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Pins!! I love them!!

MomToMany wrote: I *finally* mastered pinning a prefold (cloth diaper). Now I am hooked! I LOVE how Kayla looks in just a pinned prefold. WOOHOO!! It's a great feeling!!

C&K*s Mommie replied: clapsmiley.gif YAY!!! woohoo.gif

gr33n3y3z replied:
what are you talking about?
Can you explain what Pinning is

MomToMany replied:
I'm talking about using to hold the diaper on:

user posted image

coasterqueen replied: Ah, the good ol' fashioned way. That's how my mom did cloth with my sister. thumb.gif Do they make the pins safer these days so kids don't get poked? I'm sure they do. I remember my sister getting poked often. sleep.gif

gr33n3y3z replied: thats what I thought ....
I just didnt think it mattered which way you put them on just as long as it held the diaper on LOL
I liked the velcro ones better then I didnt have to deal with pins

MomToMany replied:
They make metal ones with a locking head so the child can't open them, and so they don't pop open on their own. I need to get some of those, since I am using the cheap plastic head ones.

Maddie&EthansMom replied: That's the only way I've ever put on a cloth diaper. blink.gif

3_call_me_mama replied: Great Job Mollie! thumb.gif I have yet to attempt pins.. I think I finally have figured that snappi out smile.gif blink.gif
But am LOVING teh snaps! SO quick and easy. Also teh Aplix/Velcrom isn't that bad not that I got Kathleen to leave it alone:) (The dipers with wider stuff on it she like to try adn undo if i dont' put pants on her righ taway smile.gif laugh.gif

MomToMany replied: LOL, the snappi can take awhile to get used to. I know I was stumped at first too! But I mostly just folded the prefold & laid it in the wrap & just snapped it on.

I love snaps over velcro too, since they stay nicer longer; the velcro can get all gunked up. But to clean it out, use one of the snappi ends to scrape it clean thumb.gif .

coasterqueen replied: Carrie,

The gDiaper covers are great velcro covers. They velcro in the back so your little one CAN'T unvelcro them. I know a few moms who cloth that bought the gDiaper covers to use with their cloth inserts.

fashionmumofboys replied: thumb.gif

It looks great.

kimberley replied: thumb.gif good job! got any more pics for us? i loved the embroidered diaper you did! you are talented.

MomToMany replied: Here's one more I've embroidered. I'm going to be brave & try a multi-colored one this weekend, LOL.

MomToMany replied: Close-up of the design. It puckered a tad at the top of the large heart, but it still looks alright:

Insanemomof3 replied: That is the only way I thought it was done. dunno.gif I lived with a family who cloth diapered when I was 14 so I was a master at changing them. That is also when I made my decision that cloth diapers were not for me because it was gross.

MomToMany replied:
They have some easier, nifty fasteners so you don't have to use pins. Or you can just fold the diaper in thirds & lay it in a snug fitting wrap. But I love the look with pins!

There's also cloth diapers out there that are as easy or easier than a disposable. Jst depends on what you like.

gr33n3y3z replied:
That is so cool
I like that
You do very nice work thumb.gif

Insanemomof3 replied: Love the embroidery! It looks great!

3_call_me_mama replied: Thanks for the tip Karen. thumb.gif Dennis would probably end up with them on backwards though!! tongue.gif He was all confused when we got snaps because tehy are on a multi size diaper adn you control how big or small they are.. The first one he did slid righ toff Kathleen adn she walked right out of the diaper cracking up smile.gif But now he's got it.

MomToMany replied: thumb.gif Thanks everyone!!

rolling_smile.gif Carrie - that is just too funny rolling_smile.gif !!

Maddie&EthansMom replied:
Me, too. It just looks so 'vintage'...maybe that isn't the right word, but you kwim. happy.gif

punkeemunkee'smom replied:
ITA!! It looks homey somehow! laugh.gif blush.gif I will admit tho-I did not know that there was another way to put them on. Guess it never occured to me that they would have velcro or snaps- emlaugh.gif I guess technology touches everything eventually! wink.gif emlaugh.gif

Mollie do you hand embroider or do you have a program on your sewing machine? They look great! wub.gif

My3LilMonkeys replied: Can we see a pic with her wearing a pinned diaper? It's been so long since I saw a pinned one I can't quite picture it.

Great job with the embroidery! I would love to get back into that but I can't affod the embroidery machine. dry.gif

MomToMany replied: I have a combination sewing & embroidering machine. It's real easy to switch between the 2. I'm still very new at this, so it's far from perfect. I love searching the web for free embroidery designs; I have a whole folder full on my computer . Some are so cute, I can't wait to put them on a diaper. But I have to get more colors of thread first.

If you want to see a pic of Kayla, PM me. I don't want to post it.

A&A'smommy replied: TOTALLY cute you are incredibly talented!! I was wondering what do you do when your going out about diapers? dh and I are planning on trying in about 6-18months and I'm trying to be more educated about everything

MomToMany replied:
It's pretty much the same thing as at home smile.gif . I'll add a doubler for a bit more absorbancy. Then when I change her, I'll put the diaper in a waterproof sack (called a wet bag), zip it shut, and bring them home & put them in the diaper pail. For the poopy ones, I'll put them in the sack & rinse them off when I get home. I wouldn't do it in a public toilet, since some have bleach or other cleaning chemicals in them.

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