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Stemming from the "annoying post" - WALMART

moped wrote: I noticed a few o fyou mentioned that Walmart annoys you - is this because it is so big and busy all the time or because it is taking over the world???

I personally like Walmart for a few items and go there once a week for sure.

TANNER'S MOM replied: wavey.gif Wal Mart fan

It has added to the state industry big time.. and does alot of charitable donations.

Yes on the weekends the lines are huge.. and isles crowded.. But what do you expect? It is the same way at our local grocery store.

I know alot of people feel Wal Mart is taking over the world... it is hard on Mom and Pop stores. And I sure do hate that!

mckayleesmom replied: I normally like walmart and go there alot, but I have noticed that their prices are starting to go up alot and that is turning me off.

Mommy2BAK replied: wavey.gif WalMart family right here

My mom owns her own business, so I understand how frustrating WAL-MART can be, even to her, she owns a Title company, WALMART has bought out a Title company here and she has to compete with them rolleyes.gif

But the REST of my family works for the WALMART home office and I can tell you honestly that WALMART does some awsome stuff for people. ANytime they have an associate in need of something they anynomously send around a thing for money, the have about 4 thousand employess there alons so that adds up quick. They have been great to me and my family.

A&A'smommy replied: I LOVE wal-mart.. I haven't noticed any prices going up here or in the other town I shop at.. but I guess that is just here

Mommy2BAK replied: By the way, Mel and I live right here at the WALMART headquarters, so we probably don't have that many bad things to say wink.gif

kimberley replied: haven't gone back to shop there since a salesbrat was rude to me and the manager did NOTHING to follow up my complaint. dry.gif the prices are cheaper but any time i ever ask someone for help, they are either completely unknowledgeable or flat out rude. i am sick of it and would rather support a canadian company with my business. soapbox.gif sorry, just my 2cents.gif

jcc64 replied: I've posted about this before.
They are abusive to their workers- scheduling gymnasatics to avoid paying health insurance even if they are technically fulltime, locking employees into stores at night to "avoid thefts" (what if there was a fire?), anti-Union, discrminatory towards women in higher paying management positions- I could go on and on. They are constantly being sued for unfair/questionable labor practices.
Then there are the vendors. Because of their sheer size, Walmart is in a unique position to demand/dictate/ set market values at whatever they want, basically- regardless of what it costs the vendors to manufacture, or what happens behind the scenes to cut the costs. Most of their goods come from dubious oversees markets- slave labor, child labor (does anyone remember the Kathy Lee Gifford brouhaha), etc, and it is completely impossible for American companies that do pay a fair wage/treat their employees humanely to compete under those conditions.
All of their charitable programs are basically p.r. to distract from the consequences of their cutthroat business practices.
Personally, I'd rather pay slightly more for things and know that no one was exploited in the process.

mammag replied: I'm a big time Walmart shopper! I have to say, I like the atmosphere and staff at the local Kroger much better but when I have to spend twice as much to buy the same groceries and remember to bring my little Kroger card to get the sale prices.....well, I'll deal with the atmosphere and save the money.

As far as them taking over.... well, if Kroger lowers their prices they'll get more business. As much as we wish it weren't so, people are motivated by saving money when it comes to shopping. Now I know that isn't the case for some people but many, like myself, who are trying to raise a family on a budget, can't afford the romantic luxury of shopping at some of the over priced mom & pop businesses. Maybe when I win the lottery I'll quit giving money to the big Walmart empire...........nah, I would still want to save money. laugh.gif

moped replied:
Locking employees in????????????????????? Really?

How do you know this stuff?


My2Beauties replied: I am being a hypocrite here, Jeanne is right, I studied Wal-Mart in business school in almost every class, I mean it was "the talk" as it related to every aspect of every class I took, and 9 out of 10 of my professors loathed them because of the way they do business, not a very ethical company! Jeanne is right about the treatment of their associates, the low pay for women managers, the terrible health benefits, there is even a website called where disgruntled employees and past employees go to post their run-ins with the higher management there, there is a lot of sexual harassment that goes unpunished there as well!

The hypocrite part, I don't shop there much, but on occassion I admit I do because they are cheaper. I am mostly a Target gal, but I do shop at K-Mart and WalMart when there is a time constraint or I am low on funds! There isn't really a Wal-Mart that close to me so I don't go there that often. I used to go there every weekend until I studied their business practices more. So I don't go as much anymore and Targets are popping up closer to me now more than ever, and I love the atmosphere and their merchandise! Walmart stores are usually dirty and too crowded and the staff is well - just plain rude, but I would be too if I worked there rolling_smile.gif

TANNER'S MOM replied: Here in this area Wal Mart is open 24 hrs a day.. and so I would assume no one is locked.

