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The teachers had great things to say about Cam - His 1st day was great!

CAMSMOM1 wrote: When I got to Cam's daycare, I sat in my car and watched him through the window, to see how he was doing. (they didn't see me watching) And he was laughing and playing with a little boy, and the teacher seemed to be very attentive.
So I had to walk by the window to go inside, and he saw me and his eyes lite up! wub.gif And then, he started crying. emlaugh.gif

I asked the director/ and teachers how he did. And she said, "That he had the best first day, you couldn't even tell this was his first time in daycare. He didn't cry, but only a couple minuetes after you left, and he was fine the rest of the day, he never cried once after that. He is a great helper, he puts his toys away, and helped with the art project. He interacts great with the children, and instantly made friends. But he didn't sleep during his nap, but neither did half of the kids, because of the party. They had to much sugar. But he laid on his mat quietly and read a book. And he ate all of his food. " wub.gif (the food part cracked me up. I was surprised he didn't eat the other kids food) emlaugh.gif

It was so nice to hear that. Since he's been with his Grandma when I'm at work, for almost 2 years now, I thought it would be a hard transition. But he passed with flying colors. happy.gif

But once he got home, he was super tired from not taking a nap, and all the excitement of the day, that he pooped out early. smile.gif snooze.gif

So his first day was great. It really made me feel better about it. I could tell he is very happy there. wub.gif

kayla's mama replied: Yay!!!! Glad he had a good first day.....any girl friends yet LOL wink.gif

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: Yeah, go Cam!! Glad you feel better about it, Ann.

gr33n3y3z replied: I'm so glad Cam had a great time smile.gif

It makes you feel much better for when you have to drop him off again

CAMSMOM1 replied:

You know Cam, he's a ladies man! tongue.gif He made a girlfriend in the first 2 min. he was there. emlaugh.gif Her name is Riley, she's sooooo cute. Pretty little girl with pigtails. She came up to him and wanted to play. I guess they were instantly best buddies. wub.gif I'll have to warn the teachers, how much Cam loves to kiss & hug kids. smileykiss2.gif I know he's like that with his cousins, and my friends kids. He's always kissing & hugging them, but sometimes they get annoyed, cause he won't leave them alone. rolling_smile.gif

Edward's Mommy replied: I'm so glad he had a good time! It's always so hard to do but I'm happy that he had a good day. May it continue that way! wub.gif

amymom replied: I was wondering how it went for Cam and Mom. Glad it all went well!

Have a great weekend.

JP&KJMOM replied: thumb.gif Cam. That is wonderful news. Sounds like he is gonna be just fine with daycare and that will only make it easier on you. What they said is a reflection on you and your DH and how well you have raised him! thumb.gif

3xsthefun replied: Glad he had a good first day! thumb.gif

luvmykids replied: thumb.gif I'm so glad to hear it! Now maybe you'll even take him just for you to get some YOU time now that you know how much he loves it! (See, one excuse eliminated ...)

CAMSMOM1 replied:

blush.gif I'm dropping him off on Monday, even though I have the day off. blush.gif But I didn't want him to go the whole weekend & Monday w/out being there. kwim? So yup, I'm taking a day for myself. biggrin.gif Hopefully this time, I can get some cleaning done. rolleyes.gif tongue.gif

holley79 replied: Aww glad his first day went well. I'm sure that has set your mind at ease big time. hug.gif

A&A'smommy replied: awwwwieee thats awesome for the cam man!!! wub.gif

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