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The Day without - Illegal Immigrants...

punkeemunkee'smom wrote: I just recieved this email and found it interesting. Thought I would pass it on! smile.gif

May 01, 2006, 7:08 a.m.
A Day Without an Illegal Immigrant
An imaginary exercise.

By Tom Tancredo

What would a day without illegal aliens really be like? Let’s try to imagine it.

On May 1, millions of illegal aliens working in meat-processing plants, construction, restaurants, hotels, and other “jobs Americans won’t do” are supposed to stay home from work to show the importance of their labor to our nation’s economy. Doubtless, there will be some inconvenience if that happens, but there is another side to the story that is not being reported.

We are talking about illegal aliens, not mere “immigrants.” If legal immigrants stopped working for a day, we would miss the services of physicians, nurses, computer programmers, writers, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs of all stripes, and some airline pilots…as well as the CEO of Google. That would be more than an inconvenience, but it won’t happen because legal immigrants are not out marching angrily for rights that are already protected by our courts.

But if illegal aliens all took the day off and were truly invisible for one day, there would be some plusses along with the mild inconveniences.

Hospital emergency rooms across the southwest would have about 20-percent fewer patients, and there would be 183,000 fewer people in Colorado without health insurance.

OBGYN wards in Denver would have 24-percent fewer deliveries and Los Angeles’s maternity-ward deliveries would drop by 40 percent and maternity billings to Medi-Cal would drop by 66 percent.

Youth gangs would see their membership drop by 50 percent in many states, and in Phoenix, child-molestation cases would drop by 34 percent and auto theft by 40 percent.

In Durango, Colorado, and the Four Corners area and the surrounding Indian reservations, the methamphetamine epidemic would slow for one day, as the 90 percent of that drug now being brought in from Mexico was held in Albuquerque and Farmington a few hours longer. According to the sheriff of La Plata County, Colorado, meth is now being brought in by ordinary illegal aliens as well as professional drug dealers.

If the “Day-Without-an-Immigrant Boycott” had been held a year earlier on May 8, 2005, and illegal alien Raul Garcia-Gomez had stayed home and did not work or go to a party that day, Denver police officer Donnie Young would still be alive and Garcia-Gomez would not be sitting in a Denver jail awaiting trial.

If the boycott had been held on July 1, 2004, Justin Goodman of Thornton, Colorado, would still be riding his motorcycle and Roberto Martinez-Ruiz would not be in prison for killing him and then fleeing the scene while driving on a suspended license.

If illegal aliens stayed home—in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, and 100 other countries—the Border Patrol would have 3,500 fewer apprehensions (of the 12,000 who try each day).

Colorado taxpayers would save almost $3,000,000 in one day if illegals do not access any public services, because illegal aliens cost the state over $1 billion annually according to the best estimates.

Colorado’s K-12 school classrooms would have 131,000 fewer students if illegal aliens and the children of illegals were to stay home, and Denver high schools’ dropout rate would once again approach the national norm.

Colorado’s jails and prisons would have 10-percent fewer inmates, and Denver and many other towns would not need to build so many new jails to accommodate the overcrowding.

Our highway patrol and county sheriffs would have about far fewer DUI arrests and there would be a dramatic decline in rollovers of vanloads of illegal aliens on I-70 and other highways.

On a Day Without an Illegal Immigrant, thousands of workers and small contractors in the construction industry across Colorado would have their jobs back, the jobs given to illegal workers because they work for lower wages and no benefits. (On the other hand, if labor unions continue signing up illegal workers, no one will be worrying about Joe Six-Pack’s loss. Sorry, Joe, but you forgot to tell your union business agent that your job is as important as his is.)

If it fell on a Sunday, Catholic Churches in the southwestern states might have 20-percent fewer parishioners at Mass if all illegals stayed home, but they would be back next Sunday, so the bishop’s job is not in danger. The religious leaders who send people to the marches and rallies will never fear for their jobs, because illegal aliens need their special “human-rights” advocacy and some priests and nuns seem especially devoted to that cause. The fact that most Catholics disagree with the bishops’ radicalism doesn’t seem to affect their dedication to undermining the rule of law.

