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Robeez question

MyBrownEyedBoy wrote: I bought Logan another pair of Robeez in March, they are great for slippers. Floors can be cold in the mornings here. But Aaron let Logan wear them to daycare the other day, they are filthy and really need cleaned. Does anyone know if you can just throw them in the washing machine? And how about drying them. I would think if they air dried, they would get stiff.

holley79 replied: I cleaned mine on the gentle cycle in the wash then I put leather conditioner on them and hung them up to dry.

paradisemommy replied: i always throw mine in the wash but i let them air dry..i think the package said to stick a big spoon in them to reshape the toe part but i don't do that anymore.. biggrin.gif

MyBrownEyedBoy replied: Okay, I'll throw them in with the next wash, then I'm hiding them so Aaron doesn't do that again. LOL.

Kentuckychick replied:
Lol, yeah we just throw the child's foot in there a few good times and eventually it sort of just reshapes itself tongue.gif

amynicole21 replied: Just be sure you don't put them in the dryer! wink.gif

grapfruit replied: What are Robeez???? huh.gif

momtoMegan&Alyxandria replied:
I wanna know too!!! We must be really behind the times here in Ohio.

moped replied:

These are Robeez

grapfruit replied: oOo cute!

Jamison'smama replied:
I'm not sure where in Ohio you are but they have them in Columbus in all the Stride Rites and a few baby boutiques. I bought them online for Jamison.

grapfruit replied: Yeah I don't think there are and Stride Rites by us. I don't remember seeing any at least. I actually don't even know where one in Columbus is (and I know C-bus fairly well, not great though). We're about 1 1/2 - 2 hours (depending on traffic) from there

lovemy2 replied: I have tossed Olivia's in the washer and dryer - they didn't seem to shrink....

Jamison'smama replied:
Polaris Mall, Tuttle Mall and Easton Town Center.

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