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Tell me this isn't real.

Crystalina wrote: I don't have any channels that have BK commercials but my sister told me about this.

Say it ain't so. unsure.gif

moped replied: Yeah that is on my TV 100 times a night! Silly eh!

mckayleesmom replied: It's real...I have seen that commercial for a couple weeks now.

Leithan saw it a couple weeks ago and asked me where they dug up Sir Mix Alot at..

stella6979 replied: Oh yes, have seen it many times.

cameragirl21 replied: It's kind of catchy, actually, yet another reason to go vegetarian. laugh.gif
I agree it's not suitable for kids but what is these days?

PrairieMom replied: unfortunately , yes. It kind of makes me want to cancel our cable. rolleyes.gif

mom21kid2dogs replied: We don't watch much "mainstream" TV so I haven't seen it anywhere but on the Today show. Not suprising for a company which routinely releases toys in it's kids meals that are associated with PG13 movies. rolleyes.gif

luvbug00 replied: I love it! mya loves it. Its' hilarious!!

i hear people putting up a stink about it but most kids have no idea what the real words to that song are so..whatever. it harmless.
Plus spongebob is a cartoon geared twards my generation and a bit older parents and their children. One of the show creaters was the genius behind the old "Ren and Stimpy" show. The kids who watched Ren and Stimpy are now watching spongebob with their kids. thease men are no dummies. The show is brilliant and kudos to buger king ( even though the food there is total ICK ) to try and cash in on both generations.

wcs40110 replied: I hate spongebob with a passion. I think he is disgusting and refuse to let my child watch anything like that. Eww. Sorry.

Mommy2Isabella replied: MYYY GOODNESS!!

I haven't seen the commercial, but we don't watch TV. We have cable but the kids are NOT ALLOWED to watch anything but Playhouse Disney or DVD's that we have.

Its a shame!! Spongebob is a HORRIBLE show for children IMHO!!

My2Beauties replied: I've seen the commerical a thousand times and even I thought it was inappropriate for kids and I'm pretty lax when it comes to stuff like that (TV etc..)

I see nothing wrong with Spongebob the cartoon though, I've never ever seen anything offensive on the TV the movie I won't let Hanna watch it that's a different story but I have no earthly clue what could be wrong with the Spongebob show I've watched it a thousand times and saw nothing offensive.

MommyToAshley replied: I am not a fan of SpongeBob and probaby wouldn't buy SpongeBob toys, but that is not what I find offensive about this commercial. If it had age-appropriate content, I wouldn't give a SpongeBob commercial a second thought. But, I don't see how anyone can watch this commercial and think it is appropriate for kids. ohmy.gif And, the problem is that it IS on the kid's channels.

CantWait replied: dry.gif I see where they were going with the commercial, but not doen appropriately AT ALL!

Celestrina replied: I don't usually raise a stink about this kind of thing, but I HATE that commercial.

Our Lil' Family replied: OH yes, I was just complaining about that commercial this weekend. The first time Tim and I saw it we just looked at each other with our mouths on the I change the channel every time it comes on....I'd prefer not to watch Cartoon Network at all, seems like it's on there the most, but DH and Thomas watch Star Wars and Batman.

BabyOwen427 replied:
Keep your cable if you like it. That commercial is on regular tv too. Our channels have been messed up since the Feb switch, we only get around 8 good channels. rolleyes.gif (yes, we have a converter box). I thougt the commercial was funny the first time, now it's just annoying. They play it all the time. And because of our limited channels we rarely watch tv any more and I still see it a couple times a day. dry.gif

msoulz replied: Is anyone else really creeped out by the King???? huh.gif

PrairieMom replied:

luvbug00 replied: In all sincere questioning, what is so wrong with this commercial??
Or spongebob for that matter??

I do get that at times he does get a little annoying or does humor that a fungus would think is funny. But don't think there is any content that is inapporiate. He doesn't sware, make sexual referances ( you'd find those more in teletubbies)

soo what's the big deal??

