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Please read!

marriedwivkids wrote: My name is Samantha and I am a 21 year old married mum of 2 children who are both under the age of 3 years. I am now 21 weeks pregnant again and was told at my 19 week scan that my placenta is low-lying. I didn't have this problem on my previous two pregnancies, and I know it can cause bleeding if it remains low. I have done some research online on low-lying placenta's and placenta previa and I still don't know enough about the problem. I have another scan booked for 20th September when I will be 36 weeks. I am quite worried that with my hectic everyday life, that this may cause the placenta to remain low and that I will need a caesarean. Can someone give me some more information on this problem and maybe tell me if my hectic lifestyle will have any effect on it. Thank you for any help/information you may be able to give me.

Ashlynn's Mommy replied: I'm so sorry, I have no advice for you. I just wanted to wish you lots a luck with your pregnancy, and I hope everything turns out ok. hug.gif wavey.gif

PrairieMom replied: i don't have info for you either. sorry

Nathansmom replied: On my 18 week ultrasound I was told my placenta was low-lying, not bad, and that it usually moves up. I had another ultrasound at 27 weeks and everything was fine.

Ashlynn's Mommy replied: The picture of your son in the highchair is so cute. rolling_smile.gif

mammag replied: I was told at one point that mine was low but it also moved up. If your doctor isn't worried at this time, I wouldn't worry either. My sister had Placenta Previa with her first and went into labor a month early and had heavy bleeding. Everything turned out fine. The baby was just in the hospital for a couple of weeks because she was so small from being born early. My sister had to have a C-Section but that was the only bad thing for her.

I bet it will move up but it's not as bad, I think, these days as it once was because they can just plan to do a C-Section before anything happens. I don't know a ton about it though....just my sisters experience.

CantWait replied: No advice, but welcome to PC.

Melmel replied: I also was told my placenta was "a little lower than we like" at an ultrasound at 17 weeks. I had a follow up ultrasound about 4 weeks later and they said it was okay.
I would agree with the post not to worry about it too much, I think there is a good chance it will move up. If your Doc was worried about it they would be doing a repeat ultrasound much sooner.
Try not to worry. biggrin.gif

Nathansmom replied: With your second ultrasound being so far away, and so close to the end of your pregnancy, I agree, don't worry, the placenta should move up as the baby grows.

ashtonsmama replied: First off-welcome to PC!
And congrats on your pregnancy, and good luck!
I'm sure baby will turn out fine, I wouldn't stress, just watch and wait is my advice, but definitely call your doc or do some Google searching if you're super stressed about it.


TheOaf66 replied: that is one that I don't know about, sorry sad.gif

na81 replied: Don't know anything about it, but I hope things are okay with you and the baby! P&PT's! hug.gif

BTW, wavey.gif welcome to PC!

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