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Such a sad story - 6 year old drowned by bullies

ZandersMama wrote:

gr33n3y3z replied: very sad I hope the boys go to Juvie until they are 12 or 17 then charged as adults for this crime.
But then I know a case in DC where the boy was being charged as an adult when he hit 12 so I hope some good comes from this crime

luvmykids replied: OMG growl.gif bawling.gif growl.gif bawling.gif

WTH is WRONG with kids these days?

redchief replied: How horrible! The perpetrating boys were sent away with family for counseling? COUNSELING? This was no simple bullying event. This was terrorism on a juvenile scale. growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif

Calimama replied: This has to be one of the worst stories I've heard in awhile. growl.gif

holley79 replied: WTH is wrong with this picture. They are under 12 so they can get away with murder? I don't freaking think so!!!! We have a boy who is being brought up on charges of criminal mischief and arson and he's only 10. That is such a freaking crock. I'm not impressed.

ETA: My thoughts and prayers with the boy's family. I can totally understand the mother wanting them banished. They should be hung up and made a mockery of by their peers.

tammyhopkins replied: That is horrible it has been all over the news here as i live by Winnipeg. the problem is that this is happening more often than it should and kids are getting younger and younger all the time that are causing these deaths.

It makes me very sad to have a young child that you never know when you send then to school what is going to happen.

Anthony275 replied: why can't they do anything? the two boys that were 10 that killed james bulger got punished

C&K*s Mommie replied: so so very sad.

sad.gif sad.gif

Hillbilly Housewife replied: Absolutely DISGUSTING.

Kids are rotten theses days becuse of the PARENTS. Puh-lease - when I was 8, if I acted anywhere near that, I'd have had a spanking that would have made it hard to sit for a week. And been grounded until I turned 20.

Kirstenmumof3 replied: bawling.gif I don't understand how children can be so cruel to each other. It's horrible! I feel terribly for that little boys family, just such a tragedy! And the fact that the boys won't be charged adds insult to injury!

Sam & Abby's Mom replied: That breaks my heart.

Crystalina replied:
I agree 110%! growl.gif Back "in the day" when parents gave a crap about their kids thing like this did not happen. growl.gif Parents are so self-involved it's disgusting.
Kid's these days are being diagnosed with this or that (and please do not think that some kids do not really have problems) but it's so easy to slap a diagnosis on these kids or send them to a therapist. How about starting at home? Watch your kids! Watch what they do, who they talk to, the music they are pumping into their heads more hours in the day then they should and montor the games they play. Be a parent for God's sake! If we had more real parents in this world then this would not happen as much as it does. We cannot blame it on society or the media, the kids or anything else. If we don't allow our kids to do certain things then they won't do it. Period. Parent's need to bow up and take control. mad.gif

my2monkeyboys replied: I wonder how many other kids these boys bullied... it'd be interesting to know. Perhaps that would also make a difference in how they are "disciplined".
I wish the article told the whole story, like what the boys said happened and why, that sort of thing.
I feel sorry for the parents of those boys, too. To know your child had killed someone else, whether it was an intentional death or if they were "just trying to scare him," that has to be a horrible feeling.

sweetpeasof3 replied: Ugh! bawling.gif bawling.gif Just imagine what the mother feels! bawling.gif The nerve of some kids!

HuskerMom replied: They can't be held responsible bc they're not 12? Even at their ages they know right from wrong. What a sad story.

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