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People with pets...

Crystalina wrote: you notice more fleas then usual? I do. They are so bad this year (and the ticks also). Usually I can contain them with flea shampoo but I'm going in tomorrow and buying Frontline. We usually only use that on DH's hunting dogs outside but the yorkies are just terrible with the fleas right now and the shampoo and flea collars don't seem to have an effect at all. dry.gif

grapfruit replied: Yeah, my INDOOR cat has them. growl.gif

I usually give him garlic pills and that stays on top of them. He didn't have them at ALL in the winter, so I slacked. I think had I been giving them to him all winter long he would of tasted garlicy (and thus yucky) to the fleas.

luvmykids replied: We do the frontline on ours because they are outside soooo much. It seems to work fine.

~Roo'sMama~ replied: I haven't noticed any yet - we have one cat that we let out a lot because he pees all over the house if we don't. rolleyes.gif Our other cat goes out in our yard sometiems but never ventures far, and our dog is mostly inside but is tied outside sometimes.

Crystalina replied: My dogs go out a lot. I don't even have leashes for any of them because they just run all day but usually it's nothing like it is this year. Somehow during the winter they don't get them. They even sleep with me at night but for the past month I've noticed more and more and the baths aren't working anymore. They are now banned to the kennel at bedtime. They hate it but I can't sleep with fleas. nosmiley.gif

I get lucky buying Frontline for them because one tube will take care of three of them so it saves on money. happy.gif

A&A'smommy replied: no it seems better for us my cat doesnt have them this year yay...the have this pill you can give them now it works within an our or two

Crystalina replied:
I get something similar for my dogs (maybe the same thing?) but it doesn't keep them gone. I give them the pill (it's about $2 for one) and it kills them and keep them gone while the Frontline starts working. It's good for immediate relief but it doesn't last very long. Only a day or so.

A&A'smommy replied:
oh no this is $15 dollars for one pill and since dakota is little we only give him half and it last for a month and then we give him the other half in a month we haven't seen any fleas since he got it on saturday and we stayed outside forever saturday afternoon

grapfruit replied:
See Frontline didn't seem to work for me. Felt like a wasted $14 or whatever it is. And that stupid pill was $6 and I saw no relief. I think we have super fleas. I seriously thought about shaving him. I'm overloading him w/garlic now. That was like the only thing that made any difference.

Crystalina replied:
I want that pill! It would be less messy then the Frontline that's for sure. dry.gif

Crystalina replied:
I never heard of the garlic remedy. What kind of pill? Like a human pill?

luvbug00 replied: got the frountline here and no problems.

Danalana replied: Have DH treat your yard with Sevin dust!

whitting713 replied: We had to treat our yard for fire ants. It seems to have helped with the fleas, as well.

Boo&BugsMom replied:
Here too, or something similar.

Our cats our strictly indoors, but I suppose that doesn't mean much though. I haven't noticed them, but I have noticed some wicked mosquitos.

A&A'smommy replied:
oh you don't have to give them garlic in a pill you can just put a little in your dogs water... I always forget about that.

holley79 replied: The year I was pregnant with Annika they were HORRIBLE!!! Frontline, shampooing NOTHING helped. We finally got the Dismasies Earth (Can't remember how to spell it, it's the dust stuff Karen was asking about.) I even put it on the dogs and it helped big time.

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