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Potty Training! - great news :)

jacobsmama wrote: wavey.gif I wanted to share my good news with you guys! Last wednesday Jacob got up and said he didn't want to wear his diaper so I said ok do you want to put on some big boy underwear? and he said yeah!!! So I put them on him...and guess what he has been in underwear everysince!! He has only had like 4-5 accidents total and that was the first 2 days...IM IN SHOCK..He is soo easy.

I bought a poster board and it is on the bathroom door and he puts a sticker on it everytime he goes and now he is going in there and going by himself and then saying to me mama I need a sticker..hahah HE is so cute tongue.gif

And at night He use to soak his diaper but I said don't pee pee in that and he said ok and he woke up dry!!! I just couldn't believe it..He does hold his poop though until the last minute and had 2 accidents..but he is doing so well.

I'm just a proud mommy. wub.gif

zdk753 replied: Way to go Jacob horray.gif horray.gif horray.gif!!!

C&K*s Mommie replied: WTG... Jacob!!! clapsmiley.gif Keep it up! party.gif

luvmykids replied: You should be a proud mommy! WTG! thumb.gif

holley79 replied: Oh that is so wonderful.

Congrats Jacob!!!!!!! thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif

3xsthefun replied: That is great! WTG Jacob! thumb.gif

Celestrina replied: I'm not sure who should be happier, you or Jacob! (now if Ben would show any interest)

PrairieMom replied: way to go! All you have to do is ask him not to pee at night? why didn't I think of that! ? rolling_smile.gif I'm totally going to try that tonight! laugh.gif

kimberley replied: wub.gif what a big boy!!! wtg Jacob! thumb.gif

fashionmumofboys replied: banana.gif horray.gif WTG Jacob.

Keep up the good work.

DansMom replied: He was obviously ready! thumb.gif That is young for a boy---Jacob is definitely advanced and independent early smile.gif

jacobsmama replied: Thanks for all the applause he is such a big boy now it is scaring me!! Prairiemom did you try it asking him not to pee or to wake you up??? Just curious wink.gif

moped replied: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did you do it so easily?


A&A'smommy replied: WOW WTG Jacob!!!!!! thumb.gif thumb.gif

jacobsmama replied:
Jacob really just did it on his own! The rewarding him with stickers really helps he loves putting them on the posterboard in the bathroom and we just make a huge deal and now he isn't even asking for a sticker everytime he just goes and comes and says mom i peed! Im sooo proud of him and just saying don't got pee pee in your diaper has done it..

Oh and he is always wearing underwear except naps and bedtime wears diaper or pullup So I think he is less confused. blush.gif

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