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Sorry I've been MIA!! Here's why :(

amynicole21 wrote: Well, we leave for our trip to visit my parents in Pennsylvania Wednesday morning, and in her usual style - Sophia is sick sad.gif She has a double ear infection, and both eyes are also infected. This always happens when something big is in the works. Ugh. I got her on antibiotics today, so hopefully she'll be feeling better by the time we leave. I had to take today and tomorrow off of work, in addition to all of the vacation time I'll be taking for this trip. I am sure my boss loves me right now. rolleyes.gif But what can I do?? I've got to start packing and get everything ready for the trip, which I am not looking forward to as much as I should be. It's going to be so cold! Brrrr.

My best friend had her baby yesterday... a boy she named Connor Michael who was 9 lbs 3oz ohmy.gif Crazy. I'm glad she had him though, otherwise she would have been induced tomorrow at 2 weeks overdue. Yikes!

Anyway... I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year! I'll be thinking about you while I'm trapped without internet access at my mother's house. I'm sure I'll have lots to catch up on when I get back!

MommyToAshley replied: Awwwwee, sorry Sophia is sick. I hope the meds kick in soon and she starts feeling better. grouphug.gif

Congrats to your friend and her new baby! 9lb 3oz... that is crazy! wacko.gif biggrin.gif

Have a safe trip and a Merry Christmas. We'll miss you so hurry back!

Kirstenmumof3 replied: grouphug.gif Amy I'm so sorry that Sophia is sick, I hope she feels better before your trip! Have a Great Holiday! Wishing you and your Family a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! smile.gif

aspenblue1 replied: I hope Sophia feels better soon.

Have a great trip and congrats to your friend on her baby.

kimberley replied: awww poor sophia! grouphug.gif i hope she feels better soon. Congrats to your friend... what a big baby! Welcome to the world Connor Michael! wub.gif

Hope you have a good trip and a wonderful Christmas!

CantWait replied: NO INTERNET, ohoh, we'll make sure we post lots for when you get back LOL rolling_smile.gif

Hope Sophia is feeling better, big hugs to her grouphug.gif
Congrats to your friend, that sure is a big baby baby.gif wub.gif
Merry Christmas, hope you have a great trip grouphug.gif

MomToJade&Jordan replied: Poor Sophia. I hope she starts to feel better soon. Here are some Get Well Vibes to speed the process along. I hope you have fun on your trip. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

jem0622 replied: Sorry that she is sick. :-( And right before your trip. DH just called to say that Gabe had several episodes of diarreah this morning. :-( I sure hope it was just tummy upset and not the flu! ACK!

HUGS to Sophia and all the sickies


ediep replied: poor Sophia! I hope she feels better soon

Have a safe and happy trip!

Happy Holidays!!

jen replied: I hope Sophia gets back to 100%!! Have a great trip and a Merry Christmas! wavey.gif

supermom replied: Poor Sophia and Poor Amy Nicole! I hope she is feeling better soon, and that your trip isn't too tiring - NO INTERNET! ACK!

Hugs and here's hoping you have a GREAT HOLIDAY!

DansMom replied: I've missed your posts! Sorry to hear Sophia is so sick. I hope she feels better quickly! See you after the holidays. smile.gif

coasterqueen replied: Hope Sophia gets feeling better soon grouphug.gif

Have a great trip and happy holiday!!!

amynicole21 replied: Thanks guys! blush.gif "SEE" you all next year wink.gif

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