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Question on tubal ligation

mummy2girls wrote: I am wondering about this. has anyone had it done or will in the future? I am no longer with my ex because he didnt want another child in the future and i did. and other things on top of that caused us to break ifeel bad we broke up and now i feel the same as him. Anyways i am now thinking oif getting it done. Many things and reasons i want it done...i lost my first son to a genetic disease and with both him and jenna i had a spina bifada scare. I am blessed with a healthy baby after losing a very ill baby from birth. And i am thanklful for that but lately ive been really thinking about not a having anymore. The disease that jordan had is a very painful disease. kids that have it has had over 30 operations and they still are in pain. Jordan had a severe case that is why is died sad.gif Im scared that if i have another baby he or she will have the disease. because with this disease its like russian roulette it can skip kids and such. you just never know until the baby is born because there are no tests while your preg to detect the disease sad.gif But im only 27 and im not sure my ob/gyn will give me one and also im single and that another factor. I just feel i was blessed with jenna after my horrible experience losingb my precious angel that i should just stop. I big reason i wanted another baby is so jenna will have a sibling and ive been having twinges of wanting another baby when im married though. but jenna has a cousin that is only 5 month younger than her and im really close to her mom(my ex's sister) so we meet everyweekend. And they probably will grow up to be sisters because of being so close. I dont know..Im going to stick to birth control pills and such for now. im just pondering the desicion. because if i do decide that will be the end of me having babies unless i try reversing. But that costs alot. Alberta health coverage will cover the costs of the operation but to get it reversed i will have to pay.

Do you know what is involved with this? how long to recover? etc etc etc

mckayleesmom replied: I know they change the rules as well as every doctor has his own rules. I know alot of them wont do it for women under 28 and alot wont do it for people with only 1 child...My sister looked into it a long time ago. I personally would never have it done. If I have the babies,,,he gets the snippen.

CantWait replied: why doesn't he just get snipped???? Especailly if you don't know the outcome of your relationship with him yet. If you're still having twinges about having another baby, it's probably best to wait. Just my 2cents.gif
Either way I want to offer my support grouphug.gif

coasterqueen replied: I've never had one and don't plan to. I want more babies, besides the two Dh and I *agreed* upon, so Dh said he was going to get snipped. Fine by me. biggrin.gif I just don't think I can ever make that huge decision.

This is just my opinion, but I would wait a bit longer and really think it over. It's a huge decision and you never know if a reversal would even work. I don't know what you have gone thru with your pg's or dealing with the particular disease, so I can't begin to imagine.

grouphug.gif grouphug.gif May you find peace with whatever decision you decide to come to.

3xsthefun replied: I think I'd wait if I was you. Specially if you think there is a chance you want another child. My aunt had one done right after she had her second baby. She really has regretted having it done for about 4 years now. Her two boys are 13 and her second will be 9 in October. She has been wanting to have another baby. But she can't now.

I was going to have one done but I just don't think I can now. Besides hubby dear will be getting snipped. He done said he would.

Mom2_my3boys replied: Hello, I'm not sure how much info I can offer you but I'll tell you my situation. I had a tubal done on September 14. 9 days ago. Along with it though I had an emergancy c-section to bring my 3rd baby into the world. My husband and I decided 3 was enough for us. We are both 26 years old and do not want more children. We have 3 very beautiful healthy boys and that is all we can handle emotionally and financially. I know some people would disagree with us about putting money in as part of our decision, but we want our boys to have the best and having more children would be very hard for us. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your child. I honostly don't know what I might do if I was in your situation. about the tubal. In my opinion it has been painful. I know some of the pain is from the c-section but I can pinpoint the spots where they put the clips on. I would do some deep soul searching before making the decision to have it done. As someone else said reversal does not always work. I hope I have not offended you in any way by what I have said. I'm wishing you best of luck in your decision either way.

mummy2girls replied: no one offended me..thanx for your 2 cents guys. I am going to hold off and just wait. Because i am still single and you never know what will happen between me and jens dad and if it ever will again. I will stick to birth control pills. I am just really scared is all abvout the disease jordan had. My mom told me to wait because you never know what life will bring me in the future.

thanks again guys smile.gif

Heather replied: I am not really familiar with it too much. I would never get it done. I would rather have Dh get snipped first...I heard it is a safer procedure, a lot can happne during a tubal. BUT, it is your decision. I just wanted to say that if this was a genetic disorder, how do you know that you were the carrier and it wasn't your ex? I was just wondering. I know your point is that you don't want to chance it but I think if i were you I would wait a little bit. Especially if you are having doubts. Think about it just might regret it in the future!!! Good luck. You will make the right decision for you when it is time smile.gif

I am very sorry for your loss (HUGS)

mummy2girls replied: The disease jordan had some doctors think its genetic some dont. Because with families that have kids with it for example have 2 out of 3 with the disease or just one out of 2 with it or every second child has it or all your kids have it. There are no tests to determine if the baby has it when your pregnant, you have to wait till you have the baby. And some kids have it so mildly they dont get diagnosed till they are older some have it so severly(jordan did) they are diagnosed from day one and eventually die from it. I cant even get tested to see if im the carrier. Its a rare disease and hard to pinpoint. So it could of come from either of us. But its hard to determine bacuse other than jordan he has 5 other kids perfectly healthy and then i also have jen perfectly helthy. So who knows. Plus it happens more to boys than girls. jordans dad is different than jennas dad.

But i want to add something...It the middle of him dieing and on life support i did donate his heart and kidneys. The heart went to a baby in toronto that was born with HLHS(sp?) He was really sick and dieng and needed a new heart. And he had a twin sister. wub.gif

supermom replied: I am seriously considering it - there are several considerations and my XH was the one to get snipped before, but with my DH he is so much younger than I am, and I am sure that my body is telling me that I shouldn't have any more children, so it just makes more sense for me to get it done than him.....

My opinion - and you have come to that conclusion yourself, is that being single, and so young, you should wait and use a less permanent method of birthcontrol until you are VERY VERY sure that you won't EVER want more children.

amynicole21 replied: I'm glad you've decided to wait. My concern is also that you are single, and that maybe in a few years you will meet someone new who wants tons of kids. Even if you don't think you want more now, you never know what the future holds for you.

I really admire you for donating Jordan's organs... that is the most wonderful gift that you can give a family. Imagine the parents of that boy who received the organs... their relief and thankfulness must have been overwhelming. And Jordan will live on, not only in your heart, but in the body of another. wub.gif

mummy2girls replied: thank you..i actually recieved a ltter from the mom of the baby....i treasure it so much.

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