All of this might be a passing colorful episode in the heated national debate over immigration policy if it weren’t for an odd coincidence: The immigration-enforcement agency responsible for locating and deporting illegal aliens is also taking the day off today. Of course, they didn’t call it a boycott. It is just (non)business as usual.

—Tom Tancredo is a Republican congressman from Colorado.

luvbug00 replied: All i have to say is very shallow but i'm going to say it. Taco bell is open, janitors are at school, my bosses cleaning ladies came and construction on our local street continues. I'm not inconvenienced at all.

My2Beauties replied: That was an interesting article. I have a question, this is what I do not understand as I haven't looked much into the laws that surround this illegal immigrant ordeal - I heard that once they do cross over without being caught, that they cannot be deported back and are given the same rights? Is this true, because I always thought if one was caught that they were deported?

punkeemunkee'smom replied:
OH no they can be deported! The problem arises during these marches that they are given consideration under our rights to the freedom of assembly so they can not be arrested or 'profiled' from these gatherings. Same thing goes for where several dozen gather to find work... The problem is huge here.

You may be thinking of Cubans who if they make it to our soil they are granted political asylum from Castro and the communist party in Cuba. People from other countries can also seek asylum for various reasons. But the regular Illegal alien can be deported when/if they are caught. Many on our borders are classified OTM (other than Mexican) and most of them are given a court date and told to show up in 2-3 weeks...GUESS how many of them really do blink.gif

JP&KJMOM replied: Great post Abbie. thumb.gif TFS! You know most of the people that are missing from our construction projects took a day off to just stay home, NOT to protest. Almost ever LEGAL immigrant we have is here working just like everyone else. Kinda funny if you ask me.

punkeemunkee'smom replied:
Same here-all the legal guys are at work. I think Bill said nobody took off at the plant today...goes to show the ones who are here to do a job are still doing their job today! I think if anything this has hurt the illegal cause more than helped it! wink.gif

BAC'sMom replied: Great article Abbie! I have not seen anyone marching in my part of the country either. wink.gif

My2Beauties replied: OK I see now I understand. You know if they are illegal, 9 times out of 10 they don't understand English so what makes the justice system think they are going to even be able to read their citation to show up for court - whatever! They should just hold them until their court date! dry.gif

Maddie&EthansMom replied: Scotty went to the dry cleaners this morning to get his suit cleaned for the funeral tomorrow. The guy couldn't do it....he didn't have a staff today blink.gif Scotty left and is changing cleaners. I hope it hurts this other guy's business. dry.gif I told Scotty if they were just immigrants they wouldn't have taken the day off. They are ILLEGAL and that is why they aren't there. It doesn't bother ME, we'll find another cleaner who doesn't HIRE illegal aliens and go to them. rolleyes.gif The idiots hiring these people are the ones hurting. And I hope they do lose business. mad.gif And I hope the aliens get the message and LEAVE

That was a great article, though. TFS! thumb.gif

luvbug00 replied: They won't leave but this hurts their "cause" greatly.
I actually got into a scuffle or 3 with some peers about it .
I proudly ....

Ate at taco bell
shopped at target
and carried on as usual

I think all Legal immigrants and U.S. ciezens should boycott and then see how much we really do impact life and that would be the day EVERYTHING would shut down. In close I say..
get the papers, learn my language, contribute to society, don't mess with the anthem and then we can talk. smile.gif

ashtonsmama replied: There is a HUGE protest/march of people down here in LA, I've been watching the news, and I don't dare go anywhere downtown, it's crazy here...
But yes, interesting post Abbie. TFS. Good article.

luvmykids replied: thumb.gif Thats great Abbie, TFS!!

