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Taven's Halloween Pics

paradisemommy wrote: so we started out trying to get him to be a s.w.a.t. guy..but he ended up breaking his handcuffs and he refused to keep the jacket on...

paradisemommy replied: so off to our second choice which was a bat..which he liked parading around in...but he refused to wear anything on his head...

paradisemommy replied: oops

paradisemommy replied: couple more..

paradisemommy replied: ok last one...

Kirstenmumof3 replied: laugh.gif What a little cutey, great costume!

ediep replied: what a cute little man!!

3xsthefun replied: He is cute little guy!

MomofTay&Sam replied: thumb.gif What a cutie!! smile.gif

Heather replied: Oh he is so handsome!! DH isn't too bad either tongue.gif wink.gif :lol

kit_kats_mom replied: How sweet! I love his hair in the first pic tongue.gif

~CrazieMama~ replied: What a cute little man he is... wub.gif

Jamison'smama replied: Cute pictures--He is just gorgeous!

Mommieto2Girls replied: Awe, he was cute in both of them.... smile.gif

A&A'smommy replied: AWWWWW hes SOOOO cute!!!!!!!!! wub.gif

chloe&tysmommy replied: Cute pics wub.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied: Oh he looks great. wub.gif He has the most contagious smile.

coasterqueen replied: what a cute little guy wink.gif !!!

DansMom replied: Taven's cuteness is slaying me!! I love the hairdo in the first pic. Great smiles too wub.gif

CantWait replied: omgosh, he's such a cutie. He's going to be such a heart breaker wub.gif

paradisemommy replied: thanks everyone!!! his hair turned out pretty cool but he kept pulling it down!! emlaugh.gif that's why it's only like that in the first pic!!! we had fun though!!

dolfinrse replied: Too cute! wub.gif

amynicole21 replied: OMG - that last one is too precious! He looks just like his Daddy. What a cutie(yes, I did mean DH - lol!!)

MomToMany replied: Awww...he's adorable! Sorry he didn't cooperate to well. He's cute in anything!

aspenblue1 replied: He looks so cute !

Kaitlin'smom replied: I like him better as a bat anyway!

he is a cutie!

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