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She's only 9 and AF started!

Kirstenmumof3 wrote: ohmy.gif OMG I am not ready for this! It happened sometime this week, but she didn't say anything to me. I found out while doing the laundry. I feel really bad for her, but I'm a little concerned that she didn't tell me. She's too young for this, way to young for this! Well this explains her mood this week! Poor Kid! Time to have another talk with her. ohmy.gif

amynicole21 replied: Poor thing! Treat her gently. I remember being mortified and not wanting to tell anyone when mine started. I was too embarassed to listed to my sister explain how to use a tampon, and therefore used it wrong for months, probably doing some damage up there (I never removed the applicator - it stuck out of me all day!)

Kaitlin'smom replied: ohmy.gif Oh my that is young....poor thing AF is just no fun. Big hugs to both of you.

coasterqueen replied:
OMG Amy! ohmy.gif Yikes.

coasterqueen replied: Oh that's horrible. I know you're supposed to be happy about this but at 9!?!?!

I agree treat her gentle about it. I don't think I was afraid to tell anyone but I was embarassed because I started on the way home from school on the bus and apparently I had leaked through my clothes. I wondered who had seen it. blush.gif

My sister on the other hand....we were watching her for a week while my parents where on vacation. Don't remember how old she was. day while they were gone she got upset, started crying and locked herself in the bedroom. She didn't come out for a whole day! Come to find out a week later she had started and was too embarassed to tell me. I felt so bad because I thought she could come to me. Now I understand it a bit more, lol.

jcc64 replied: Wow, 9 IS young! I remember being mortified when I got mine, but I was closer to 13. I was at a swim meet, and my parents weren't there! Had no clue whatsoever how to use a tampon, and was in a bathing suit all day long. Traumatic.

DansMom replied: Wow, that is young!! I remember wanting not to tell anyone either. My mom had given me some pads when I was 12 or 13 and had a preparatory talk about it, before I started, but I wouldn't think of preparing a 9 year old. Even if she's embarrassed, she'll be grateful for any information and supplies you can give her. I would focus on the positives of being grown up and becoming a woman, I guess.

Kirstenmumof3 replied: Thanks everyone! I had a talk with her earlier this year, I can't remember when I think it was in February. I'm just so shocked! I need to go shopping tonight and buy smaller sanitary napkins for her. I think a 9 year old is just a little to young to be using tampoons. I myself can't use them. My poor Girl! sad.gif

Guest_jem0622 replied: HUGS. I was in the 5th grade when I got mine.

Julie (30) birthmom to RM (11/12/92) DH Jim (31) DS Nathan (4) DS Gabe (22 mos) and g/g twins (edd 12/18/04)

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ediep replied: awwww poor kid!!! I was in 5th grade when I got mine. so I think I was 10. I was at a halloween party and when I got home, my parents weren't home. My neighbor was supposed to be watching me and she told my mom that I was in the bathroom crying when she got there. bawling.gif My mom knew what had ahppened! My dad felt bad for me so he bought me a skateboard and made me pancakes the next morning! sad.gif

A&A'smommy replied: awwwwieee poor baby! I was the same way I was too embarressed to tell my mom (but I think I was 11 or 12 when I started) she didn't know for THREE months!!! Poor girl!

lsjulee replied: Hugs hugs. Hope your 9yo can adapt to it well.

Now I'm wacko.gif . Not sure whether I could be as calm when Xin would have her first.

Guest replied: I started when I was 9 too! My mom had not told me about it.. so I thought I was dying...
they grow up fast!

paradisemommy replied: wow..9 is young..i started when i was about 12. my sister never started until she was like 19.. ohmy.gif can you believe that???

mama3x replied: I was 9 when I got mine and it scared the s%@t out of me because I had never been told about it. Thought I was bleeding to death.

I had a complex about it because no one else had it either plus I had bad cramps AND I wasn't told that I had to change the pad every few hours (my flow was HEAVY) so I ended up soiling my clothes. Everyone would know AF was happening.

I think as long as you're open all should be fine. I know, it is REAL early. Good luck!

Guest replied: 19 is so late to start your period!

Yankiewife replied: Wow...9 is so young..Poor little girl.. Big hugs to both of you..

gr33n3y3z replied: 9 is young my Kaitlin was 10 when she got hers. And she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said I guess I'm a lady now and cried even harder. But she is doing ok with it now. My Dr told me that more girls are getting it younger now they think because of all the crap they pump into the meats and our foods.

WillandFinn'sMom replied: I was ten when I got mine and I didn't tell my mom, either. I was just so embarrassed.

My friend's dd is 8 and going through early puberty. They have her on a medication for it. My friend said the reason they want to stop it is because it stunts their growth when they go through puberty young. I don't mean to worry you, but it might be something to ask her docter about.

saphrin replied: ME TOO
She started today, she just turned 10 and had told me she had an accident at lunch time. She knew what to expect, we already had the talk because she started to develop at age 7. I know how you feel, they are really just still babies and have to face this. She is worried about changing for gym, if other girls will see the pad. I agree, I think tampons are too much for a child that young. My lunch hour was a parenting nightmare. My son, who is being picked on, was seen by the group that loves to pick, having lunch with my daugther and me. I found out after they left that it was one of them that had spit in his face in the hall at school. Then we left the restaraunt and my daughter told me about her "accident". So here I sit, hoping my son is not being picked on this afternoon and my 10 year old daughter is lying on the couch, watching TV and being a little spoiled. I am so glad I am able to vent. I feel a little better now.

GavinsMommy replied: I was 12....what's worse is I started when I was on the phone w/ these two twins I liked. laugh.gif It was horrible...but only because my stomach hurt really bad.

I went downstairs to find a pad and my parents knew that I was acting weird and my stepdad was like...WHAT DO YOU NEED? bc I was supposed to be in my room for the night....he kept asking until I blew up and said I NEED A PAD, OK??? And then everything was embarrassing when it's your first period!

akbutterfly83 replied: I started when I was 9 too... and so did my mom and sister....

Just don't throw her a partty for becoming a young lady... that's what my mom and step-dad did... how embarissing..... they told everyone....

Just keep it in the family.... you, dad, and her...

big hugs to you both.... hope everything goes right.....

mommy2owen replied: I started when I was 14, my twin sister started when she was 8. It's kinda wierd dont ya think!?

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