Can someone please explain to me what rights an illegal immigrant is complaining about? Who has the nerve to illegaly enter a country, milk it's system, and still complain about their rights? Explain to me why NON-citizens should be entitled to the same rights as citizens? growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif And what is their point, we sneak in, we take American jobs, we take free rides on your health care system, we don't understand your language and think you should accomodate us, we think you should provide our children with education .... what is it exactly they do for us?

My3LilMonkeys replied: Very interesting article, TFS!!

This protest really didn't affect our area at all - the only time we have illegal immigrants around here is for summer crop pickings and it's too early for that.

DVFlyer replied: Tom Tancredo is a regular guest on the local AM talk radio shows. Love it.

I'll find it interesting when someone reports that an illegal immigrant (uhhhh trespasser?) got hurt at one of the gatherings and went to the local hospital for free healthcare.

HYPOCRISY RULES!!!!!! happy.gif

I agree that the illegals should protest and boycott. In fact, if they really want to stick to us Americans, they should do it indefinitely. wink.gif

Cece00 replied: I didnt even know that was today.

I carried on today as normal. I wonder if those people feel a tad bit foolish now that its had very little impact on people/the economy.

punkeemunkee'smom replied: I was just watching our local news and there were several legal immigrants on talking about how they contribute to our economy-Taylor must think I am wacko.gif because I kept saying to the TV-We aren't talking about you!!! blush.gif I am still so irritated that our border patrol is not there vans ready to show the illegals back the way they came!

Nadia~ You are the best girlie! rolling_smile.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied:

I have been saying this for years. I was born and raised in America, we speak English here and you should to.

luvbug00 replied: BTW did you know here they were RECRUTING high schoolers and younger to rally ? paying the kids transportation and food and told them to skip schopol w/o their parents permission?? Have you heard the anthem? very pathedic and most of the singers on it live in like peru or other latin countries!! WTHeck??

ps. can you tell the anthem thing really bugged me? just plain ole' ticks me off!

Hillbilly Housewife replied: This is exactly why I have issues dealing with people who work somewhere in service of the general public, and doesn't speak English (or french). Not so much that they are either illegal aliens, or even legal immigrants (since I am one...) - it bothers me that they have the "right" to a perfectly good job, taking it away from someone who is Legal.... I'm not very nice anymore - if I call or go somewhere and I can't understand the person - I ask them to speak to someone who can speak our national language. They get pretty offended. This is Canada (in your case, the US) - and the national languages are English and French. Learn one, or leave. How many people go travelling, to say, Mexico, and try to learn a few things before leaving for the trip? Dos cervezas por favor? Gracias? Donde es la casa de mi amiga Miguel? Tourists travelling there for a week or two learn more than they do to come and live here permanently - it's no wonder they can only get stereotypical jobs like cleaning. I can't stand the blank stares when they're not understanding what you're comprendo - no hablas Ingles... It's simple. "you missed a spot."

Here in Canada - did you know that the financial benefits for Refugees and Immigrants awaiting their Citizenship (which, btw, can take a few years) is more than double the benefits paid to Seniors? Why the heck do you think lots of illegals have their own dang businesses? That really ticks me off. My grandmother barely gets 500$ from ther government every month for having lived and worked here, worked hard, all her life... and someone who has been here 3 months is getting an average of 2100$ a month, just because they "need a good start and all the help they can get".

So - someone comes here - gets "legalized" and brings in the rest of their family - gets the financial benefits for all of them. The "system" dosn't have time to check all the fraud... so a family of 4 eligible for the financial aid - that's about 8500$ in one month, for one household. No kidding they bought the 7-11....

