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Question about wigs???

MommyToAshley wrote: Ashley is going to be Stephanie from Lazy Town for Halloween. I tried to talk her into being Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, but she really wants to be Stephanie. So... Stephanie it is. She does look cute in the costume. wub.gif

Anyways, Ashley has long hair and the wig is short. I have a hard time getting her wig to stay on when I pull her hair up. I have tried pinning it but it still comes loose. She is going to a Halloween party this weekend and I need to figure something out... any ideas how to get her wig to stay on?

mckayleesmom replied: Maybe you can buy some of that pink hair spraypaint and just paint a light coat over her natural hair......Its ok for Stephanie to have long hair....Its holloween...Doesn't have to be perfect......Or a long pink hair wig.

amynicole21 replied: Is the pin slipping because her hair is too smooth? If you french braid her hair, then pin the wig in the braid, it should stay on.

mckayleesmom replied:
That is a good idea...and you can tuck the braid under.

paradisemommy replied: if that doesn't work, maybe try using a shower cap underneath the wig to keep her hair all up? or a hair net?

luvbug00 replied:

yeah and like brianne said tuck. that is what we did for compittions for dance. it works real well i bet she'll be adorable!

MommyToAshley replied: I wish I knew how to french braid. blush.gif

C&K*s Mommie replied: If you go to a beauty supply store, or a wig shop they should have something called wig caps. They help to hold hair in and down in order to wear a wig.

Or you can improvise and use an old pair of pantyhose, cut the legs, tie the top and voila! a homemade wig cap.

punkeemunkee'smom replied: I was going to say pantyhose just like Nicole did or you can try a low ponytail and then divide the pony onto 2 sections and braid each side and then pin it to the sides of her head-right braid pinned to right side left to left-works well if you do it with wet hair-it is tighter that way...Are you getting a mental image laugh.gif We did this when I wore a wig for drama in Highschool because I have too much hair to pile it under a wig cap smile.gif

Kaitlin'smom replied:
I do. I can help you. You need to have a wig cap for her since she has long hair. Being that I have dealt with this MANY times in theatre. I have had to help with all kinds of hair under wigs even had to maintain wigs for several shows. Let me know I can come over and help you get her set.

oh the other thing that works really well under wigs is pin curling your hair.

mom2my2cuties replied: They sell wig caps and things at the malls for that smile.gif

Just stick her hair under the wig cap and then clip the wig to the wig cap.

danahas4monkeys replied: maybe do a bun then put a hairnet over it. or two small buns if there is too much hair.

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