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Someone PLEASE help!! - Dd won't eat and it's been 6 days!!!

boocoomomma wrote: bawling.gif Makenna is really sick and is on antibiotics. Dr. says bronchitis, almost pneumonia. She has a horrible cough and says her throat is killing her. I am doing everything I know to do. Problem is, she hasn't had anything to eat. She ate 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich on Thursday nite and other that 2 bites of pizza and 1 bite of cinnamon toast, nothing. She is drinking fine and I don't feel like she is dehydrated as she is still peeing and can cry tears. I have really pushed the fluids. She does ok w/ drinking. But she is very pale, hollow-eyed w/ dark circles and has absolutely no energy at all. I have offered her all of her favorite foods. Everything I can think of. But nothing. sad.gif She says she just doesn't feel like eating. I know it is better for her to drink and the dr.'s office said as long as she is drinking, then not to worry, but impo, 6 days is a long time for a child to go w/out food. After all, if she would eat a little somethng, I think she would feel better. I also think(don't really know for sure) that if she would eat a little bit maybe it would stimulate her appitite. I am so worried. Can anyone help? Do any of ya'll have any ideas on how I can get her to eat? And at what point do I take her to ER?Please, any advice is welcome!! I am almost in freak-out mode. help.gif

mckayleesmom replied: Try broth or that chicken and stars soup...the noodles are small and it probably won't hurt her throat....also try jello or pudding too....Stuff that won't hurt her throat.

mammag replied: I would give it a couple days more and then call the doctor again. I know when I'm sick I don't feel like eating.

I hope she gets better soon!

gr33n3y3z replied: try rice pudding or plain pudding
It will be cold for her throat
Or Jello
Put soup in a blender for her and make a drink
Liq. yogart

My2Beauties replied: I was going to say pudding as well, but in all honesty she probably is fine as long as she is drinking! It probably hurts her throat to eat so what Brianne said the chicken noodle and the pudding are starts! but I'm sure she is fine! Hope she gets to feeling better!

Kaitlin'smom replied: I old also say anyhtng liquid, what about a milk shake, or icecream, popsicles andything cold that might help her throat feel better. As long as she is still drinking she should be fine, I know your concerned but when I was a kid with pnemonia I was sick for a weeks and did not have solid food just lots of liquid.

Hope she feels better soon

loveydad replied: I think she's alright.Try gogurt, Dora or Jimmy neutron chicken soup, jellow with whipped cream, . As long as she's drinking she's alright. I would say check her skin if it feels rubbery and you can kinda pull it up away from the bone like elastic, she's dehyrdated.

atlantamomof2 replied: I know she's a little too old, but doesn't Pedialyte have special stuff in it (vitamins or something) that's beneficial to have when you're sick? unsure.gif I dunno?

Gosh, I hope she feels better soon! wub.gif

Becky74 replied: These ladies have all suggested what came to my mind:

Ice Cream
Milkshake and maybe use pedisure to boost nutrients

It is so horrible whne they are sick, I'd keep bugging the ped, if it doesn't feel right to you then take her back in over and over again grouphug.gif

loveydad replied:
Actualyl I'm a guy.

MommyToAshley replied: I agree with the others.

I especially think a milkshake or somethign cold might feel good on her throat. You could throw in some fresh strawberries or bananas in the milkshake.

loveydad replied: I wanted to add that she can go several days without food, just keep pumping her full of liquids. Most liekly it's the sickness that is making her look so bad and making her weak, not the lack of food.

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