PrairieMom replied:
Personally, I don't like the whole style. I didn't care for ren and stimpy either for the same reason. I have tried to keep my kids away from it from day one, and remember , I have smaller kids, just now school age. The one time i accidentally watched it they used the word " stupid" which is not something I care to hear come out of my child's mouth, so that just cinched the deal for me.

A&A'smommy replied:
not only that but it IS kinda sexual why else would he talk about someones but I know he is making a reference towards spongebob but the song in itself IS sexual I don't care what anyone says, I also hate when they take everyday songs and turn them into childrens songs NO child needs to think about love and boy/girls when they are 5 6 or 7 its bad enough when they are teenagers.

BACK on topic its definitely NOT appropriate, I hate spongebob but I have allowed it because of my husband and that song takes it to a level where I do NOT want it in my house AT ALL growl.gif no child should be singing about butts give me a break!!!

Crystalina replied:

Nothing at all wrong with SB although I did not like the episode where he's sitting alone in his recliner watching a jellyfish show ooing and awing and making weird noises and then when Gary (or maybe it was Patrick) walks in he hurries up and changes the channel like he got caught watching something he wasn't supposed to be watching. My kids didn't get it but it was supposed to look like he just got caught watching porn. Other then that episode I see nothing wrong with him. I just wish Squidward would get a hit out on him already. happy.gif

But that
First of all, why the short skirts and short? They couldn't get the point across without the Hoochies? SP is a boy so why not have men dancing? Goofy looking men like SP? He's a nerd type if I'm not mistaken. Dorky guys would have been much more funny

2. What's up with mentioning butt implants? I know it's meant to be funny but it's not like butt and boob implants are not what girls struggle with all the time. Let's make a joke out of butt implants? Not funny. Even if it IS a square butt. happy.gif

3. "Booty is Booty.".... dry.gif rolleyes.gif A man sitting on a couch with a woman on each side apparently watching hoochies dance on t.v. dry.gif I find no humor in it. And believe me, I'm not one to freak out over silly things. This may be silly to some and by itself it kind of is but I'm REALLY REALLY tired of everything selling sex. BK can't even sell a burger without sex? Put that tape measure up to a hoochie in a red mini and it's okay, what about if it was a fat chick? What was the tape measure even for? Stupid. rolleyes.gif

luvbug00 replied: Thanks for all your views. I can see how him saying stuiped would be unattractive to one with smaller children, i well know they repeat EVRYTHING.

As for sexual stuff in the show that the kids might miss. That was the same thing they did with Ren and Stimpy. the idea i think was parents can watch the cartoon with their kids and be amused. I am not saying it is for everyone at all. Just that, that was the premise for makeing those two shows. somthing for the adults to laugh at too, somthing seggestive that goes over the kids heads. I think what might be bothersome is that kids are so into sex so young, that it is no longer going over their heads and there is potential that many movies and cartoons and commercials are taking advantage. But i don't think spongebob fits into that catagory just yet.. smile.gif

Hillbilly Housewife replied: I don't really understand how this is a commercial for BK.

Seems more like it's only an advertisement for spongebob and the toys they offer through BK, rather than BK itself.

It would have been funnier if it would have been about the big "buns".

CantWait replied:
Well said.

msoulz replied:
As previously state, the King is creepy!!!!! tongue.gif

And OH, Teletubbies, that's another thread all together!! blink.gif

Boo&BugsMom replied:
100% agreed.

Not only do I find the commercial completely annoying and totally uncreative, but I find it a bit too sexual for my kids to see. dry.gif

I have a hard enough time trying to get Tanner to not repeat "potty" words as it is on a continuous basis, and this certainly doesn't help. He'll be watching a show that I allow, then THIS will pop up! mad.gif Sooner or later the tv just wont be allowed anymore at the rate it's going.