I think most Wal Marts and neighborhood Market stores are open 24 Hrs a day.

Thy only bad thing I can say about Wal Mart is the store workers don't get enuff holidays.

As for Women in Management, I happen to know quite few women who are in management in Wal-mart. Everything from Department Managers, to Store Managers. To Managers at Corporate levels.

I think WalMart like most companies, celebrities etc. That they get bad publicity. Not all employee's are happy ever. The same with Tyson's food.. we don't hear about the small stores or chains that do wrong.. We only hear about the large ones.

I think there is good and bad?

How many million did they give to Katrina?

I promise every town that has a Wal Mart.. they have donated to a charity in that area.

My bosses g/friend is a computer programmer for Wal Mart.. she is in a lead position, travels everywhere and makes over 200,000 a year.... And I would consider Computer Programming a male dominated field.

TANNER'S MOM replied: Oh I also want to add. ... that by requiring there vendors to be in the NWA area has done great things for our job market.

While in some area's I am sure there offices have changed.. but most have a more than one office and then just open up an office here for Wal Mart..

Wal Mart vendors are known to be some of the highest paying jobs around here. Even for something like a switch board operator. They pay well, have good benefits.

Since we are a college town also, it had been great for alot of people right out of school to get a good job, in the field they studied and not have to leave home.

It has been a big help to North West Arkansas.

jcc64 replied: It's on the news- frequently- primarily when the litigation starts. I know it sounds completely outrageous, but it is true, and apparently it wasn't an isolated incident If I have time later on, I'll dig up a link for you.
I also saw programs on the business practices of Walmart on both MSNBC and PBS' Frontline. Hardly wacky left wing fringe organizations.
And btw- I'm on a tight budget too- I certainly need to save money every chance I get. But I highly doubt that paying a few dollars more- say $4.00 for a legimately manufactured t-shirt vs $1.37 for a sweatshop t-shirt produced by an impoverished 9 yr old Banglideshi child paid 50 cents a day or whatever- I don't think that $2.63 in savings is going to radically alter my lifestyle one way or the other. Every little decision/purchase is a political statement, a moral decision, if you will. Most people don't want to put that much thought into what goes into that $1.37 t-shirt- they just want the best deal available. But everything comes at a price. And as a mom, I don't want any part of a process that exploits children.

My2Beauties replied: I also want to add I watched a special on some learning channel the other day about manufacturers who go in front of the wal mart committee to "sell" their product to wal-mart and have it sold in wal-mart stores, the things that walmart asks people to do is downright outrageous, they try to make them lower their price ridiculously in order to sale it in their stores and also they also say well make it less quality in order to do so - they recently asked I think it was Rubbermaid or some other top manufacturing company to lower their quality so they could sell it for a certain price and the company wouldn't do it, they pulled everything from wal-mart. Don't quote me on rubbermaid, I'll have to find out who it was! So they ask their companies to sacrifice quality for lower prices too! I'm telling y'all they do a lot of stuff for communities but any large company does, it's PR and a tax write off! Not arguing with anyone here, but Humana donated $1million to Katrina but they give us crappy health benefits and we are the health benefits company - so it just goes to show!

Mommy2BAK replied: I honestly just have to laugh when I hear people go off about Wal-Mart, kimberley, i can totally understand your personal experience I feel like others are just wasting your time WALMART will NEVER fail. Sorry but it's the truth.

Mommy2BAK replied: And if you think you can tell me something I don't know go ahead, but having inside scoop I can tell you that you probably don't even know half of the stuff that goes on, thats what sucks about being so powerful, they can pay people off to keep their mouths shut.

jcc64 replied: You're right about the Rubbermaid thing, LeaAnn. I believe the cost of the raw materials necessary for the production of their product went up because of some kind of unpreventable shortage- bad weather, unavailability, whatever the case- it was something beyond their control. They had no choice-it was costing them more to produce. Walmart refused to accept the price increase, and threatened to drop the account. Everyone knows that for many vendors- Walmart is the biggest, sometimes the only- buyer. To lose the account is catastrophic, if not a nail in the coffin. I can't remember what the outcome was, but the point was that Walmart can and does throw their corporate weight around to the detriment of many, many smaller outfits- not just the mom and pop stores they drive out of business, but entire industries like Rubbermaid that often have to answer to fluctuating production costs.
And btw, Mel- the abusiveness towards Walmart employees is primarily limited to lower wage positions in the stores themselves- not management or white collar jobs like your girlfriend's.

ammommy replied: Anti Walmart person here, too. I loathe their business practices and frankly find their products to be sub-standard. It could be coincidence but the only time that I've had problems with Pampers, the packages came from Walmart. Also, I have found that the produce goes bad within a day or two and the few candy bars that I have bought there are stale. Like I said, it could be coincidence, but I doubt it.
As for their business practices, well Jeanne summed it up very well. I used to shop at Sam's Club but thankfully, a Costco has opened so now none of the Wally World subsidiaries get any of my $$ if I can help it.

