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Pre-term Contractions - ...NOT AGAIN?!?!

pinniy wrote: Sunday night, I was woken up by some minor contractions, ...not hicks, actual contractions. They were pretty irregular, and far enough apart, I didn't worry so much. THEN, when I got to work, I was getting a couple every hour, and they were stopping me from even holding a conversation. So, I called my doctor's office, and they had me come in.

Next thing you know, they're sending me off to the Labor and Delivery. I ended up with an IV and Brethine (not sure of spelling) injections. Wow, I couldn't take a nap if I wanted to, that stuff had me shaking like I was on "something." I didn't like it.

They were going to try to keep me overnight, but NO WAY! Anyway, all is going well, they stopped the contractions and gave me a lower dose of pills to take regularly. AND, worst thing is, I'm on bed rest. I did, however sleep AAALLLL day, today, but I know this is going to drive me nuts. I go back to the doctors on Thursday. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted.

Oh, one more thing, I went through the exact same things with Trie-Trei. I'm almost on the exact same timeline as I was with him. This sucks!!!

giffmom replied: I hope tha teverything will be ok, I will keep you in my prayers. hug.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: hug.gif Hope everything goes smoothly from here out.

PrairieMom replied: Hang in there. Just be thankful they are able to do something to help you! 27 weeks is to early for that little one to be born! Hopefully you will get a good report at the Dr's thursday. hug.gif

kayla's mama replied: Oh man, hang in there. Hoping that the little one decides to stay in for a couple more weeks wink.gif Keep us posted.

MomToJade&Jordan replied: I was given one of those injections while in labor with Jordan. Her heart rate was going way down with contractions so theu gave it to me to give her a break. I thought I'd never stop shaking. Hang in there! hug.gif

luvbug00 replied: I did the same thing with Mya. hug.gif she was roughly a month early and she is fine. Good luck !!! thumb.gif

CosmetologyMommy replied: Are you on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy?

luvmykids replied: I was on that stuff too, no fun. The twins were a month early and fine, so hang in there just a while longer! Prayers to you! hug.gif

Mom2BNTN replied:
Just wanted to wish you Good Luck! I hope you get a good report when you go to your Dr. Just take things easy and maybe you will be able to carry your baby a little while longer to ensure you have a healthy one. Keep us posted.

pinniy replied: Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and words. I need them. I'm a very independant person, and I hate that I NEED to have people come and help me with my everyday tasks. I just wish Geoff was here to help. He's not taking this very well either. He seems to think it's my fault, like I stress too much, or I'm doing too much. It's just nice to get some kinds words. I'll let you all know how things go tomorrow.

CantWait replied: Best of luck, stay in the hospital if needed. The rest will help I'm sure, and not having to worry about getting up for your other little guy. hug.gif

pinniy replied: Went to the Dr's, today. He gave me some new prescription, that I only have to take once a day, and it doesn't have the side effect, like the Brethine (spelling?). In conjunction, I'm to continue taking the Brethine, when I have multiple contractions w/in an hour. He just told me NOT to stand up quickly on this new med, 'cause it's a blood pressure medicine, and it can make me dizzy.

Oh, and I get to go back to work. YAY!!! ...well, for half a day, at least. He asked me what I could handle, and I told him I could NOT handle bedrest. He said okay, but my appts are going to be a lot closer to eachother now. Hey, whatever it takes. Right?

PrairieMom replied: good for you. I remember fighting to go back to work when I was on bedrest with THe Boy. It is so tireing to lay around all day.
What kind of work do you do again?

pinniy replied: I'm a computer programmer in the Air Force. So, I do a lot of sitting. The guys at work even got me something to prop my feet up on, for under my desk. Most are single, but very thoughtful and considerate.

I'm glad to be able to go back. Otherwise, I'd spend ALL my $$ shopping online.... And that darn HSN. tongue.gif

Tylersmommy replied: I had a few contractions the other day but they stoped after about an hour and a half and I haven't had any since. I sure do hope you're okay and that your baby is healthy and not born early.

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