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So what did you all have for lunch?

Hillbilly Housewife wrote: I had some pasta that I made with the recipe I posted before... I made ravioli. yummy.gif

I also brought a package of noodle soup, carrots and an apple.... but I'm STUFFED from the half bowl of leftover ravioli I brought. That pasta is SOOOO filling!!!! but OH SO YUMMY!!!!!!

supermom replied: I haven't ate yet - my DH took DS over to McDonalds for a Happy Meal, and the mgr (as usual) gave him some Ice Cream (actually, this time is was about 1/2 of a hot fudge sundae!) and Anders decided he didn't want it (this was about 11 AM) so I ate it - giggle - and right now I am still not very hungry.....but DH is telling me that it wasn't a very nutritious lunch, so I will be eating some pasta pretty soon, with a side of salad from home

MommyToAshley replied: Haven't had time for lunch yet... sad.gif I have actually been working this morning, in between posting here and playing with my baby smile.gif.

I am thinking about making a baked potato with the works and some cheesy rice. LOL Nothing big.

momofajcl replied: I had a Lean Cuisene meal thingy...very good...and I made myself a green salad w/chopped up Vidalia onions (which I love) in it among other things. Used fat free dressing on the salad.

ashade75 replied: Gosh you guys eat so healthy.. ... Need to start doing that!!

I ate fast food grease (McD's)

booey2 replied: Well seeing as I am watching what I eat, I had a salad with 1 triangle of light laughing cow cheese, some dill pickles, an applesauce/banana snack, 2 apples, a Rocky Road granola bar, 1 bag Orville Rednbocker (sp??) smart pop with Kernels dill pickle flavouring, a litre of water and a bowl of 0 point ww homemade veggie soup. Can you say full and I still have over half my points left to eat tonight. AHHHHHH ohmy.gif

ediep replied: I had PB&J on crackers and a cherry vanilla yogurt.

Kaitlin'smom replied: water, water, water, water, arby's reg roast beef, oh and did I mention water?

maliksmommy replied: I had BBQ chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese on it and fries with ranch sauce~as you can see I am not watching what I am eating. I need to but I just love anything that is bad for me!

kit_kats_mom replied: a granola bar...very busy

MomofTay&Sam replied: laugh.gif I also had a bbq sandwhich, with bacon, cheese and onions dipped in ranch! And some hashbrowns. LOL laugh.gif

MommyToAshley replied: ACCKKK!! Now I am craving a BB sandwich with bacon, cheese and onions dipped in ranch! yummy.gif

There goes my 4 lbs I just lost!!!

Hillbilly Housewife replied:
Yum! I am too...I haven't had breakfast yet this morning.... maybe we should have a virtual bbq chiken sandwich day.... and all meet up online and yak.gif

MommyToAshley replied: Bummer, I just had brunch. It wasn't much though. A bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a glass of OJ. smile.gif

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