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Rough afternoon... I'm such a moron.

amynicole21 wrote: When Sophia and I got home from daycare/work today, I pulled into the garage and turned off the ignition. Sophia begged me for the keys, like she always does whenever she sees them. I gave them to her to play with in her carseat while I unloaded the car. As soon as I closed my car door, she hit the remote lock button on the keychain and locked herself in. ohmy.gif I started shouting for her to hit the button, but everytime she did she hit the lock button and the car would honk really loudly. She started to cry and freak, and I was freaking out. I called dh and asked him if he was close to being home, but he was at the pizza place waiting for our dinner. He started shouting in a panic at the pizza guy that he had to leave right then! But just then I called him and told him I had figured out how to get her out. I remembered there was a spare key hidden somewhere outside, so I was ripping up all of the stepping stones looking for it. I finally found it and got into the house, found the spare truck key and got her out. She's fine, I'm fine, dh thinks I'm an idiot. rolleyes.gif

Word to the wise... never give your kids the keys if you have the remote switch on the keychain!!!!!

A&A'smommy replied: AWWW yeah I would have freaked too! Your not an idiot! ((HUGS))

kimberley replied: omg! what a scare! i would have been hysterical! i am glad you remembered the spare key and she wasn't stuck in there so long. (((hugs))) to you both!! grouphug.gif grouphug.gif

paradisemommy replied: poor thing and poor sophia..i would have freaked too! but you're not an idiot! i give taven my keys all the time. glad you used your noodle and was able to get the spare key!! wink.gif

MommyToAshley replied: ((((HUGS))))) What a scare!! Glad she and you are ok! You're not an idiot, that is soo easy to do, and I bet a lot of mommies have done the same thing.

Ashley always begs for my keys too. The other day when we were at the grocery, I gave them to her in her carseat just like you did Sophia so I could put the groceries in the trunk. I left the passenger door open so I could hear her (otherwise the same thing could have easily happened to me). Ashley did honk the horn quite a few times and she thought it was funny when I would jump.

CantWait replied: rolling_smile.gif I'm so sorry, I just had to laugh laugh.gif

Kirstenmumof3 replied: grouphug.gif OH Amy don't feel bad! I've done worse! When we first bought our house I wasn't used to having so many doors. We had a small apartment before our house and we just had the main entrance. Anyway I was hanging laundry out on the line and my DD (then 3) closed the back door, which automatically locked. My DS (then 1) was locked in the house. I was in such a panic I had to run to the corner store, leaving my 3 year old in the porch and my 1 year old locked in the house. My FIL had to come and open the door for me, it took about 15 minutes for him to get there. Well you would think I would have learned from this, but NO! About 3 months later my DD did the same thing, only this time she locked herself and her brother in the house! So I had to run to the store again and get my FIL to bring me the keys. Then it happened again, only this time I locked us all out of the house! Since then we now leave a key in the backporch! grouphug.gif

DansMom replied: Wow, that sounds like a wild time for mommy! I can just picture it! I'm glad you thought of the spare key smile.gif

ediep replied: Oh man, that is soooooo something I would do!! Glad it worked out, you are not an moron

chloe&tysmommy replied: oh my...what a scare. I am always paranoid something like that will happen to me. It's very easily done too so don't feel bad wink.gif

pinka_star replied: Oh my goodness!!! I'm glad she wasn't in the car for very long and she didn't get hurt or anything. How scary. *Hugs*

coasterqueen replied: Oh no Amy! How scary! I'm glad you found the spare key quickly. ((HUGS)) I'm glad Sophia is okay too. Whew!

Kaitlin'smom replied: I worry about that to but thankfully right not I am in the stone age and dont have auto locks, so when she begs for my keys I unlock all the doors before I get out just incase...I lock my door form habit.

But that would be scary, glad you found that spare key.

Mom2Boyz replied: OMG how scary!!!! Good thing you had an extra key!

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