I say good for them to have stayed home... now at least the government can find out who didn't show up for work - round em up - and ship em home. Good riddance, and here's to hopefully lower taxes. dry.gif


jcc64 replied: I'm certain I will get slammed for saying so, but I found much of that letter pretty repulsive. No, I don't condone wholesale illegal immigration, and yes, I acknowledge the burden placed on all of our health and human services by illegal immigrants. However, the line between the legitimate complaints or concerns surrounding these issues and blatant racism and intolerance is pretty thin. Illegal immigration is not a new problem, it's been going on for years and years- I hardly think the sanctity of the American Way of Life is being threatened in a way it never has before by a sudden , unstoppable tidal wave of Mexican immigrants.
I think it's yet another in a long running series of highly successful tactics of the Republican party to redirect the attention of the American people away from the disatrous policies of the administration and its lapdogs in Congress. Specifically, the absolute disaster in Iraq, and the predictable destabilization of the entire Middle East (which is a MUCH bigger threat to us than impoverished Mexican immigrants, but whatever), the gas/oil issue, global warming, record deficits, the crisis in healthcare, the failure of Social Security reform, illegal wiretapping and on and on.
It's alot easier to mobilize us all against a bunch of poor Mexicans than it is to discuss what's gone wrong on the watch of the party that's been in power for the last several years right before an important election.

luvmykids replied: For me, it is nothing about racism and entirely about principle. I have no problems with people of other cultures/races/religions, I do have a problem with people here illegally complaining about their "rights" and demanding to be treated as and recieve the benefits of citizens when they are not.

It angers me to no end that they simply turn their nose up at our laws and do what they please, and get away with it, even more so that Americans contribute by employing them and helping to make it possible/desireable for them to stay.

redchief replied: Yesterday I was at class in an inner city convention center and all services were up and running. We ate at a tavern and our lunch was on time and delicious. The hispanic doctor that was in class with us stated that his education was much more important than "that nonsense." I'll add that he also stated he entered and remains in the country legally, on staff at a prestigeous NJ university.

The color photo in todays paper featured a large group of people in Chicago proudly, prominently displaying a placard of 'Che' Guevera, a communist. If this is their hero, I want them out of my country as soon as possible. tongue.gif

Hehehe.... Slammin' time (just kidding Jeanne)!!! I do have some what I believe are relevant comments though, just because I'm part of the Republican conspiracy.

The administration is actually having a very difficult time doing anything at all. It hasn't been easy at all because no one can agree on just what actions to take to fix this problem either. Likely whatever comes out of this will be another toothless government bureaucracy frought with partisan rules and inconsistencies.

jcc64 replied:

I'm sure they did, so did mine, but medical care didn't consume 1 in 4 of every American dollar back then. It's a different world now. And while I am absolutely certain that in your case, this is not a thinly veiled excuse to indulge in a racist vent, not everyone is as pure of heart as you are.

I'm absolutely beside myself that we've become so convinced of our own superiority that we're ignoring the very substantial cracks in our own economic, and social foundation. Everytime someone dares to criticize the Bush administration, it's always Clinton's fault- the problems were there before. Well, they've had 6 yrs to fix them, what are they waiting for?

3_call_me_mama replied: Well said Jeanne smile.gif thumb.gif

My2Beauties replied: Wow I am loving reading this topic, we have some good debaters on this board.

redchief replied:
It's not Clinton's fault. It's not Bush's fault. It's all of our fault. We've tied the hands of Washington with the "need" for entitlement programs, but we refuse to pay what they cost, hence deficit. I for one and totally against raising taxes. I believe that we all, including the governments, need to learn how to live within our means. 23% of every (legally working) man and woman's dollar goes to the federal government in the form of some sort of tax. That's enough to run a government. Can't afford to run on that? Then cut some of the wasteful spending. I truly believe that the government has lost the ability to know what is good for us. They live in a fantasy world. When was the last time someone from your district who makes less than a 3 figure salary ran for federal office? All of our "representatives" are millionaires. They can't represent my interests because they don't even know me. And yes, I've said as much to all of them. It falls on deaf ears.

jcc64 replied:

