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Photobucket - trying to do new siggy

mysweetpeasWil&Wes wrote: Hey...I just put some photos up on Photobucket so that I can finally post them on the board...but they're still too big! My siggy was so old...the pics were Wil at like four and five months!! So can anyone help me?? Not sure where to ask...

mckayleesmom replied: On photobucket,,,after you upload them...scroll down to the uploaded picture and it has an edit button above it....It will ask if you want to resize it 25%....50% or 75%......Good luck...I just discovered that feature yesterday. Usually I use my editing software.

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied:
Yeah, I tried that...but even 25% they're too big when they're on screen. I swear, I've tried every type of program out there...maybe it's just my stupid camera, but it even happens to pictures other people send me!! mad.gif

kimberley replied: you can email me the pics and i will resize them for you and send them back.
email is
just PM me and let me know when you sent them in case they go to my junk mail. it only takes a few seconds each pic to do. hth

Jamielou replied: I use photobucket or paint to resize mine... tongue.gif

kimberley replied: i sent them back.. check your email smile.gif

for anyone who wants to resize using Paint, there are instructions how to do this in the second last post of this thread. any questions, just post or PM smile.gif

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied: YAY! I can't figure out how to add more than one picture in my siggy without it being too I just put one in! Thanks Kimberely! What do ya'll think?? My cutie...he's getting so big! This was from our last trip out in California!

BTW, I do have Paint on my I'll try it myself this time. THANKS again K!

mckayleesmom replied: awww,,,hes sooo cute....he looks like he is hot in the sun...LOL...thats cali for you.

moped replied: OMG - he is the cutest thing ever - where did he get those eyes?

kimberley replied: he sure is a cutie! wub.gif

here are all 6 together. if you want a few specific ones, just let me know cuz i still have the pics here. or if you need anymore help with Paint, let me know smile.gif

(you can right click on this picture and click on "save picture as..." to save it to your computer)

mummy2girls replied: if you want i can do a siggy for ya...take a look at mine andi can do something for ya...i got a new program so i love doing sggys... wink.gif

mysweetpeasWil&Wes replied:
Hey thanks Shelly, but I like what Kimberley did so I just went ahead and used the collage for my siggy...I LOVE IT!!!! THANK YOU KIMBERLEY!!!

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