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Please help before I freak out altogether - furniture

luvmykids wrote: growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif
I'm trying to calm down, does anyone know what is safe to use on leather furniture to get ball point ink off?

aspenblue1 replied: I am not sure I usually use leather cleaner.

~~*Missi*~~ replied: UH OH...... i dunno know.....................SORRY

Crystalina replied: Maybe this is no help at all but would one of those Mr. Clean Magic erasers work? I use them on everything. Except leather though, so I'm not sure if you could get enough friction to rub it off. It's worth a try.

My3LilMonkeys replied: Here's what I found on

How to Remove Ink From a Leather Sofa


Leather is virtually maintenance-free as a furniture covering, but ink from a ballpoint pen can be particularly hard to remove. Ink marks are certainly easier to remove than a rip, however.

1. Work on removing the stain as soon as you discover it. Dried ink is especially difficult to get out, unless you act quickly.

2. Blot the stain with a soft dry cloth or cotton ball.

3. Moisten another cloth and clean lightly with circular movements. Dry the surface with a soft cloth.

4. Try a little saddle soap or another leather cleaner, but first read the label regarding its safety for use on your particular kind of leather. You may also try removing the stain with lukewarm water and shampoo.

5. Contact the manufacturer for a remedy for the type of ink used - the company may sell its own solvent.

Traditional wisdom recommends treating ink stains with milk or tomato. Cover the stain with a little milk or rub it with the cut side of a half a tomato. Take more care with the tomato remedy, as tomatoes contain some acidity. Rinse either treatment well.

Avoid any kind of cleaner or detergent, unless it's specified for the particular sofa or particular leather, as it could harm the leather.

Tips from eHow Users:
Rubbing alcohol works well to remove pen marks by Daniela P.
I used rubbing alcohol with a q-tip to remove a really big mark on my cream colored sofa. You may want to test this with a colored couch. Just dip the q-tip in alcohol and rub gently and use a rag to wipe it off. Keep repeating and it'll be gone!

Clean ink from leather by eHow Friend
Before you try hairspray, alcohol or any of those other products that may stain your leather, try Mr. Clean Magic Pads. It worked great on my 100% Italian leather couch.

luvmykids replied: Thank you so much, I tried the manufacturers leather cleaner, no good. The magic eraser seems to be doing the trick, I'm just waiting to make sure it doesn't leave a funny spot after it's dried. Thanks again! I was too mad to think straight, I had already put the kids to bed and while I was in our room changing the sheets I heard little giggles .... and walked out to see all 3 drawing on my fairly new saddle colored sectional!!! growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif Boy did they get in trouble, good thing DH is out of town or they'd really get it.

luvmykids replied: OK, just for future reference, definitely spot test the magic eraser. It seems like it took off the finish or something. I thought maybe those spots were just "cleaner" than the rest of the sofa but it actually is different. Now I don't know what to do about that!

Anyway, thanks for the help. It does get ink off but takes the finish with it. We have very soft, high grade leather, it may not do that on others that are not as soft.

1lilpeanut2love replied: I am SO sorry that your furniture got ruined!

CAMSMOM1 replied: I just called my sister about this, she has leather furniture and she said use Rubbing Alcholol. But I just read you used the Magic Eraser...girl...I knew that would take the finish off. I'm so sorry it did! sad.gif I wish I could've seen this post before now.

ashtonsmama replied:
I'm sorry!!!
Uh oh, someone's in trouble at your house!
Good luck, not sure what to suggest...look online, sometimes I find good stain remover tips...

luvmykids replied:
Thanks bawling.gif It's my own fault, I had been paying bills earlier and still had all my stuff (including a box of pens) still out. BUT I know they know better, and that's really bothering me! What am I doing wrong that they know better and do it anyway?

And I'm really dreading when DH gets home. I'm going to be in a lot more trouble than they were! huh.gif

holley79 replied: Do you have any saddle soap? That is what I used to get BM off my leather couch. rolling_smile.gif

PrairieMom replied: I'm so sorry about your couch. It is so frusterating when you KNOW they know better. growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif
An interesting thing about the magic eraser, it got brown crayon of our big screen TV.( I thought I was really gonna get it when DH got home too. )

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