me and my health (mental and physical), most of all. I've been doing a lot of working on the register at work lately, which makes it difficult to do the potty runs that 100oz of water a day takes the first couple weeks, so I put it off and put it off.

But, I'm off for the next 3 days, I could do the 100oz all weekend, then cut back some during the workdays, but still not drink Dew or Coke, and maybe get a good start at least.

I know drinking water (and a lot of it) is essential for my weight loss. I could eat all the right foods, all the right amounts, but if I didn't drink my water *every day* I wouldn't lose. I've been told 2 different things, which work out about the same for me. If you want to lose weight, take your weight, divide it in half. That's how many oz of water you should drink per day. OR Drink at least 64oz/day, and for every 20lbs you want to lose, add another 8oz. Btw, I've also been told any caffeinated drink you drink, you should add 2 8oz waters to that, because caffeine is also a dehydrater.

At first I hate water. Hate the taste (or lack thereof), miss my Dew, hate the headache. Then, after a week or so, I crave it, and life is good. But I have to cut out soft drinks completely, or I never make it. Given the choice, I'd choose anything with caffeine and sugar anyday. I hate the diet anything aftertaste too.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

I'll finish what's left of my Dew before bed, and start tomorrow. Support systems are a great thing! smile.gif


CAMSMOM1 replied: Kristi, I can't yell at you! happy.gif Because I'm a soda addict too! I admit it, I'm hooked on the stuff! emlaugh.gif

I drink a 40 OZ SLURPEE EVERDAY!!!!!! (half Coke, half cherry!) laugh.gif blush.gif

The funny thing is, right before I got preg, I was a water junky! I would drink a gallon of water everyday. I couldn't go anywhere without my water bottle. And the more I drank, the better I felt. But I went back to my old ways, and let me tell you...I've gained 40 pounds! And the only difference is I drink slurpees & soda. So, it is motivation to get on my water-fix again.

It's hard to start drinking water at first. But just make a habit out of it for a week, and soon you'll start craving it, I promise! wink.gif And don't go cold turkey. nosmiley.gif Just cut back to one a day, then a half of one a day. And also a little chocolate can help with the soda withdrawls. (like a hersey kiss, or a few M&M's.) But don't do it all at once, you'll get defeted by the headaches and withdrawl. So take it slow.

And when you cut back to 1 soda day, then replace the other soda with a glass of water. I've read studies that you will drink water faster the colder it is. And the colder the water, the more calories it will burn! So that's motivation! thumb.gif

But of course, I'm preaching at the choir, cause I have the same problem. But remember what I said in our PM's, we can do this together! wink.gif

Jecka replied: Oh my gosh, yes! Cold water! I can't stand it warm at all. I drink it out of 20oz bottles usually and if I've carried one around too long and it's gotten room temperature, I have to dump it and refill with cold. LOL!

Something that helps me get more in without having to stress about it too much, or hate it too much, is to just chug one 20oz first thing in the morning. I get up, do my thing, then go to the kitchen, fill up the bottle from the water thing in the freezer door, and stand there and just gulp it until it's all gone.

Speaking of, I think it's time for my chug session wink.gif

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