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Prayers for my little brother... - he is really sick!

punkeemunkee'smom wrote: I just talked to my mom and my 14 year old brother is VERY sick. They are running blood work because he has symptoms of meningitis...a kid in college in their town had it and my 19 year old brother plays pick up football with one of his roomates...anyway it is scary so please say a prayer for him! His name is Seth. Thank you!

moped replied: Oh no, please keep us updated

He will be in my prayers

Debra replied: My prayers are with him!

Please remember that while meningitis can be scary & sometimes deadly if you have a compromised immune system, do not go in for treatment, etc. It is actually quite common & a lot of people develop it without even knowing. I know it's easier said than done as far as not worrying, though. I'm glad he is seaking treatment!

Generally it is viral & is caused by another viral infection & will run it's course. The main concern is dehydration.

If it is bacterial, it can be treated with antibiotics. With viral, it just has to run it's course.

We just had to deal with this at the beginning of the year. A friends son developed viral meningitis after having a viral URI (upper respiratory infection). The bad thing about it is that they had to do a spinal tap to find out what kind of meningitis is. The concern for my daughter when she was sick was more about her asthma than the actual meningitis!

Please keep us updated! hug.gif

Sarah&Mackenzie replied: Thoughts and Prayers to him. I hope he will be o.k.!! hug.gif

mckayleesmom replied: hug.gif

Boys r us replied: Oh dear God, I will definitely send prayers his way!!! Please keep us updated!

gr33n3y3z replied: So sorry to hear that
Seth will be in my prayers
Did he get the shot before he went to school?

redchief replied: Prayers and PT's

TANNER'S MOM replied: Oh man.. I am praying for him. Iknow how painful the test they do is..


jcc64 replied: My thoughts are with you and your family. I know meningitis is scary, but I think as long as it's diagnosed early and treated appropriately, the chances for a complete recovery are excellent. He's young and otherwise healthy- all things in his favor.
Good luck.

My2Beauties replied: P&PT's are with your family and your brother! sad.gif

amymom replied: Prayers for your brother Seth.

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