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Spin off of Shellys wedding post - Did you stick to your budget?

moped wrote: We got married 4 years ago - I don'tk now if we actually had a budget, but I do know that after all was said and done it was a VERY pricey wedding. With EVERYTHING included meaning license, rings, dress, hair, you name it it all came to over $25,000. And that was about 120 people.

PrairieMom replied: We didn't really have a budget, but we also didn't have a lot of cash. We got married 9 years ago, and we were both just out of college. I THINK the whole thing was probably around $6000. including dress, cake and photos, I mean for EVERYTHING. I am super cheap tho, and made a bunch of stuff my self. I planned on 100 people, but only about 30 showed up. dry.gif

momofone replied: We got married in the bahamas kinda of eloped not really cuz family was there. Cost at 2,000. happy.gif

luvbug00 replied: Didn't make it to the alter as you all know but if i had the grand total would have been 30,000. rolleyes.gif

lisar replied: My total with everything and I paid for all the tuxes and the bridesmaid dresses and their hair and I mean everything it was a total of ten grand. Not bad, my granny made alot of the stuff like the table decorations and all.

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: Gosh it's been 6 years and I can't even remember. I know we had a budget because we paid a lot of it ourselves, but I can't remember how much. And yes I stuck to it. We had a small wedding, 28 people.

my2girls replied: Rings, dress, tux, license and church/hall/minister/organist was $575 ( 13 years ago).
We had around 40 people.

Food- mom paid , it was her gift to us (it was Subway , macroni and potato salad and sodas from Costco).
Cake - from Vons was $30 , big sheet cake with beauitful white and pale pink roses. I added fresh baby's breath and edible flowers also.
Photos- free friend did it as our gift/even prints
Hair- free friend is hairdresser , it was our gift
Bridesmaid/Best man- already had a tux and fancy evening gown so they used that.
Flowers were from Vons paid $30-made mine , bridesmaid and mom's flowers and flowers for my dh, best man and father. I worked in a flower shop in high school so I knew how to do it.
Church/hall and minister and organist were all included in the same price. Hall was ours all day. ($150)
Dress-$99 - prom section ( veil made myself for $7 , shoes from Payless $10)
Tux rental -$40 ( FIL know the owners)
Rings -$150
No band , we brought a CD player and karoke machine and everyone brought their favorite music.

Our Lil' Family replied: I didn't really have a budget since I'm the only girl! It has it's advantages for sure! But I'm pretty traditional and went on less is more. I think after all was said and done it was about $12,000 for 200 people in 2001. Now that didn't include bridesmaids or groomsmen attire, they each paid for that.

I got a steal of a deal on my photographer though. I think it was like $600 for engagement pics, bridal pics, wedding pics with 1 4x6 of each shot and all the negatives...yeah, I was the last customer to get that deal since he was just opening his own dark room. We didn't spend a whole lot on the prints since we had one of each, just made bigger ones of the ones we liked, and each side paid for that.

Cece00 replied: We didnt really have a 'budget' persay, it was pretty much like "find out the cost, go with someone within reason" and we did really well. Our wedding was beautiful, it was in a B & B in New Orleans on St. Charles. I think it probably cost, total for everything, around $10k. We had about 40-45 people since we live about 3 hrs from N.O., which was perfect, because I didnt want a ton of ppl.

kimberley replied: ours was about $3,000 but we eloped lol. that covered my dress, shoes, jewelry, his tux rental, the rings, the officiant, the cake, the flowers, my hair and makeup, the license and the resort we got married at. happy.gif

MoonMama replied: Ok after everyones posts I'm too blush.gif to admit how much. cool.gif But we had a HUGE fairly tale princess wedding with a Cinderella and Prince Charming theme. There were 250 guest not including the wedding party or parents with them around 270.

luvmykids replied: We didn't really have a set budget but were careful and didn't get extravagant. It was in 2001 and the reception was the most expensive part of it, $5K for 100 people but it was a gorgeous hotel and awesome sit down dinner. That also included the bar (which nobody used) and a champagne fountain, the dj was $100 I think. Photographer was about $300, we didn't order any prints from him but did get all our originals. My dress was actually the least expensive thing, it was the first one I tried on and I totally fell in love with it...turned out it was on clearance b/c it was a small size and couldn't be let out thumb.gif I don't remember how much it was, but it was cheap for a wedding dress.

My parents paid for the dress, flowers (about $200?) and pics, my other dad paid for the reception, DH's dad paid for the rehearsal dinner ($700, all you could eat ribs and king crab LOL). MIL and her Dh paid for the honeymoon we didn't get to take-the night before we were supposed to leave DH found out he got a big contract and had to start the following Monday. My ring was cheap too, I don't know how much though but it had to have been because DH was broke rolling_smile.gif (And then I lost it somewhere at the grocery store on our one year anniversary bawling.gif )

Anyhow, all together I guess it was probably right at $10K, not bad for 100 people. A ton of people from my parents church did things for us at no charge, the church was free, my dad officiating was free, the musicians/singers, videographer, centerpieces at the reception....all those were gifts to us. A friend of my dad who owns a car lot even let us use a Cadillac and chauffeured us around laugh.gif

Boo&BugsMom replied: I'm not sure what kind of budget we had and how much it cost. I want to say it was about $10,000, maybe a bit less. My parents paid for most and the in-laws helped a bit. We did cut various corners to help, like I got my gown off the rack and happened to be on clearence from the prior season...used disposable cameras at the reception...only got limited flowers...made our own guest souveniers. We had about 120 people all together. We were married 7 years ago. We bought our own rings though. that is not included in the total.

holley79 replied: We had a pool side wedding at MIL/FIL's house. Dress, hair, flowers, food, decorations ect was only 2500.00. My dress I fell in love with was on sale for 99.00. happy.gif

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