I just wanted to add that Walmart may not be missing my $$, but I feel good for standing up for my convictions. I also did a huge banana.gif recently when 2 local suburbs refused to rezone so that Walmart could build. They had to find somewhere else to run local business out of.

My2Beauties replied:
Oh yes hon you are completely right, they will probably be around forever! People do go there to save money and that is fine, I mean like I said I'm a hypocrite I go there, I'm just stating some of the things I have heard about their business practices! And you're right, they can spend lots of money for people to keep their mouths shut!

Mommy2BAK replied: erasing what I posted, it was a little harsh, this is not even worth the time or effort

moped replied:
Can I ask what your mom does? The connection to walmart????

Mommy2BAK replied: I have already told you what my mom does, she is the only one in the family that doesn't manage a store or VP of a department (well that is the only one in the family meaning those who work)

coasterqueen replied: I would be a hypocrite if I purposefully didn't shop at Walmart to stand up for my convictions because then I'd have to boycott Nestle, their candybars, etc as well as a TON of other things and I'm not going to. Chocolate calls my name too much. tongue.gif

But that being said Walmart annoys me in every way. Dh has begged me on numerous occassions to skip Walmart and go to Target instead. If I am just buying cleaning supplies/house items I haven't really found their prices to be any higher than Walmart (Target that is). As a matter a fact if I find one item higher I end up finding one item lower and it evens out. But if I start shopping clothes or other items that aren't necessary then I see items at Target to be more expensive.

Since DH is gone I've found myself going more to Target just because I find it a bit more relaxing and trying to get things with both girls...I need whatever RELAXING I can get. tongue.gif But Target tempts me and I always find unnecessary things there that make me spend over my budget. I'm trying not to do that since our budget is so tight though.

moped replied:
Sorry.........I was just asking for clarification on it - never mind!

jcc64 replied:

Not sure who you're talking about here, but I do find your post a little offensive, tbh. Up to this point, this has been a civilized conversation- I don't think anyone's stepped out of line- correct me if I'm wrong. We are all entitled to express our opinions here, as long as it's done respectfully. I wasn't aware of an obligation to post to every topic- there are only so many hours in the day- some of us are sneaking on and off here during work (myself included), and personally, I only post to those threads I have something substantial to add.
Maybe you weren't even talking about me. But since I'm the one with the fewest posts, I have a feeling you were.

And fwiw, I'm acutely aware that Walmart will never fail. That doesn't mean I have to hand over my money to people whose values I don't share. Free market after all.

moped replied:
Sorry if i started something here....................that wasn't my intention....but I do find it interesting to hear everyones opinion and Jeanne you have a wonderful way with words and I am so glad you jumped in on this one!!!!!!!!!!! Your posts are always great and informative - thank you thumb.gif

kit_kats_mom replied: I can't stand the place and I avoid going there most of the time. I have had to go (maybe twice a year) when paychecks are shorter than expected or if we need something that can't be found at Target, but I literally get anxious just thinking about having to pull into the parking lot. The staff is rude, the other shoppers are rude, the store is filthy, the parking lot is a crime waiting to happen (I've been propositioned twice in the parking lot by men in cars while I'm wheeling my DD's into the store. The first guy said he had to return $50 worth of stuff to petco down the road but since his dog had just died, he didn't need the gift card that they'd given him in lieu of cash. He wanted to know if I'd give him $50 cash for the card. Uh, nope, I'm not interested in your empty gift card sir. blink.gif The other time two younger guys asked if I wanted to buy some new speakers still in the box. Can you say stolen goods? ) the Wal mart goods are sub standard, the selection stinks and their produce is horrid. I feel like I just left carny lane at the local fair after a trip to Wal Mart. I always shower afterwards. LOL
I'm totally willing to pay the extra $ to have a pleasant shopping experience with friendly staff, clean stores and goods. I am a Target woman myself. Super Target is my second home.

jcc64 replied:

Cary! rolling_smile.gif

And Jen, thanks for the kind words. You are always so sweet to me. Don't worry about "starting something" , I'm a big girl, I can handle the heat.

b&bsmom replied: I didn't realize this was such a big thing. I have to say I love Walmart. I grocery shop there every week and I tend to buy gifts and clothes and everything else. I am on a super tight (money is not around) budget. I lost one of my nanny jobs and we have been suffering ever since. There are some weeks I can't get groceries becuase we don't have the money. However, I have not researched and done all that but I like shopping there, I have had no problems with employees, the ones I have been in contact with seem nice. It has not been super crowded all the time. If it is the way they practice business it is awful. I would think there would be more of a stink made about it if that were the case. I am a faithful walmart shopper and believe I will stay that way. That is just my 2 cents

aspenblue1 replied:
Same thing happened to me. I rarely go in walmart now.