We have watched Spongebob, but it's not a regular thing. It depends on the episode, TBH. Some are ok, others have things I don't want Tanner repeating. Troy loves Spongebob...but I'm usually the one to shed light on the appropriateness of shows in our house. wink.gif I'd rather they not watch it.

luvmykids replied:
For me it's a lot less about SB and more about the song and dance....I know they changed the lyrics but it's still about butts with short shorts and booty dancing. Yes, it's a short 30 second commercial but long enough that my five year old was trying to imitate it.....not ok by me growl.gif

MommyToAshley replied:
Exactly -- that's what I was trying to say but you said it better.

coasterqueen replied:
This is how I felt when I watched it, too. The whole commercial just seemed stupid and senseless - didn't fit advertising for BK at all, really, in my mind.

I never saw the commercial before because I'm either doing other things during commercials (cleaning) so I can watch tv AND clean tongue.gif blush.gif or I'm watching something DVR'ed and I skip the commercials.

The only time the girls have time to watch tv these days is after school and they've been outside playing, so I guess that's good they aren't watching it. happy.gif

coasterqueen replied:
Curious....for those that feel that way do you not get offended by other shows that do this? I know the Alvin & The Chipmunks movie put out awhile back has one of the chipmunks singing/dancing to "Don't Cha" by the Pussy Cat Dolls. Unfortunately we tried to keep the girls away from this song on the radio and then it ended up in that movie and now they sing it all the time. dry.gif I'm sure that isn't the only instance, either. At least w/the commercial it's over in a few seconds. happy.gif

MommyToAshley replied:
It has been some time since I have seen the movie, but I don't remember seeing half naked girls shaking their butts towards the camera in Alvin & The Chipmunks, but maybe I missed it. I will have to ask DH... he would remember. LOL. rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif

coasterqueen replied:
No, they don't have that.. I didn't state that. I just meant the song. Someone mentioned it was about the song and dance. The nakedness isn't in Alvin movie, but the song is.

A&A'smommy replied:
UGH there was a few other things they slipped into that movie too wacko.gif I think I'm going to start watching the movie and then deciding if it is ok for them to watch dry.gif

my2girls replied: The guy on the couch is Sir Mix-A-Lot, the orginal singer of the song. That is why it is "funny".

Personally I have only seen this commerical on Comedy Central, that is why I thought it was geared towards adults.
I wasn't aware this is on regular childrens channels. I thinks it is a funny commerical...for adults.

As for SpongeBob I like the cartoon and so do my kids. Its stupid ,funny stuff.

As for the "porn", well spongebob is addicted to jellyfish catching so I guess that is like "porn" to him when he sees it on T.V. Everyone gives him a hard time ( no pun intended) about his obsession with jellyfish so I can see why he turned it off quickly. That is what kids see at least.

If we read into every kids show today and in the past we would NEVER let our children watch anything. Even Mister Rogers was given a hard time!!

TheOaf66 replied:
..."my anacondo don't want that unless it was a plant"

Ha, made it spin against the vegans

Yeah Me! laugh.gif

That is from the original song, little twist on words

"my anacondo don't want none unless you got buns hon"

luvmykids replied:
We didn't see that movie, so I can't comment on it specifically. The song...well, another song with lyrics I don't think are appropriate for kids the age mine are so no, they haven't heard that song. In general, I don't find the commercial offensive as much as inappropriate to be shown during kids shows. I'm not personally bothered by the shorts and dancing or the use of the word "butt", but as the filter of the majority of what my kids see and hear, all three of those things I mentioned in the commercial are on my list of things inappropriate for them at this age.

cameragirl21 replied: well, I still say the song is catchy, I found myself moving to the rhythm, even though I was sitting down. The point is for you to remember, when you're hungry, that BK is out there and if the song is catchy, you're more likely to remember.
I don't do fast food in principle, mainly because I don't eat meat and even if I did, I think BK is gross, their french fries are imo the worst ever so this certainly wouldn't make a customer out of me, even if I ate fast food.
BUT, if your five year old is trying to imitate the dance then they have succeeded, that is exactly what they want.
Remember that it's all about advertising with little regard for how kids will see it other than they hope they will want to imitate and want some BK as a result.
Calvin Klein got some flak in the 90s because his ads featured preteen children in suggestive and sometimes openly sexual poses. He cleaned up his act and those ads are gone but he does have a daughter and I'm sure he was aware on some level that this was way beyond inappropriate (some of these pics looked like soft core porn) but the controversy boosted his sales.
And so will this, BK hopes.

