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The nightmare begins.. - tomm at dusk

MomofTay&Sam wrote: sad.gif Taylors dad leaves tomm night. The nightmare than begins. sad.gif It gets harder with every visit. Tays father lives 1,000 miles away but we visit him or him us a few times a year. His father is very irresponsible but very naive at the sametime. I think he just doesnt know better? He can not say NO to anyone or anything. Taylor has been spoiled beyond belief this past 8 days, groovy hotel room, gifts, toys, staying up till 3-4 am every night. Now I get him back and it's going to be hard! He will cry himself to sleep, begging for his father for atleast 4 days. His behavior in school will go south, it's going to be a nightmare. sad.gif

MommyToAshley replied: Aweeee... poor guy. It's got to be hard seeing his Dad leave, and not only because of the gifts. But, you are a great Mom and I know you will be there to support him. He's lucky to have you!

<<HUGS>> to both you to make it through the next couple days.

MomofTay&Sam replied: Thank you Dee Dee! It's going to be rough. sad.gif

ediep replied: oh man, that is so tough....Good luck! You are a great mom and I am sure that you guys will work it out

Kirstenmumof3 replied: grouphug.gif That is just terrible! I sympathise my nephews dad was like that and finally when my nephew turned 4 he just dropped out of his life. It's been really hard for him to accept. He's paternal grandparents are still involved in his life, but not his dad! Now that my sister is remarried her new husband has offered to give my nephew his last name. I've never seen my nephew cry so hard with tears of joy before! It's been an emotional event for him. I hope it doesn't last too long and that Taylor soon realizes what his father is really like! grouphug.gif

amynicole21 replied: Poor Taylor... I know how he feels, though. We used to have great visits with my dad when I was younger. I always hated for them to be over. Sadly, my Mom always had to deal with being the "boring" one who took care of us and taking the brunt of my frustration. sad.gif Dad just got to swoop in and party and then disappear. Mom had to feed us, help us with homework, clean up after us... make us do chores rolleyes.gif

You are a great mom, and give Taylor more than his dad can with fancy hotel rooms and late curfews. I know that he will do fine as long as he has you.

MomToJade&Jordan replied: That is just so rough. You are his Mom though and you have to know that when he gets older it will be you that he respects more. You are the one who's raising him. You are the one he goes to when he needs someone. It might not seem that way now because his Dad makes up for not being there by showering him with gifts. I hope that these next few days goes quickly for you. grouphug.gif

MomofTay&Sam replied: DH ran out to the store so I figured I would post and cry before he came back. (have to be tough for some reason?) Taylor has cried for the last two hours since his dad left and is getting ready to go to bed in 20 mins, thats when it really starts. I asked his dad before he left today to go the store with me and buy grocerys for Tay and he said OK but not too much, I need some money you know! This coming from a man who sends $50 a week for a 11 year old? I loaded that freaking cart to the TOP. All for Taylor and he never said a word. He paid a total of $176.00 at the grocery store. He needed money to drink on the plane..BTW...Ugh I just want to cry when Tay is crying BUT I know I cant. Do you guys realise how HARD it is not to cry when your baby is crying?? OMG Ok I have to stop before I really start crying and get red eyes. sad.gif

chloe&tysmommy replied: OMG that is so sad, poor Taylor....and poor mommy to have to see your baby be sad sad.gif

BIG HUGS grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif

MomofTay&Sam replied: Taylor was completely exhausted tonight and went right to sleep. sad.gif We have a very busy night time week ahead and hopefully he will be distracted. Thanks for all the hugs, please keep the coming...

CantWait replied: awwwww good luck and lots of hugs. I hope things aren't to hard grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif

supermom replied: Lots of hugs for you and Tay - and the rest of your family, too!! And don't be afraid to cry in front of your family, it's what they are there for!! grouphug.gif grouphug.gif grouphug.gif

mckayleesmom replied: awwww poor little guy,,,give him a huge hug from me....I would do it myself but you are too far away....

Kaitlin'smom replied: I am soo sory you both have to go thought this, it stinks. I have seen nephews go through this and now none of them have contact with there "dad". the oldest nephew it was his choice to stop seeing him, he got a first hand look how selfish and rude he is/was so it has been about 2 years now and nothing from his dad, not even card at birthday or christmas, but then he does not want or expect then. Now the other 2 nephews it was not there choise and the youngest does not remember his dad only what his brother tells him and most of it no so nice, the oldest is mad a his dad for leaving him and can not understand why he would not call or write.

I hope he does okay, and thing go back to normal for you soon. And good for you filling that cart to the top!

coasterqueen replied: Wow, that must be very rough for him. sad.gif I sure hope he adjusts soon to his daddy being gone again. I don't know how that feels to be away from a parent like that, but my DH was away from his mom alot because she lived in a different state than he and his father. He seemed to do well, but then again he was with his father all the time. I think it makes a difference when a father is not with his daddy as often.

Sure hope he feels better soon and things get back to *normal* for all of you soon.

DansMom replied:
In the long run Taylor will realize all that you do for him and that you are the one who is always there. It must be hard on him---it sounds like he really misses his dad. Being a boy his age is so hard to begin with I think, and fathers matter so much to kids, even the lame ones who aren't around for most of the child-raising.

Hugs to you---I hope Tay gets back on track in a few days. grouphug.gif

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