My2Beauties replied:
Well stinks are made about but like others said they have so many billions of dollars that they can cover their tails so to speak! This isnt' a thread to bash anyone about where they shop, like I stated previously and have shopped there and I'm sure I'll shop there a couple times in the future but I do not make a habit out of it. in California people are protesting Wal-Mart big time, they don't want them in their neighborhoods because of their business practices, small towns try to run them out usually too but they still succeed in building new ones everywhere!

moped replied:
Oh I know you can hold your own!!!!!!!


kit_kats_mom replied: Oh and has anyone noticed that the experation dates are out of whack? I've bought yogurt there which was already expired. Last time I went I made a point to check the dates. At target, it's usually about two weeks from the day I'm buying it but at Wally-World, I wasn't able to get it more than a week away from experation. mad.gif

moped replied:
I always check the dates on everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coasterqueen replied:

I didn't even know there was a Super Target. tongue.gif Wish we had one around here. tongue.gif

We have one Super Walmart and it's on the way other end of town. I shopped there once for groceries, never again. The Walmart I go to is just a regular one.

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied:
That's interesting you mention this, because I shop at Albertsons and I think it's connected with Sam's...which is connected with Walmart, right?? And I constantly pickup or even buy by accident things that are out of date! It drives me nuts!!

I have always loved Target better, but now that I live closer to a Walmart, I admit to going there for the convenience. blush.gif I do feel sorry for all the mom and pop shops that get bought out by the big box stores and I know it may be that I'm ignoring the facts if I shop there, but when budgets are tight and I don't have a lot of time, I'm doing what works best for my family. I suppose that sounds cruel to underpaid workers and I certainly can empathize, but like everything else in life, I have choices and this is where I choose to shop. Plus I think Walmarts have brought a lot of good to communities (jobs), so I support taht. Now quality is big for me when it comes to food, we typically eat organic, but I will buy paper goods and diapers and gosh I don't know, charcoal for the grill, at Walmart any day and I am certainly not ashamed of that.

Mommy2BAK replied: This same post has happened before, because I recall Mel and I defending before. You all have no clue obviously what Wal-Mart has done for our economy (i am talking about NWArkansas) and I respect that, but we do. Arkansas isn't just a state where people go barefoot and ride horses anymore (although I do both), it has had an economical boom on our region and for that many of us are greatful. When my paycheck comes from Wla-mart each month let me tell you, I LOVE them wink.gif . And seeing as how I have many family members that are higher up in the company that are good honest hard working individuals, it saddens me to hear people cut them down, in EVERY company there are crooks and theives, wheather you like to admit it or not. That company was built upon the honesty and integrity of Sam Walton, yes people have gotten into it for the money and to steal, but what can you expect with such a large corporation?

3xsthefun replied: I like Wal Mart and I have not had any problems with them.

My mom works there and she really likes her job. She has been working there for almost 6 years. She is making more money now, she worked at her last job for 13 years and was not making much. She also has health insurance through them for her and my dad. Because it is cheaper then what my dad would pay where he works and it is basically the same coverage. Heck, they payed off most of my dad's medical bills when he had his bad truck wreck back in April.

jcc64 replied:

At no point was this discussion about the integrity of the employees of Walmart. It was about the business practices of the corporation itself.

moped replied:

Tamara, this was NOT a personal attack on you or your family at all, I was just asking a question and wondering on the AMERICAN perspective of Walmart..................

We all work hard.

Mommy2BAK replied:
Not about employees???

Mommy2BAK replied:
And who makes these business practices?

jcc64 replied:

The people that OWN the company.

mckayleesmom replied: I agree Tamara....there are crooks and theives in every business and every business has a shady corner.

Mommy2BAK replied:
Apparently you aren't famliar with the owners.

Mommy2BAK replied: You guys, who really cares, we are talking about Wal-Mart, there is no need to get all rilled up over this. Lets all just say we have our opinons and be done with it, okay?

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