As usual, we find some common ground, Ed, but just differ on how to get there. No spending has been more catastrophic for us than this disastrous war. Regardless of whether or not we agree about the legitimacy of the reasons for starting it, even the military itself is critical of how it's being executed. That several generals have come forward and publicly criticized the Defense Secretary is utterly unprecedented, and should speak loud and clear about the reality of what's going on over there. I agree we cannot just cut and run at this point, but you cannot begin to tell me that "entitlement programs" are costing us more than this bloody war. The last time the budget was balanced was when a, gasp, Democrat, was in office. The Republicans used to stand for fiscal responsibility and restraint, but that went out the window with this administration. It's interesting that when it comes to improving our schools or providing health care for the uninsured, that's too big a financial burden for us to bear. But the sky's the limit when it comes to the great big war machine. No amount, neither economically or in human terms, seems to be too much to give us pause. And is this really the time to be giving tax cuts to the top 10% of the tax bracket? You can't have it both ways- you can't spend spend spend, and cut cut cut, and expect that it's not gonna come back to haunt us all. And the whole trickle down economics is the biggest joke going. Even the name reveals its reality- trickle down is synonomous with getting pissed on, which is exactly what's happening to the average American worker. It blows my mind that this gov't has been so effective in selling us all out to highest corporate bidders, hung our weakest brothers and sisters completely out to dry, all while simulaneously cloaking itself in religion and piety, mainly to bolster its support among people whose interests aren't well served by their economic policies. If Jesus was alive, somehow I doubt he would have been hanging out with the dudes from Halliburton, but I digress.The most depressing part is that the Democrats are a bunch of pathetic losers, too. It all just bums me out so much. It literally makes me sick sometimes.
Allright, I'll stop now.

punkeemunkee'smom replied:

Here is where I take the highest offense. I have said it once I will continue to do so until thew cows come home- This is NOT a race issue! This is a National Security and economic issue! I have no problem with the men and women who come to our country legally. I am pround to be a 3rd generation Irish immigrant! The fact still remains-Brown,White,Yellow or Purple....If you are not here legally-you are nothing but an economic drain on the working class of this country!

redchief replied: Jeanne, I won't argue that we have problems in the Middle East; Iraq being only one of them, and I admit we've kind of rambled way off topic in this thread, so I'm going to try to bring it back with my replies.

Here we both agree, it isn't time to be giving tax cuts to anyone. The term "Trickle Down Economics," was penned by Bush, Sr. as he gave very large tax breaks to corporations. That was corrected by the Clinton administration and the mistake has not been repeated by W. In fact, corporate tax rates are as high as they have ever been in history.

We also agree that we can't keep spending in deficit. There is more pork-barrel spending in the federal government than there has ever been. It has to stop. All of our domestic programs are necessary to quality of life, but I resent that needed money going to people who are not here legally and not contributing their fair share. There are too many people who are citizens that can't get the care they desparately need.

The Haliburton mess doesn't even come close to the nonsense this government allowed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. About the only thing of value that may come of it is the dissolution of FEMA.

A&A'smommy replied: wow very interesting stuff

DVFlyer replied: I understand how sensitive this issue is and that that sensitivity seems to lead the dialogue away from (what I feel) is the basis of the issue but I feel I need to bring things back to the foundation.

I don't know the laws concerning immigration, but from what I've read and heard, someone who wants to become a US citizen and live here legally, needs to go through certain steps. After completing those steps, they are then sworn in as a US citizen entitled to all rights therein.

The issue at large has to do with people living here and working here "illegally". Whether or not you agree is beside the fact (law) that they are breaking the law (as I understand it). If one doesn't like the law, there are steps one can take to change the law.

I know it's illegal to speed on the highway, but I still do it. If I get pulled over, I get a ticket (punishment). I know it's illegal to commit murder. If I murdered someone, I would expect to get punished. I know it's illegal to steal. If I stole, I would expect to get punished. I wouldn't cry foul.

Whether or not you think this is racially, politically or monetarily motivated, is beside the fact (law). This has to do with, simply, ACCOUNTABILITY. People coming across the borders and assimilating themselves into society..... illegally... need to be held accountable.... given current law.

First make it legal or enforce the law.... then play the race card.

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