coasterqueen replied:
Don't get me wrong, I'm completely in agreement with you on the commercial. Although, like I said I didn't even knew it existed until it was posted here. happy.gif I just think, unfortunately, it's in a lot of things, just like the Alvin movie. rolleyes.gif And no matter how hard we tried to keep that song away from them we found it in that stupid movie. Also, I don't know about anyone else - when it comes to inappropriate songs - but my kids are coming home singing songs inappropriately - that they either heard on the bus or at school. We just can't keep everything from them, but it's good to try to keep as much as possible away from them, I agree. I only asked because I was curious if people noticed it or got offended by it in particular movies/shows as well.

ETA: And this is coming from someone who shields her kids from Hannah Montana (sp?) and High school I'm in complete agreement with you. tongue.gif

luvbug00 replied: now hannah montana is a big NO in my house because of her real life choises and i do not approve of a 15 year old living with a 20 year old and so i do not support her in any way shape or form,

moped replied:
WHAT? She is living with someone? I did not know this!!!

stella6979 replied:
Hmmm, I knew they were dating, but I never heard or read anything about them living together. huh.gif

PrairieMom replied:

stella6979 replied:
Interesting. It does say "reportedly" though, so who knows if it's true or not.

moped replied: Back to the OP, the BK commercial does not bother me, althought I think it is silly, it doesn't bother me.......and Laila LOVE music of any kid, I should try to video what she does when she hears this commercial!

Now there are lots of things Jack tries to watch that I tell him to change beacuse it is not appropopo!!!!!!

luvmykids replied:
I think it's because they do hear so much when they're somewhere out of my filter that I am extra picky at home...they came home one day last year singing "Apple Bottom Jeans" I like the song, and they were only singing the chorus, but the verses are AWFUL for kids to be singing along to. I know I can't keep them from everything happy.gif but I do what I can which meant Nikka not being allowed to have it on her ipod either; even at 14 the lyrics were inappropriate not to mention if Nikka thinks it's cool, so will Kylie so Nikka had to take the hit twice on that one laugh.gif

Having said that though, I haven't banned HM but it's only allowed in limited quantities. Kylie went nuts over HM before she even knew anything about her, simply because she was "the" thing to go nuts over rolleyes.gif so I'd watch it with her. Lately I've been doing some good old fashioned distraction and she seems to care less and less, which is what I was after.

Crystalina replied: I don't shelter my kids from average, everyday life by any means but I have noticed with Izabella now turning 8 she's influenced so much more by media and what she sees here or there. I've already posted on here how she thinks "looks are ALMOST everything". She's only 8 and does and redoes her hair 5 times in a day, changes her clothes (I can't even count how many times) and "wishes" she had this or that. dry.gif I realize we've all done and gone through what she's doing now but I remember doing it at 12 or 13...not 8. growl.gif The only differences between her at 8 and myself at 8 is the media. It's a struggle enough arguing with her as to why, at her age, she is not allowed to wear colored lip gloss.

"But it's only lip gloss mom!"

Excuse me but NO. If it has color I don't care WHAT they call it, it's lipstick.

And then I hear, "All my friends wear it!" And the sad thing is she isn't lying. dry.gif

coasterqueen replied:
OMG, you aren't kidding! Kylie and Megan were invited to a dress-up Princess party. They all had to dress as princesses. My children were the ONLY ones that did not have make-up caked all over their face. These girls had eyeliner, mascara, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, etc, etc. It was unreal! I was completely shocked about the eyeliner, too. The mothers kept asking me why my girls weren't like that and I just simply said "their little girls, I want to keep them that way". tongue.gif

My2Beauties replied: I agree it's hard to keep your kids away from the everyday stuff in the's sad!

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