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Some people have a mouse problem but I have...

Crystalina wrote: a chipmunk problem. Ugh! I can't STAND them!!!! Every day (yes, almost every single day) my cats bring one in the house. The dead ones aren't so bad, they aren't bloody and gross, just dead. Once in awhile they bring in a live one. growl.gif A healthy, non-injured live one. They are fast! They climb the curtains they hide behind things and I spend half the day trying to find/catch them. I think they are living in my ceiling. We have huge trees that hang over the house and I think they're using the roof as a bridge from point A to point B. dry.gif By the time I get it out of the house I've broken at least one or two items with the broom. growl.gif Send me a mouse any day. We have none of those. rolleyes.gif I could handle them. They're slower. emlaugh.gif

stella6979 replied: Awwwww.....but chipmunks are sooo cute. biggrin.gif

Crystalina replied:
When their dead. happy.gif

And then they chirp like a bird. It's just awful. There ought to be a trap.

stella6979 replied: LOL! We never see chipmunks around here, but saw a ton at the zoo the other day. Now, anytime I see them, I will think of you. emlaugh.gif

A&A'smommy replied: rolling_smile.gif rolling_smile.gif I'm sorry that would tick me off too

msoulz replied: Sound to me like you have a cat problem!

AlexsPajamaMama replied: Maybe a mouse trap will catch them? I'd use peanut butter and bird food and see if they fall for that dry.gif Little stinkers!

Calimama replied: Oh gosh I'd lock those cats out so quickly their heads would spin. rolling_smile.gif

cameragirl21 replied: put a collar on your cats with a bell on it, your cats' hunting days will be over. Worked like a dream for me. happy.gif

Crystalina replied:
I've thought of that but we live on 20 acres with about 17 of them being wooded. We have briar patches surrounding the property line and here and there in the wood. DH likes to keep them for the wild rabbits to live in. I'm afraid a cat with a collar may get stuck somewhere and I wouldn't hear it if it was far away from the house. sad.gif

cameragirl21 replied:
If they get stuck, the collar breaks instantly, it is built that way. Otherwise, cats would potentially hang themselves from trees.

Crystalina replied: The 17 wooded acres is why we have so many chipmunks (and squirrels). The squirrel don't bother us though. I love watching them make their nests in the trees and they bark worse then the dogs. happy.gif

Crystalina replied:
What kind of collar is that?? huh.gif I would love it!

cameragirl21 replied: I got mine at petsupermarket, it has a lock like thing in the middle that breaks open if pressure is put on it, like if a cat is wearing it and tries to pull away from something. And it comes with a bell on it. It's for cats who hunt and bring home stuff for those of us who'd prefer they didn't, like myself, for instance. wink.gif happy.gif

Crystalina replied:
I'll have to look into that! Thanks!!! I have about nine cats so I hope they don't cost a lot. emlaugh.gif They would be worth it though. I try to lock the cat door but my cats use that for the bathroom. I don't use litterboxes. They just always head for their door (thank goodness!). One night a raccoon came in that cat door though. Oh, that was a bad night. dry.gif emlaugh.gif I may as well just tear down my walls and let the entire wilderness in. rolleyes.gif

cameragirl21 replied: I think they are about 5 dollars each. You WILL lose them though, I mean, they do come off if the cats are stuck somewhere. I've gotten them for 2 diff cats and they each lost them at least once but they both got the message and never hunted again so I never had to replace them. happy.gif wink.gif

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